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Monday March 3 2008




All The Days of Their Lives

Jeannie looks scared, and dials a number. Roman sees the broken glass as he walks by. His phone rings. He goes in the Pub. Jeannie hangs up, and hugs him.

Jeannie: Uncle Roman! Thank God your here!

Roman: What's wrong? What happened?

Jeannie: A guy was knocking on the door, and I told him it was closed. Then he broke the glass, and thre in this box, with these pictures of me!

She shows him the pictures.

Roman: What the hell? Who's doing this?

Jeannie: I don't know.

Jack and Jennifer walk into the Pub.

Jennifer: We know who's doing this.

Frank walks into Chez Rouge, and sits at a table with Kristen.

Frank: Hello Kristen.

Kristen: Frank! It's so good to see you.

Frank: So why did you want to meet me here?

Kristen: Theres something you need to know; about your identity.

Frank: What about my identity?

Kristen: You are not Frank; your EJ.

Belle is on the phone, walking on the pier.

Belle: As long as that slut is around you, you won't be around Claire!

Shawn: How come it's ok for you to be with Philip?

Belle: I'm not seeing Philip anymore!

Shawn: Thats what you said before, then you ended up sleeping with him conuntless times!

Belle: Stop Shawn!

The stalker comes up behind Belle, and takes out a wire. He puts it around Belle's neck, and starts strangling her!

Roman: Jack, Jennifer, we closed the case. That guy is in jail!

Jeannie: And it's not possible that you got the wrong guy? It wouldn't be the first time the police locked up the wrong guy for something.

Jennifer: Jeannie's right. This is the same thing he was doing to those other girls that he raped and killed, Roman!

Jack: We need to stop him before he does it again.

Roman: Fine, but let's get one thing straight. There is no "we". There is the Salem PD. Not you two.

Jennifer: Thats fine. Right Jack.

Jack: Of course.

They smile.

Roman: Ok, Jeannie Your not staying alone tonight.

Jeannie: My mom is busy tonight.

Roman: I know. You can stay with someone else.

Bo knocks on the door of Billie's apartment. Billie answers, and lets him in. They sit on the couch.

Bo: Whats wrong?

Billie: It's over Bo.

Bo: What do you mean?

Tears form in Billie's eyes.

Billie: I had an abortion.

Bo: What?

Billie: We can't do this anymore. You have a family. Now I want you to go, and be with them.

Bo: How can you do this?

Billie: I'm sorry.

He gets up, and goes out the door. Billie starts crying, and holds her stomach.

Frank: What do you mean I'm EJ?

Kristen: A couple years ago, Stefano wasn't sure if you were going to be helpful to him. So he created another one of you. But once you did prove helpful, he put the clone away, and you went on until you died.

Frank: You just made no sense.

Kristen: I arranged for the clone and you to be switched. You were supposed to be my baby. Me and John's baby.

EJ stand up, and throws his hankierchief on the table.

EJ: This whole family is crazy! Brainwashing, kidnapping, killing, cloning, and thats just the start of it! I want nothing to do with it!

He is about to walk away.

Kristen: I know the special bond you had with father. And now he's going to die. You go now. Do whatever you have to do. But think about never seeing the man you loved so much ever again.

EJ walks away.

Belle drops her phone, and tries to stop him. Her faint voice yells for help. The stalker smiles. Belle kicks him in the stomach, and he yells in pain! He loosens his grip, and she gets away from him. She runs.

Belle: Help me! Help!

She gets to the Pub, and sees Roman and Jeannie comming out.

Roman: Belle, what happened?

Belle: Someone tried to kill me!

Roman: What?

Belle: He was on the pier! He was trying to strangle me! I got away. I don't know if he's still there.

Roman: Don't worry your going to be ok. Look, I'm going to bring you to your mom's, but don't tell her what happened. Ok?

Kristen walks into a comatose Stefano's hospital room. She just sits down beside him, and doesnt say a word. She puts her head on his shoulder.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Belle gets a text message on her phone. Text-"This isn't over bitch"

Jeannie is in Tony and Anna's penthouse.

Jeannie: This place is great!

Kristen and Lexie are in Stefano's room.

Kristen: Come on Lexie! Tell me you don't feel anything for our father!


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