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Episode#227: All in the Family



Hope walks into the Cheating Heart. She walks over to the bar and orders a shot of Rum. The bartender hands it to her and Hope downs it. Hope orders another. She downs this one again and she repeats the process. Sitting next to her at the bar is David Banning, whom Hope didn’t recognize

“Easy there Hope.”

Hope turns around and sees David

“David, I almost didn’t recognize you.”


“I bet. I’ve barely seen you since I got back here on Christmas.”

Hope has a flashback of blowing up at the Horton House just as Mike and David came back to Salem.

“Yeah, well things have been rough for me lately.”


“I can tell.”


“Look I don’t need this from you too. I came here to be in peace without some one always looking at and asking am I ok?”


“We care about you Hope. Everyone is concerned about you. This is not you. Drinking like this. Tell me what’s going on? Let me help you.”

Hope has images of Killing Gina and nearly choking Megan to death.

“Look, I don’t want to be bothered. Nothing is wrong with me. I wish everyone would stop treating like a child.”


“Your turning on the people who love you and care the most about you.”


“Go screw yourself David. You don’t know a damn thing about me.” Hope drinks her last shot of Rum and storms out the Cheating Heart. David decides to call Bo and let him know he just saw Hope.

St Luke’s

Marlena, and Maggie walks back inside the church, just in time to hear this

Nicole, to Tony

“I’m your daughter with Marlena. Ask Anna she’ll confirm everything.”


“What did you just say?”


“Oh, hey mom?”


“Your our of your mind.”


“This is madness. You! My daughter with Marlena! This some sort of sick joke.”


“I’ll say. Surely I would remember how many children I gave birth too.”


“Well just ask Anna. She knew for a few weeks.”


“Is this true Anna?” She says approaching her

Anna with a tear rolling down her cheek

“Yes it’s true. Nicole is your daughter with Tony.” Marlena faints as Maggie catches her.


Episode: 227 All in the Family

Written by: ML Cooks

University Hospital

Nick knocks on Mike Horton’s office door.


“Come in.”

Nick walks in.

Mike “Nephew, it’s good to see you. What brings you by?”

Nick, taking a seat.

“I thought I’d come by and see how things are with you. Here we are, with the same last name but I barley know you.”


“I feel the same way.”


“I was thinking of attending Salem U, in the spring.”


“Oh yea? What do you plan on studying?”


I am going to study medicine. I want to be a doctor.”


“Well you came to the right person for some advice on that. I must say, it’s very rewarding work. I love it with a passion. Though it can get hectic and crazy and very stressful at times, I think you can handle it.”


“Thanks for the vote of confidence.”




“Listen, there is another reason I came to see you.”




“Yes, it’s about Jeremy.” Mike looks at Nick with interest upon hearing his son’s name.

Up on Salem Hill,

Lexie is about to enter the Dimera Mansion, with Celeste right behind her.

Celeste, trying to convince her daughter to not move in,

“Alexandra, I am telling you, this is not such a great idea.”


“Mom, I’m sorry. I don’t have no where else to go right now. Abe doesn’t want me, he doesn’t want me to be a mother to Theo, what else can I do?”


“Please darling, you can move in with me.”


“That won’t look good to a court. I have to stop Abe from taking my son away from me.”


“Moving into the Dimera Mansion won’t makes things any easier. This house is full of evil. Besides, Tony, Anna, Kristen, and now Peter Blake is back in town. Won’t you feel crowded?”


“Not at all, it will be a great time to get to know my family.” She says as she opens the door to the mansion with her suitcase. Celeste looks up to the heavens as she rolls her eyes, She prays silently “Dear Lord, Help my darling Alexandra come to her senses and help steer her clear of this evil house”

Back at St. Luke’s

Tony fans Marlena as she comes too.


“See what you did?”


“I did nothing but tell the truth. You were the one who didn’t want me to tell my parents.”


“What? Is this true Anna?”


“Marlena, it wasn’t like that. I just know you and Tony are dealing with so much right now I didn’t think this was the right time to drop a bomb like this.’


“How dare you!?” She wsays walking up in her face “Who do you think you are?”


“Marlena please I was only trying to help.”


“Trying to help? I think not. You didn’t want a mother to be reunited with her long lost child. That’s called treachery. I don’t need you deciding what’s best in my life Anna Dimera. Have you forgotten that I am a therapist?”


“Marlena, I was not trying to be underhanded. Honestly.”

Marlena than slaps Anna across the face.

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good episode! its funny how i don't like marleana in the fanfic world, and on tv. did she ever think that it wasn't anna's truth to tell? i can't wait for more!

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