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Episode#251: Abe's Fate




Written by: Tara

Episode#251: Abe’s Fate

-At the Cheatin’ Heart, Kristen wonders how to respond to Bo’s question and flashes back to how Marlena’s twin, Sam, broke her out of the dungeon at the Sultan’s and both of them returned to Salem and tried to kill Marlena before getting thrown in jail. Kristen sighs and tells Bo that she won’t lie to him, and that early last year she came back to Salem only to kill Marlena Evans.

-Marlena sits down with Nicole and Tony, and tells Tony she is so glad how he’s out of jail now, and hopefully soon Kristen will forgive him. Tony shakes his head and says that now that Stefano’s back, Kristen will go right back under his web and will definitely never forgive him. Marlena’s eyes widen and she looks at Tony in shock before saying:

Marlena:Stefano is…alive?!

Nicole: Damn. Hell, why are we all surprised? He comes back to life once a year…

Marlena: No no no…the man who SHOT my husband is back, alive, and not in jail?!!?! I won’t let him get away with it this time. Roman might not ever be able to move or speak again because of that bastard. I’m sorry, Tony, Nicole, but we’re going to have to cut our lunch short.

Marlena gets up and stomps off, as Tony tries to chase after her, while a smirk forms on Nicole’s face. She whispers to herself now that her new grandpa is back, she’ll finally get her fair share of the DiMera loot.

-At Titan, Vivian walks in in a huff and stomps right up to Alexis’s desk. Alexis looks at Vivian with a raised eyebrow and asks if she can help her, and Vivian snaps that she needs to see Victor NOW! Alexis tells Vivian that she’s sorry but Mr.Kiriakis is a bit busy right now, speaking to some business associates. Vivian shouts that she doesn’t care, and walks right past Alexis and barges into Victor’s office!

-Celeste holds Lexie as Lexie even shakes slightly, and Maggie begs her nephew to tell her whats happened to Abe. Mike tells everyone to just calm down as he clutches Maggie’s hand, and says that Abe is alive…but all of this drama has caused him to suffer a stroke. Celeste mutters “Oh no…” as she continues to hold Lexie, while Maggie screams:

Maggie: NOOOOO!!!!!!

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-Lucas tells Jan he’s not necessarily buying into it, just wondering if Anna knows something that they don’t. Jan laughs and states that Anna is crazy, and Lucas tells her that at first he thought that but too much has happened to not make him wonder something. He points out that first she acted all weird with Jan when she was doing her hair, then Tony and Anna suddenly break up when Nicole is revealed to be Tony and Marlena’s missing child, and now Anna is telling them that Nicole is something to worry about. Jan says:

Jan: Oh please, Nicole can’t hurt us. Believe me, I have stuff against Nicole that you wouldn’t believe.

-Bo comments to Kristen that he did hear about that, with Marlena being his sister-in-law and all. Kristen nods and says that she got thrown in jail with partner-in-crime Sam, and once she got out and came back to Salem again she found out Tony was alive, her father was in a coma, and John Black was really Roman Brady and in a catatonic state. She goes on to explain that the thought of wreaking havoc on Marlena yet again came to mind, and then says:


Bo: What is it, Kristen? Ah…wait, I see.

Kristen:Yeah…that…happened…and now the thought of revenge on Marlena is the last thing on my mind.

Bo:Its probably a good thing, because you and Marlena don’t need anymore crap to deal with. None of us do. My brother still hasn’t moved a muscle, and now Marlena has this hidden child with Tony…Nicole Walker, I think.

Kristen:Oh, how the hell they have a child is beyond me.

Bo:Yeah, but its possible. Somehow my child with Billie, who we both thought died, was alive and well. But then again, sometimes these mysterious kids might not actually be your kids. Megan, your sister, tried to pass a little boy off as mine many years ago.

Kristen:Megan? I don’t know her real well but she seems nuts. I mean at the meeting today she was using a butcher knife on her nails-

Bo:Meeting? What meeting?

Kristen:Uhh…I mean…um, I think I slipped up on something I wasn’t supposed to mention.

-Marlena marches towards the DiMera Mansion with Tony trying to catch up to her, and he yells to her that she can’t do this. Marlena stops for a moment and tells Tony that this is the man that tortured her, her husband, and so many others numerous times, she has to confront him especially after he faked his whole death and shot her husband yet again. Tony puts his hands on her shoulders, and says that he doesn’t like Stefano anymore than her, but he has power, and he could harm even more people quicker if she does it this way.

-Victor is in his office with his nephew, Justin, and both of them look to see Vivian standing in the doorway, angry. Justin asks who she is, and Victor simply replies that she is an unwanted visitor. He orders Vivian to get out and never come back, but she tells him not a chance, and that she’s been kicked out of Alamain. Victor laughs and says:

Victor:Oh Vivian, you are finally getting what you deserve. Don’t come crying to me about it.

Vivian:I want revenge, Victor! I want Forrest, Nicholas, and Valentine all to pay for this! And you are the only one who can help me now. I got nothing out of Stefano’s will, I have lost all Alamain privileges, now you are all I have left.

Victor:[/]Wrong. I am done with you, Vivian. Give it up. You’ve lost.

Vivian:GIVE UP?! Oh please, Victor, I am VIVIAN ALAMAIN! I *never* give up, and that’s why I want a job here, at Titan.

