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#67 Tuesday, April 29th



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#67 Tuesday, April 29th

Carol is at her office at Donahue, when JC peeks in the door.


Carol: Well, this is a nice surprise. What brings you here?


JC: Curiosity.

Carol: About what?

JC: About this whole feud between the families.

Carol: It's a business rivalry, nothing unusual about it.

JC: It just seems like there is so much more to it.

Carol: What made you start thinking about all this?

JC: There was report on the television earlier that said Donahue has something to do with the proxy fight among the McGregor shareholders.

Carol: I see.

JC: Is it true? Are you in on it?

Carol: It's a stellar business opportunity.

JC: Do you really think it's necessary to take it this far?

Carol: Donahue needs growth.

JC: If you do this, the whole feud is just going to get worse. For once, I would like there to be a little peace

between both sides of my family.

Carol: I bet your father and Anna sent you over here to ask me to cut some slack.

JC: Gran, I came over here on my own, nobody sent me. I do have a mind of my own you know.

Carol: I know you are very bright, but sometimes bright people can be manipulated.

JC: I'm just asking for civility. I don't want to feel like I have to support one side of my family over the other.

Carol: No one has ever asked you to pick sides.

JC: Some times, it feels that way though.

Carol: You aren't a part of this feud, you never have been.

JC: But I'm affected by the back and forth sometimes. I know this visit probably didn't do any good, but please, at least

consider toning this whole thing down.

JC leaves.


Meanwhile, over at McGregor, Anna walks into the boardroom where the board of directors is waiting.


Anna: The shareholders are starting to vote right now.


Alma: Are you saying we're out of time?

Anna: I was able to get some of them to hold off voting, but I don't know how long it will last.

Leonard: Any preliminary numbers yet?

Anna: So far it's very close, almost 50-50.


Yvette: We need a plan.

Anna: What could we possibly come up with at this point? we've got less than a few hours to call the undecideds.

Just then, the office secretary comes into boardroom.

Secretary: Mrs. McGregor, someone is here to see you.

George walks into the boardroom.

Anna: What are you doing here?


George: I'm here to make an offer.

Anna: Whatever it is, we don't want it.

George: I think you might want to hear this. I'm making you an offer that

could spare you a lot of humiliation.

Anna: I guess since the voting is so close, you aren't to confident about your chances.

George: I'm just trying to avoid doing this the hard way. A hostile takeover is harsh,

not to mention it was bring out secrets that you probably don't want in the tabloids.

Alma: Anna, what is he talking about?

George: Didn't anyone tell you? I'm Andrew's son.

Leonard: What?

Anna: It's a long and complicated story, but he's telling the truth.

George: I'm sure you wouldn't want all that to be exposed to world.

Anna: I'm going to fight this out, I won't give into threats.

George: I'll offer you a very good price to get out of this company.

Anna: You have got a lot of nerve.

George: I just want what is mine.

Anna: And you're delusional too. This company does not belong to you.

George: I think after what my father did, I'm entitled to something.

Anna: I don't condone what Andrew did, but it's not fair for you to blame it on me or my family.

George: I'm not assigning blame.

Anna: Then what is it?

George: Like I said, I'm claiming what is mine.

Anna: You are pathetic, just as bitter as your mother.

George pulls out his checkbook and writes a check, then handing to Anna.

George: My only offer.

Anna takes the check and rips it in half.

Anna: Oh, no. You wanted a fight and you're gonna get one.

George looks at Anna and chuckles.

George: Don't ever say I didn't try to play fair.

George walks out as the board is still stunned by the revelation.



Lynette: (into phone) I'll talk to you later.

Lynette hangs up the phone and continues to look nervous.


Lynette: I wasn't expecting you back until later, where are the kids?


Jim: With my parents, I decided to let them spend a little more time there

so we could have some time to ourselves today.

Lynette: That's good, because I do have something to talk to you about.

Jim: Does it have anything to do with who was on the phone? You were telling whoever it was

that there was something I had to know.

