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Episode 32



Everyone in Springfield is at the Masquerade Ball.........

The Masquerade Ball:

Everyone in town has arrived.

The Dance Floor:


Rick and Beth are celebrating their first night out since Bertha was born. Beth is all smiles until she notices Mindy, "Rick who is that man she's with." They stare at Mindy's tall date. He seems to be staring at them as well. Mindy notices and drags him away. Beth can't stop staring.

The Dinner Tables:



Josh and Olivia are sitting at a table. Marah is sitting as well. Jeffrey and Reva walk by with Shayne. It's awkward. Olivia notices the tension between Marah and Reva, "Reva why don't you sit down?"

Reva stares at Olivia, "Excuse me?"

"Come on Reva. We're all family. Sort of."

They sit down. Reva knows what Olivia is up too.

She sees Billy, Bill, and Ava walking over.

Reva calls them over and before Olivia realizes it, the entire Lewis clan is together.


The Ladies Room:


Lizzie is trying to catch her breath. Ashlee walks over, "Lizzie are you okay?"

Lizzie rolls her eyes, "What did I tell you?" She storms out and runs into Coop.


Coop is alarmed, "Oh Lizzie I'm so so sorry! Are you okay?"

She is frustated, "I'm fine! I bumped into you!"

He holds her hand, "Lizzie just relax."

Ashlee walks over. Lizzie shoves her, "You can't keep your mouth shut!"

She bumps into Colin McCabe, "Liz are you okay?"

She hugs him, "Hello Darling."

Coop is confused. As is Colin.


Towards the Entrance:



Harley and Gus are chatting about Sydney and Lynn. Natalia sees Alan head into the back room. She follows him to see what he is up to.



Remy is coming from the car. He sees that Blake is now on the ground, "Oh my God! What happened?"

She sits up, "I don't know? I was just walking and.. ow!" She feels the back of her head.

Remy looks at it, "It looks fine."

She gets nervous, "Actually... you look perfectly fine for someone who fell on the cement." He smiles.

She shoves him, "What are you saying?"

Remy stands her up, "Blake did you fake this?"

Blake is trying to think of an answer.

The Dinner Table:


Vanessa walks over to chat with Dinah and Mallet, "Hello. How are you two?"

"We're fine Mom."

Mallet smiles, "Looks like someone wants to talk with you Vanessa."

Billy is standing behind her.

Olivia walks off. Bill follows, "Olivia we need to talk about what happened."

"There is nothing to talk about."

"Does Josh know what happened?"


"I wonder how he would feel if he found out?"

"What do you want from me?"

"Let me help you."

Ava is listening from around the corner.

Olivia questions Bill, "What about Ava?"

He sighs, "Well I mean Ava's fun but she's young. I mean she's not the mother type which is what Emma needs."

Ava walks off to think of a plan.

Reva and Jeffrey are sitting with Josh, Marah and Shayne.

Shayne laughs, "So this is uncomfortable. Excuse me." he walks off.


Cassandra walks up with her date. Marah is in shock.

Reva and Josh are nervous.

Jeffrey stands up, "Hello Cassie."

"Hello Jeffrey."

Marah tries to act like everything is normal, "So who's this guy?"

He takes off his mask.

Every sits in shock as they see Edmund Winslow.

The Restrooms:

Lizzie is holding Colin's hand, "We are dating."

Coop laughs, "You and Dr. McCabe?"

"Yes. Is that so hard to believe?"

They walks off. Coop laughs.

Billy kisses Vanessa, "Oh Darlin' I missed you!"

"I missed you too Billy! I promise the wedding is back on! We'll get married as soon as possible."

"Well... how about now?"


"Rev. Ruthledge is over there. We still have our marriage license."

"Suddenly this feels familiar."

"What do you say?"

"Yes!" She jumps into his arms.

Down the Hall:


Frank and Mel step out of a closet with their clothes messed up. They kiss. Mel walks off.

Julie walks over to Frank, "Hey."

He is shocked, "Uh Julie.. I."

"I know Frank? She's cute."

"Julie we were just.."

"No I get it. Wow. I wonder what everyone will think?"

Frank tries to stop Julie but she walks into the crowd. He is nervous.


A Back Room:

Natalia looks around. Alan surprises her, "What are you doing?"

