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Monday February 25 2008




All The Days of Their Lives

Carly's damaged car lies in the ditch. Inside, Carly starts to move. Her head is bleeding. She starts waking up. She looks around. She touches her head, and realizes what happened. Alex starts crying, and she realizes who is in the backseat. She looks back.

Carly: It's ok honey. Were going to get out. Jeannie. Jeannie, wake up.

Jeannie lies there, unconcious.

Carly turns back around, and tries to take off her seatbelt, but it is stuck.

Carly: Crap. Come on.

She tries to get it off, but she can't. She turns around, and tries to hold Alex, but it is too tight.

Bo walks into the Pub, and sits with Andrew and Kimberly.

Bo: Whats wrong Kim?

Kimberly: Carly, Jeannie, and Alex left town a while ago. I told them to call me. I"m worried. She hasn't called yet.

Bo: Why did they leave town?

Kim: So Scotty wouldn't have a chance to bring up a lawsuite

Bo: But doesnt she know she would win? Theres no way in hell he would get custody of Alex!

Kim: I know, but she said he had some papers, and she said he would get custody.

Carlo opens the door of the cabin. He is holding his stomach in pain. He takes his phone out, and dials a number.

Carlo: Gina!

Gina: What?

Carlo: There was an accident.

Gina: What happened?

Carlo: Hope got hit by a car.

Gina: What do you mean she got hit by a car! How did she even get out of the cabin?

Carlo: Who cares how she got out? What do I do?

Gina: Where is she?

Carlo: She's on the roadside.

Gina: Where are you?

Carlo: At the cabin.

Gina: What!

Alex starts crying louder.

Carly: Shh honey.

She turns the radio on to calm him down. She looks for her phone, and sees that it is on the floor of the passenger side. She tries to get it but the seatbelt is too tight. Jeannie starts to move her head.

Carly: Jeannie! Jeannie wake up!

Jeannie: What happened?

Carly: The car went into a ditch. Are you ok?

Jeannie: I think so.

She tries to move, but the seatbelt is too tight.

Jeannie: I can't move too good.

Carly: It's ok. Were gonna get out. Do you have your cell phone?

Jeannie: Ya.

She goes in her purse, and gets it out.

Jeannie: Crap. It's dead.

Bo: Did you try calling her?

Kimberly: I called both of them. Carly's kept ringing, and Jeannie's went straight to voicemail.

Bo: Ok, it doesnt mean something is wrong.

Kimberly: I know, but I feel something is wrong.

Bo: Don't worry. They'll call, and everything will be fine. Why are you still up anyway? It's almost 2:00 am!

Kimberly: I'm waiting for her to call me. And Pop wasn't feeling that good, so I offered to stay with mom.

Carly tries to honk her horn, but it is broken.

Carly: Oh God. I hope that woman is ok.

Jeannie: What the hell was she doing on the road in the middle of the night?

Carly: I don't know. Hold on a minute. You brought your charger right?

Jeannie: Ya. Let me see if its in one of these bags.

She opens a small bag, and looks through it. She takes out her charger.

Jeannie: Here.

Carly takes it, and plugs it into the socket. She gets Jeannie's phone, and starts charging it.

Hope is lying motionless on the roadside. There is blood all over her, and she is all wet from the rain. Her hand starts to move a bit.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Kimberly's phone rings.

Kimberly: Hello.

Carly: Hey it's me. There was an accident.

Gina is on the phone with Carlo.

Gina: Make sure that she isn't found!

Kate is in her apartment. The doorbell rings, and Martha comes in with Chineese food.

Martha: You still like Chineese don't you?


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Checking out your blog. Very different from the show adn other blogs and that's a plus already. So I take it Carly ran over Hope? I love it. Not to familiar with some of these other characters. Gino, comes to mind. Nice episode, will def read again

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very nice... Well execute - man there's so many Days's blog around cant keep track- its goods to see some of the characters I wish I had a chance to see - I only read about them, Carly, Kimberly and so on - I like the episode so far, sure will turn in to she what happen to dear old Hope.

Nice Job!!!!

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