Lynette: This really isn't easy for me at all.

Jim: This sounds serious.

Lynette: It is. I was raised to always tell the truth, no matter how hurtful it might be.

Jim: What exactly is it you are trying to say to me?

Lynette: First off, I need you to understand that I never intended to hurt you.

Jim: Whatever is, just say it.

Lynette: I'm afraid it's impossible for me to stay in this marriage anymore.

Jim: I see.

Lynette: I thought we could make it work, but I've come to the realization that it isn't possible.

Jim: Lynette, I know that the separation was hard for you and I said some things I didn't mean, but we can make it.

Lynette: No, we can't.

Jim: I don't understand, not too long ago you wanted us back together and were going to therapy, why the sudden change.

Lynette: It's just better for the both of us if we just go our separate ways.

Jim: If you think that I'm not capable of change, you are wrong. I'm ready to make concessions and be a better husband to you.

Lynette: It's not that.

Jim: Then what is it?

Lynette pauses for a moment, becoming a little emotional.

Lynette: I've been unfaithful.

Jim: What?

Lynette: It hurts me to tell you this, but I've got to be honest.

Jim: (scoffs) I should have known something was up, I should have known.

Who was this guy? Somebody from work?

Lynette: Not exactly.

Jim: It's got to be somebody you know, I'm sure it wasn't just some random person.

Jim thinks for a second and then a knowing look comes over his face.

Jim: God, how could I have been so stupid? It's the damn doctor, isn't it?

Lynette: Yes.

Jim: When you were so anxious to switch doctors, I should have figured it out.

I knew there was something that wasn't right with that man.

Lynette: It's not his fault.

Jim: What sort of doctor goes around sleeping with one of his patients and a married one at that?

Lynette: It didn't happen when he was still counseling me, it was after. It was last night.

Jim: I guess you had to wait until a got out of town, huh?

Lynette: It wasn't planned, it just happened.

Jim: That makes it so much better.

Lynette: Please, Jim, I need you to understand---

Jim: Understand what? That my wife cheated on me?

Lynette: Everything inside of me just built up ever since the separation. Greg was there for me when I needed a shoulder.

You had walked out.

Jim: Am I having hearing problems or did I just hear you try to blame me for what you did?

Lynette: I wasn't trying to blame you, I was just--

Jim: I'll admit, I was a real jerk toward you last year, but you can't lay what you did at my door. I moved back in months ago.

You had every opportunity to tell me you had feelings for this man and you didn't do it.

Lynette: I didn't want to hurt you.

Jim: And pretending that you wanted to save this marriage wasn't hurting me?

Lynette: I do care about you and I was hoping that things would straighten themselves out.

Jim: If you care someone, you don't deceive them.

Lynette: Jim, I--

Jim: That's it, I'm done. I've heard everything I needed to hear.

Lynette: No, you haven't.

Jim: Right now, I'm breaking inside, so I can't listen to anymore.

Jim goes outside and slamming the door behind him. He breaks down in tears as he walks away.

On the next Novi: The results of the shareholder's vote are in, with a surprising twist.

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WOW!!! This was the best episode of Novi I've read yet. GREAT JOB REDD. The writing was top notch and the dialog was smart. I am at a loss of words. I LOVED Jim's and Lynntee's scene. I feel so bad for Jim. Damn I really do!! I love this triangle and I am glued to my seat to see how it plays out.

I love the simplicity of Novi. It's simple, with a small group of folks. (Unlike STEAM ) as u should know.

ANd I alo really loved JC's scene with Carol. It was so beautiful and so indepth. I really felt exctaly where JC is coming from. I wonder will Carol take heart to anything her grandson said. Redd you are on fire right now. Novi is on top of it's game man. PLEASE I BEG YOU and I am willing to do anything, just keep them coming.

Keep up THE GREAT WORK!! I love the lenght of Jim's and Lynnete's scene. Again man great job 5stars

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