She turns around in shock, "Alan? What are you doing? Trying to ruin the party?"

"You know Natalia for someone who hates me you sure seem to follow me a lot."

She backs away, "What are you doing Alan?"

"Why don't you just run to Gus? Give him another reason to hate me! Just like you." Alan sits at an old table.

Natalia sits across from him, "You keep saying 'hate'. I don't hate you Alan."

Alan smiles, "So is this that time?"

"What time?"

"Where you finally admit you have feelings for me."


"Does it hurt Natalia. To know you fell for someone like me?"

She is starting to cry, "Yes. It hurts so much."

She surprises Alan.

Julie walks into another room and flips the switches. Instantly, the entire place is dark.


Center of the Room:

Vanessa and Billy don't let this get the best of them. They try and get everyone together. There are candles everywhere.

Dinah gets everyone together. Mallet goes to look for his sister.

The Dinner Tables:

Edmund and Cassandra have vanished into the dark.

Reva and Josh walk over to the center.

Jeffrey and Marah wait back. Both are drunk.

Jeffrey can't see. He doesn't realize Reva has left. He grabs Marah. The two make out under the table.

The Wedding:

Vanessa and Billy are standing in front of everyone.

Bill is watching. Ava pulls him aside, "Bill we need to talk."

"Ava not now."

"Bill now!"

"Ava I need to tell you something first."

Ava knows whats coming she speaks before she thinks, "Bill I'm pregnant!!"

Bill stares in disbelief.

Gus and Harley are in the crowd. Wondering where Natalia is.

The Back Room:

Alan holds Natalia's hand, "When I'm with you I feel like I'm not the same man. Like everything from the past doesn't matter anymore. It's as if you could save me from all of the hate and anger. If we could just tell everyone how we feel. Maybe then we can finally be happy, together." He leans in to kiss her.

Natalia is scared. She slaps him and jumps up, "Stop. No!"

Alan grabs her, "Natalia please give me a chance."

"Alan!" They fall to the floor.

"Natalia you don't have to fight it!"

"No Alan! I could never love you! You are a monster."

She shoves him and runs out. Leaving him heartbroken.

The Wedding:

Billy and Vanessa are saying their vows.

Billy is smiling, "Vanessa. You make me want to be more. And by doing that you make me more. By marrying me.. you are my hero."

Vanessa laughs. She wipes her tears, "Oh Billy. You and I know what it means to wait. But I think we've done enough of that. I promise that this time we will finally have the life we always wanted. Because after everything we've been through... How can we not?"

Down The Hall:

Lizzie and Colin are laughing about the joke.

Lizzie hears footsteps, "It's Coop!"

She pulls him into a shocking kiss!

At first it's awkward. They soon realize its just a waiter walking by. Yet they continue to kiss.

They step back. Colin stares at Lizzie then they both walks away.

Outside: Blake is hiding from Remy. He finds her, "Blake you don't need to be embarrased."

"God! I'm so stupid!"

"No you're not."

"You must be furious."

"No I'm flattered."


"No one has ever done something like that to be with me."

Blake stands up and stares into Remys eyes. They walks behind the building.

Remy kisses Blake.

She begins to rip off his shirt. He unbottons her dress.

The Wedding:

Rev. Ruthledge grins, "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

The crowd applauds as Billy kisses Vanessa.

Mindy goes to look for her date.

Beth follows. Until her dress is pulled, "Oh Rick you scared me. She kisses him."

Mindy finds her date, "There you are." She kisses him.

Mallet is looking around for Julie he opens the door. And he sees something on the ground. He runs over and flips on the switches. The lights come on.

The Wedding:

All of the guest smile as the light comes on.

Jeffrey crawls out from the table with Marah. The two stare in shock.

Mindy looks at her date. It's actually Rick! She didn't notice.

Beth sees what happened. She is with Mindy's date. She smacks him. His mask falls off.

Beth and Rick stare in shock.

Beth is in shock, "OH MY GOD! PHILLIP!?!?!"


Mallet calls everyone into the room. They all run in. Mallet is sobbing. Holding his sister. She is covered in blood. There is a bullet hole in her chest.


The doctors try and save Julie!

Mallet wants justice

Rocky is nervous

Blake and Remy talk about what's next

Ava isn't completly honest.

Rick, Beth, and Mindy all talk with Phillip!


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