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Casting News!!




Mantegna's world starts turning!

Joe Mantegna joins the cast of "A New World Turns" in the role of Michael Peretti, beginning April 9th. Michael is the older brother of the deceased Casey Peretti, whose wife Lyla and daughter Katie reside in Oakdale. A well known cancer specialist, Michael comes to Oakdale when he is asked to head the new cancer center at Oakdale Memorial. Mantegna is a Tony-award winning actor who recently landed a lead role on CBS's "Criminal Minds". Luckily, ANWT producers were able to work out a flexible schedule with Mantegna who shoots "Criminal Minds" in California. "Joe will be traveling alot, but it's something that he was able to cope with," says Executive Producer and Headwriter Dusty Alford. "We're ecstatic to have an actor of Joe's caliber here with us and we're excited about the story that he'll take part in". Mantegna's first episodes were with Don Hastings and rumors hint that Michael will be working with Anne Sward, Marie Masters, Terri Colombino, Elizabeth Hubbard, and Colleen Zenk Pinter.

In other news, Marie Wilson ["Meg"] has been let go from "A New World Turns" due to storyline-dictated reasons. "It was hard learning I'd be leaving," says Wilson. "But I'm excited for more opportunities to come. I feel no hard feeling towards any of the staff at 'ANWT'. They've been so great to me, and I totally agree with them. I think 'Meg' has run her course for now." Wilson's last airdate has not yet been decided, although it will probably be early April.

Martha Byrne will be sticking around alot longer this time around. "When I was with 'ATWT', I opted to sign a one-year contract," says Byrne. "After the regime change and the name change, I wasn't sure if there was still room for me in 'ANWT's hearts, but thankfully, Dusty showed me that there was and now, I'm sticking around for 3 years!"

Lastly, a casting call has been sent out for "Shawn". "Shawn", a handsome young man well into his twenties, is a short-term role that will kick off a big story.


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