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Commited To Each Other - By Ashley and Mar



I'm not sure who all would be interested in this but my friend Ashley and I have created a Will and Gwen AU Story. If you all like I will post more of it. We currently have 4 chapters done so far. Hope you all enjoy this! :)


"Why did I do it?" Will asked himself repeating his doctor’s question not to help contemplate the answer but more as a way to show the doctor he was actually listening and paying attention to his appointment

Will shrugged slightly as the doctor jotted down some notes in his notebook. Will didn’t like his doctor he felt as if everything he said or told him could and would be used against him at any point in time.

From the very beginning of his stay in the hospital he was assured that these evaluations of psychobabble meetings were not seen as actual disciplinary action to his “actions,” but instead a way to monitor his personal success in the institution and well guilt him into recovery.

However, for a young man as hostel, lonely and as unhappy as he was guilt was just another accessory he carried with him.

Will looked around the room trying not to make eye contact with the doctor, he hated when 'they' looked at him as if he was a freak show with criminal tendencies on the brain twenty-four/seven.

"Will I think you do know why you did it, please answer the question...why did you kill Rose D'Angelo?" the doctor repeated readjusting his glasses and starring down at Will.

Will sighed as the sound of the clock ticking rang in his ears and then he shrugged again, "I guess...I don't know. You know… I guess in a way I really didn't see the need for a sister in law I guess," Will replied coldly leaning back in his chair not giving the doctor the satisfaction of a real answer.

Will laid on his bed his hand resting on his chest as he tapped them looking up at the ceiling, he hated the hospital- the eerie noises, the yelling from other rooms and the constant looks from the guards, nurses and doctors served as a constant reminder of how screwed up Will felt he was. He felt as if he was an animal in a cage being monitored to make sure he didn’t freak out or crack again.

Just then his door opened and a flash light lit up his face blinding him for a moment, “just a night check, go back to sleep,” the guard stated shutting his door and leaving.

At that friendly reminder of where he was and where he would stay for the next year Will turned over in his bed and urged himself to get some sleep.


Will ate alone during breakfast like any other day. He just felt like an outcast and would have rather ate alone than with someone who might not feel comfortable eating with murderer. Today they were having pancakes. It wasn't Wills favorite meal but he continued to eat them anyway and watched around the room when his focus stopped on one thing. It was a staff member and she helping a new girl of about 14 years old get her breakfast. Will knew that she was new because he had never seen her before and had pretty much seen everyone in the institution already. The girl looked kind of rugged to him. She was wearing sweatpants, her blonde hair was a complete mess, and her eyes had been red stained from crying. Will didn't know it but before the girl had got her breakfast the staff member told her to go sit at his table. She figured that since Will was right around her age it would be better for her. Once the young girl got her breakfast she made her way to Wills table and sat down.

"My name is Gwen Norbeck." She quietly said after she took a seat.

Will said nothing instead he got up from where he was sitting, grabbed his breakfast tray off the table, put it where the dirty ones were supposed to go, and made his way back his room. He didn't want associate with anyone at that moment especially not some weird looking girl. Gwen's feelings were really hurt by what had just happened to her. She tried to eat her breakfast but couldn't bring herself to finish it. Instead she ran off crying to her room and laid down crying on her bed. Gwen didn't want to be in that institution but was forced to go there and so she really felt more alone than she ever did before. She didn't know anyone and the reaction that she just had she felt like everyone else would think she was weird to. On one hand she was glad to be away from her mother and evil stepfather. Gwen ended up falling asleep on her bed and was awaken later on by a knock on her door. It was another member of the staff telling her that the doctor was ready to see her. Gwen got up off her bed and went to where the doctors office. She didn't even have a wait because he was already waiting to speak to her.

"Hello Gwen." The doctor smiled.

"Hi." Gwen quietly said.

"Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself." the doctor suggested.

"Do I have to? I would rather just go to bed." Gwen sighed.

"Why is that?" the doctor asked.

"I have nothing better to do. I'm not even supposed to be here right now." Gwen replied.

"Where are you supposed to be right now?" The doctor asked knowing full what Gwen meant.

"I’m supposed to be dead." Gwen replied back.


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