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Episode 43



Margo thanks Lucinda for coming in and shuts the door to the interrogation room. Margo asks Lucinda where Lucy and Johnny are. When Lucinda hesitates to name their location, Margo cites that the main reason Lucy took Johnny was because of Craig. Now that he's gone, there's no need to hide them so guardedly. Lucinda argues that while Craig may be long gone, the reason she took Johnny away is because of Craig AND Dusty, who is still alive and well in Oakdale.

Meg intercepts Paul at the door and asks where he's been. Paul replies that he's been out for a walk. Meg mentions that Paul has been very elusive lately and wants to know what's up. Paul shrugs and says that he's just been hit harder by the miscarriage than he thought he would. For a moment, the two start to bond over the miscarriage until Meg hisses that Rosanna was the one that murdered their child. Paul walks out and pulls his phone out of his pocket.

Carly comes home from work and calls Jack, saying that Carrie was nice enough to finish up some last minute details at work for her. Carly suggests Jack bring the kids over for pizza and a movie. Later, Jack arrives with the kids in tow and asks if it's alright if he stays. Sage begs her mother to say yes and Carly tells Jack he can stay. As the movie comes to an end, Carly and Jack see that all three kids have fallen asleep. As they talk, J.J. wakes up and overhears a tender moment between the two. As Jack loads the kids up and prepares to drive away, J.J. corners him and tells him that he knows he still has feelings for Mom and there's just one thing he asks: Don't screw it up this time.

Dusty finds Alison working at The Enquirer and asks to talk. Alison takes the news of Lance's murder hard, saying she once saw him as a friend. Dusty sympathizes with her and asks if Alison knows anyone who could possibly be sending her those messages on Myspace. Alison says no, but promises to think harder. Later, Casey runs into Alison at Al's and the two start to talk. Casey refers to a waitress as a "hot little mama" and Alison remembers the Myspace stalker saying the same thing in one of his messages. Alison makes an excuse to leave and calls Dusty, saying she knows who her Myspace stalker is.


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