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Casting News

Matt P.



Numerous guest stars are coming to Point Palace. Look for The Bold and The Beautiful star Dan McVicar to play Antonio, a wealthy fashion designer who gets involved with John's (Ryan Gaus) career. ER and film star Mehki Phifer guests as Doctor Vexen, a fertility clinic specialist for Jenny (Geneva Hyman) and Carlos (Jordi Vilasuso.)

To make it a love quadrangle Christel Khalili will be a recurring cast member with possible contract upgrade status as her character Rena will be involved with Jace (Matthew Lawrence), Will (Jim Carnicela), and her roommate Alicia (Holly Valance.) Another guest star turned recurring is reporter/paparazo Mark (John-Paul Lavossier). Lavossier was last seen in Season 4 but will be the bad reporter trying to get a story any which way he can, according to series creator Matt Politylo.

Then bad girl Nan Sheridan (Lorena Chacon) will be playing yet another Sheridan sibling. Look for Chacon to pull up triple duty when she plays Anna Lee Sheridan. Politylo describes this interesting new character:

"We've seen twins in soap operas, Nan's already had a twin who died in Season 1, so I wanted to make a triplet who is different from her. Anna Lee is the fragile Sheridan. We'll see Nan try to protect her but of course use her for a selfish gain. Anna Lee does have a purpose and it won't be revealed until Season 6."


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Love the new casting choices. Really great. The newbies keep flowing in. I didn't know Rena will be part of a quad. That will be very interesting.

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I agree with Marlin, the cast choice is great... I Always love Ryan Gaus in B&B... Phifer is surely a wonderful choice cast for Vexen... I thing are shaking up in PP, I have my eyes open on Anna... I wonder what will happen when she learns her sister is dead.

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