-Lexie asks Mike if Abe will be able to recover from the stroke, and Mike says that its too soon to tell at this time. Maggie keeps muttering to himself that this can’t be happening and Abe is such a great man, and Mike tells all of them that they are doing whatever they can to help him. Maggie exclaims that she needs to see him, and Mike tells her that it may be too soon. Maggie shouts to Mike that she is the only friend Abe even has left, because his ex-wife has treated him horribly, Roman and Allan are gone, and so is Brandon. Mike sighs and tells her that he may be able to make an exception, and Lexie looks at them all as a few tears pour out of her eyes, and then she quickly stomps away!

-Lucas raises his eyebrow at Jan’s last comment and advises her not to go back to her old ways that he’s heard so much about, and Jan laughs and tells him not to worry. As she puts an arm around Lucas she promises to him that that part of her life is over, and she’s got a child now, and him, and she doesn’t want to lose all that. Lucas nods and tells her he’s really proud of her, and that he doesn’t want her to end up like Sami. Jan again assures him that she won’t, and then says that she needs to go, and she has a lot of preparing to do for the next few days. He asks her whats going on, and she says that since she’s going to sell Spears Industries, she has to make it look good to potential buyers at a fashion show right here in Salem in a few days.

-Bo asks Kristen what she’s talking about, and she says she really shouldn’t tell him, and gets up to leave but he gently grabs her arm and asks her whats wrong, and she pulls away and lies that she should go, and quickly runs off, not wanting to reveal to Bo that her father is alive and well. Bo sighs as she runs off, and comments how there are so many odd people in Salem these days, and continues to think about Hope.

-Marlena tells Tony that she supposes that he is right, however she does say that she does NOT want that man running around Salem, and Tony agrees. He says however that she should focus on her family and friends, and not the drama for once. Marlena says that that is true, and she wants to grow close to all her daughters again, especially Sami and Nicole. Marlena is silent for a moment before asking Tony if he still has control over the DiMera family business, and Tony says that while it hasn’t been too active in recent years, he has been trying to get it back on its feet lately, and it will be one of the companies at a fashion show in several days. Marlena then asks:

Marlena:Do you think…you could give Sami and Nicole jobs there? They are both relatively experienced in the fashion area, and if your business is involved in that…they could be useful there, and it may help us all get closer.

Tony:I may be able to arrange something, although I am not sure how long I will be in control because of Stefano. But I will definitely see what I can do.

Marlena:Oh Tony, thank you so much!

Tony:Anything for you.

-As Justin watches the argumentative exchange between Victor and Vivian, Victor stands up angrily and tells her that she will NEVER join Titan. Vivian snorts and says that she has so much business experience, and she has been inside Alamain before, she knows everything about them. Victor tells her he needs no help against Alamain, it’s a company that is about to fall apart and also about to become his. Vivian tells him to not underestimate Forrest, Nicholas, and Valentine and that they could throw something else out there at the last minute. Victor scowls and says:

Victor:Fine, Vivian, if you really want in, be at the fashion show in the coming days. Its going to be huge for everyone, and there we will see if you are Titan material.

Vivian:Oh, I am. And I’ll prove it.

Vivian laughs as she turns and walks out of Victor’s office as Justin looks on in shock, and asks Victor what that was. Victor explains to Justin that Vivian is his crazy ex-wife, who is nothing but a gold-digger. Justin tells him that if that’s the case then they shouldn’t let her into the company, and Victor answers:

Victor:I am not actually going to let her into MY company! Her being at the fashion show was nothing but to get her off my plate. There, I will just flick her off like the roach that she is.

Justin:So, why don’t you explain some of the details about this fashion show?

Victor:It will be where Bella Magazine officially relaunches, and also some of our other competitors will be there. It will be an important day for everyone, especially Titan. We will also want to keep our eye on what Alamain does there for buyout purposes, and the DiMeras and Spears Industries will also be there. And probably others, but Alamain is the main one we’ll want to keep our eye on. Bear in mind, Justin: They are all ruthless. While their company is dying, they are still no laughing matter.

-Lexie barges out onto the balcony outside the waiting room of the hospital, and Peter follows while Celeste tries to get ahold of herself inside and watches her daughter, worried for her. Peter asks Lexie if she’s alright, and Lexie tells him she’ll be fine. Peter asks if she’s sure, and Lexie tells him to just go away, and she doesn’t really want to speak to anyone right now, but Peter disagrees and then says that she needs someone to talk to. Lexie says:

Lexie:Oh please, do you think I would want to talk to the people who caused my son’s own father to have a stroke in the first place?

Peter:Excuse me? You are blaming me for this?!

Lexie:You and Elvis. You two manipulated that judge into giving custody to me, and this is what has happened! I should have never trusted you two! In fact, its probably my fault for even letting you help me!!!

Peter:But this is what you wanted, isn’t it?! You have showed us all so many times in this past month how much you hate Abe! Why should you care?

Lexie:I may not love him anymore, but I still did once! And he fathered my one and only son! And if you think that I wanted THIS, you’re a damn fool!

Peter:Listen, Lexie, I’m sorry. Maybe I was being a little insensitive there but I don’t take back helping you get your son. It was needed, and don’t start going back into that goody goody mood again. That already has happened too many times.

Lexie:Oh Peter, you think this is going to make me into the perfect saint again? If so, you’re wrong. In fact, after THIS, I doubt I will ever be that person I was all those years ago again!

Peter:Well I-

Lexie:Enough from you. Now get out.

Peter sighs as he turns away from Lexie and back into the hospital as she stares out into the Salem sky…


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