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February 25-29 Promo




Announcer: On All the Day's of Our Lives, a tragic death rocks Salem.

Clip of Hope dying in the hospital.

Announcer: But is it Hope?

Gin(in her head): I'll die knowing these two will never be together!

Announcer: Meanwhile, the DiMera women finally decide on who gets control of Stefano!

Clip of Adrianna, Isabella, Kristen, and Dora.

Announcer: Plus, two Brady women are kidnapped!

Clip of Jeannie and Stephanie tied to two chairs, tied together.

Stephanie: We have to get out of this!

Announcer: And next week, evil takes it's last breath.

Clip of Stefano alone in his hospital room. The heart monitor starts beeping.

Announcer: All this and more on All the Days of Our Lives, only on SONBC!


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