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Friday February 29 2008




All The Days of Their Lives

The next night...

Anna and Tony are sitting at the Pub. Anna drinks some of her water.

Tony: So you want to go see that show tonight?

Anna: I'm not sure, Tony. I'm tired today.

Jeannie comes with a pen and a pad.

Jeannie: Hey Tony, hey Anna. What can I get you guys?

Anna: You work here now?

Jeannie: No, I'm just helping my grandparents. They're really busy, and are going hrough a lot.

Anna: Thats so sweet of you. Umm... I'll have a club sandwich.

Tony: I'll have the same.

Jeannie goes to the kitchen.

Bo walks into Hope's room. He sits beside her bed, and kisses her hand.

Bo: Please wake up, Fancy Face. I was going to bring Ciara, but she's sick. She probaly misses her mommy.

Hope's head starts to move. Bo looks in shock.

Bo: Hope?

Hope's eyes open.

Hope: What happened?

Bo: Don't worry. Your ok.

Hope: Carlo. Gina. They-

Bo: It's ok Hope. Gina's dead. She's not going to hurt us again.

Carly is in her apartment. She goes to the kitchen where Scotty and Alex are sitting.

Scotty: Are you sure your ok with this?

Carly: What?

Scotty: Me being around you and Alex.

Carly: It's fine. He's your son. I want you to be a part of his life. You want some french toast?

Scotty: It's dinner Carly, and are you sure you can make it?

Carly: Shut up! I've learned a lot while I was pregnant.

They laugh, and she gets some eggs out of the fridge.

Tony: So, any new ideas lately?

Anna: Actually, I've deicided to open a company; Anna DiMera House of Fashion!

Tony: Are you serious?

Anna: Whats the problem?

Tony: You? A company?

Anna: Again, whats the problem? I ran a company before.

Tony: Let's not get into that.

Jeannie comes and brings their food.

Anna: Jeannie, do you think I could run a company?

Jeannie: If I say yes, would you give me a job?

Anna: Be serious.

Jeannie: No really, I have some designs.

Jeannie goes behind the bar, and gets a notbook.

Hope tries to sit up.

Hope: Bo, I want to go home.

Bo: Your not strong enough yet. Don't worry. Your going to go home soon Fancy Face.

Hope: I miss Ciara so much.

Bo: Your going to see her soon. I have some good news.

Hope: What?

Bo: Stefano is going to die. For good this time. Soon, he will be taken off of life support.

Carly is watching TV on the couch. She looks at Alex sleeping in the playpen, and smiles. There is a knock on the door. Carly goes to get it. She opens the door, and sees that nobody is there.

Carly: Hello?

She is about to close the door when she sees a package on the floor.

Anna is flipping through Jeannie's book.

Anna: Jeannie, these designs look great!

Jeannie: Thanks!

Anna: give me your number, when I get the company started up, I'll call you.

Tony: Anna, come on!

Anna: What is your problem, Tony? I'm a woman, and I should sit home and knit?

Jeannie: Ya Tony, what is your problem?

Tony: Your going to start this company, then a month later your going to get bore dwith it, and hire someone else to take care of it.

Anna: Thanks for believing in me Tony!

Anna gets up.

Anna: I'm sick of you always putting me down!

She turns to leave. She turns back, and gets her purse.

Anna: I'll call you, Jeannie.

She leaves and Jeannie smiles.

Lexie is in Hope's hospital room.

Lexie: Well, Hope. Ecerything seems to be ok. I'm sure that you can leave tomorrow.

Hope: Please! I can't spend another night in here!

Lexie: Sorry.

Bo: Don't worry Fancy Face, I'll spend it with you.

Lexie and Hope talk, and Bo getsd a text message on his phone. It's from Billie. It says "We need to talk. Come to my apartment."

Bo: Hope, I'll be right back.

Hope: Ok.

Jeannie locks the door of the Pub, and turns the sign to "Closed". She goes to the counter, and pours herself a drink. There is a knock on the door.

Jeannie: Were closed. Sorry.

He knocks louder.

Jeannie: Were closed!

She goes to the door, and he breaks the glass! Jeannie yells! He throws a package in, and runs.

Carly closes the door, and opens the package. Alex starts crying. She puts the package on the edge of the table, and she goes to him. The package falls, and pictures of Carly fall out. There are pictures of her at home, and out. She picks up Alex, and goes in her bed with him.

Jeannie looks at the pictures of herself in horror. She gets out her cell phone, as the stalker watches her.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Belle is walking on the pier. Somebody comes behind her, and strangles her!

Bo is in Billie's apartment.

Billie: It's over Bo.

Bo: What do you mean?

Tears form in Billie's eyes.

Billie: I had an abortion.

Kristen and Frank are at Chez Rouge.

Frank: So why did you want to meet me here?

Kristen: Theres something you need to know; about your identity.


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