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Tuesday March 4 2008




All The Days of Their Lives

Belle is at Marleana's penthouse.

Belle: So mom, Eric's comming with the twins?

Marleana: Yup. God I miss Sami so much.

Belle: So do I mom. I forgot Claire's bear in the car. I'm going to go get it.

Marleana: Ok. I'll go check on her.

Belle goes out the door. She goes into the elevator. Her phone rings, because she has a text message. She opens her phone. Text-"This isn't over bitch" The doors close, and Belle looks scared.

Kristen gets up, as Lexie comes in the room.

Lexie: I"m suprised to see you here. I thought you hated him.

Kristen: He's my father. In the end, I do love him.

Lexie: This man ruined your life! He turned you from a nice person, into a monster!

Kristen: Come on Lexie! Tell me you don't feel anything for our father! Tell me that tomorrow when they pull the plug, you won't feel an ounce of sadness.

Lexie: I'm not here to talk about that.

Kristen: Then why are you here, Lexie?

Lexie: To change his water.

Kristen leaves the room.

Carly's doorbell rings, and she opens it to see Roman.

Carly: Hey Roman. Whats up?

Roman: We need to talk.

Carly: Come in.

Roman: This is about the accident.

Carly: Roman, that wasn't my fault. It was Carlo DiMera's! He's the one that pushed Hope onto the road.

Roman: We know, and were looking for Carlo; but you were going way over the speed limit.

Carly: Sorry, we were trying to get away from Scotty, but thats all ok now, and everythings resolved.

Roman: Carly, you went over the limit. You could have hit another car. They might have to take your license away.

Carly: What!?! Well at least I'm not going to jail.

She smiles.

Carly: You want coffee?

They go into the kitchen, and Roman sees the package on the floor. He picks it up.

The elevator stops, and opens to the parking lot. She slowely goes out, and goes to her car. The stalker comes up, and puts his hand around her mouth! Belle tries to yell. She starts crying.

Stelker: It hurt when you kicked me.

She gets hger keys, and tries to stab him with them, but he stops her. He laughs.

Stalker: You won't be that lucky this time.

Nicole comes out of her car. He takes his hand away from her mouth, and holds her arms.

Belle: Help! Help me!

Nicole hears her. Belle yells out in fear! Nicole gets a bat out of her car, and looks around. She sees the stalker trying to strangle Belle! She goes behind him, and hits him on the head with the bat! He falls back.

Nicole: Belle! Are you ok?

Belle can't talk. Nicole hugs her. Nicole takes out her phone. The stalker gets up, and Nicole tries to stop him from going, but he pushes her.

Jeannie is in Tony and Anna's penthouse.

Jeannie: This place is great!

Anna: Thanks Jeannie. Lets go in the kitchen, and talk about the company.

Jeannie: Thats a good idea.

Anna: So I have an old friend, and she has a daughter, about the same age as you, anyway, her daughter has some great designs. You two together would be great.

Jeannie: Sounds good. So do you have a place yet?

Anna: I have an appoitment, to look at a building tomorrow. You want to come with me?

Jeannie: Sure.

Roman sees the pictures.

Roman: Oh my God.

Carly: Oh, I didn't get a chance to look at that. What is it?

She comes, and sees the pictures of herself.

Carly: What the hell are these?

Roman: Damn it.

Carly :What?

Roman: Jeannie got the same thing, only pictures of her. Belle Black got the same thing too, and tonight she was almost strangled to death.

Carly: Oh my God.

Roman: Don't worry. Were going to stop him. I'm putting a guard outside your door.

Carly: Thanks.

Roman: Don't worry about it, ok?

Carly: Wheres Jeannie staying?

Roman: She's with Tony and Anna tonight.

Nicole gets off the phone with 911.

Nicole: Are you ok?

Belle: My neck hurts.

Nicole: Come on, I'll bring you back up.

Belle starts crying.

Belle: He's going to come again! Nicole you have to watch out! He's going to go after you.

Nicole: Don't worry.

Eric gets out of his car, with the twins.

Eric: What happened?

Nicole: Belle was almost strangled.

Eric: What? Are you ok?

Belle: Ya.

Marleana comes into the parking lot with Claire.

Marleana: Belle? What happened?

Nicole: She's ok. Somebody tried to strangle her.

Marleana: What? Oh my God!

She hugs her.

Marleana: Do you know who did this?

Belle: No mom. Theres a reason I came to stay with you tonight.

Marleana: What?

Belle: He tried earlier to kill me.

Marleana: Oh my God!

Kristen knocks on the door of the DiMera manson. EJ opens the door.

Kristen: Just as I suspected.

She smiles.

EJ: Come in.

EJ closes the door, and the screen fades to black.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Bo, Hope, Marleana, Isabella, Lexie, Roman, Shawn Sr, and Caroline are in a comatose Stefano's room.

Marleana: This is the end, Stefano.

Anna and Jeannie walk into a building. A woman runs to Anna, and hugs her.

Woman: Anna!


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