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An Interview: With Patrick Ewing



Soap Opera Network had a chance to sit down on-set with Head Writer & Executive Producer Pat Ewing about the return of one of the most well-received blogs in recent memory.

SON: Thank you so much for giving us a chance to catch up, Pat.

PE: It's great to be here.

SON: First question: What made you come back?

PE: Two things.........the readers, who humbled me by telling me how much they missed SL and wanted it to continue. Their constant positive voice and their feelings on the blog were truly enough to start it back up again. That, and the fact that with the current state of DOOL, it was time to give it another shot to see if people would enjoy it.

SON: So then, with Elseworld, your new mini-series, you are aiming to do just that.

PE: Yes.......with a twist. There are some who have not heard of the concept of Elseworld, and comic books fans have. I truly hope they will enjoy it.

SON: We also wanted to ask you about the recent changes at your sister show, DOOL. How do you feel about the firings of Hogan Sheffer, his staff, and the recent firing of some key veterans, most notably Joe Mascolo (Stefano)?

PE: Personally, it is very unfortunate. Joe and some of the other great actors let go never got the chance, IMO, to really show what they could do with their characters. Plus, with Joe, to get fired over the phone after creating one of the most memorable characters in daytime history........a true shame. But, that's what happens when decisions are made on the wim withput any forthought to them, especially when his character did not come nowhere close to being gi8ven the proper send-off or was fleshed oout properly. Well, not recently.......the last time Stefano meant anything sunstantial was when Hogan and his writing team were still on board.

SON: So you feel that all these snap decisions were not the right course of action.

PE: I feel that whoever is in charge over there needs to ask themself a question.......what is more important: bowing to wims and fanbases or writing good, compelling drama? They had that with the last writing team. I don't know what they have now.

SON: Which brings us to Salem Lives. What can we look forward to?

PE: Well, that depends on the readers. Rest assured I will not write stupid crap just because it fits in with the short term. Anyone who hasn't thought out stories in advance and writes for the moment, wrapping characters around plots instead of the other way around is selling everyone that reads his/her blog down the river.......and they are insulting the intelligence of the readers at the same time. It WILL BE character-based here. No exceptions. If I can get someone who believes, as I do, that characters make each and every plot, and that the shock-and-awe bullshit is garbage best left for novices......we might can have a meeting of the minds (Laughter).

SON: Well, Pat, thank you so much for your time.

PE: Thank you as well. And I hope everyone tunes in next Monday, May 12th, for Part One of Elseworld. It will be a blast!301hu3a.jpg


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