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Thursday February 14 2008




All The Days of Their Lives

Bo, Hope, Kimberly, Andrew, Jeannie, Marleana, Roman, Adrianna, Carrie, Billie, Nick, Max, Stephanie, Eric, Tony, and Anna arribe at the police station.

Kimberly: Thank God your all ok.

Bo: Actually, we can thank Tony, Anna, Carrie, and Jeannie.

Marleana: Wheres Lucas, Chelsea, and Sami?

Chelsea and Lucas, escorted by a guard, walk into the police station, looking sad.

Marleana: What's wrong? Where's Sami?

Nicole is sitting at a table at Chez Rouge. She looks up.

Nicole: Well, it's about time you showed up.

Scotty Banning smiles.

Scotty: You look different from when I last saw you.

Nicole: I could say the same. So why did you want to meet me?

Nicole takes a sip of champagne.

Scotty: I need a wife.

Nicole spits out her drink.

Isabella is walking in the hospital, when she bumps into Carly.

Carly: Great. Just the person I wanted to see.

Isabella: You can blame me for all your lifes troubles, but just know that your just kidding yourself!

Carly: If you don't want an innocent child to be hurt, then tell your friend to back off!

Carly walks away.

Marleana: Chelsea, whats wrong?

The tears already start forming in Marleana's eyes.

Lucas starts crying more.

Chelsea: There was an accident. She she-

Chelsea starts crying. Billie comes to her, and puts her arm around her.

Billie: What happened, honey?

Chelsea: She fell out of the helicopter.

Everyone's faces turn to shock.Marleana almost falls over, but Roman holds her.

Marleana: How-

She pauses.

Marleana: How did she fall out?

Chelsea: Stefano was on the plane.

Bo: Damn it!

Bo punches a desk.

Chelsea: Stefano fell out too.

Nicole: I'm sorry?

Scotty: Not you, you idiot!

Nicole: Then who?

Scotty: Your sister, Taylor.

Nicole: Oh, give me a break.

Scotty: She still owes me a favour.

Nicole: You don't understand what an idiot she is Scotty! She'll probaly think you guys are getting married because you guys love each other!

Scotty: I'll make sure she understands! Do you have her number?

Nicole: You know what? I'll give you the number, just to make you suffer for your stupidness!

Carly comes, and interupts their conbersation.

Carly: Well, well, the slut is in town.

A cop comes in the station.

Cop: There's some news. We've recovered both Samantha Brady, and Stefano DiMera. Stefano DiMera is alive, but paraylezed from the neck down. Samantha Brady was found-

Marleana: Please tell us she's ok!

Cop: I'm so sorry everyone, but Samantha Brady was found dead.

Marleana: No! No! No! My baby!

Adrianna leaves the police station. Marleana falls to the ground, and Roman tries to help her up.

Marleana: She can't be dead!

Eric comes, and hugs her. Belle, Brady, and Chole come in the police station. Anna hugs Carrie.

Anna: I'm so sorry.

Belle: What's going on?

Tony: I'm so sorry, Belle.

Belle: About what?

Tony: Your sister, Samantha died.

Nicole: I didn't know you were in town, Carly.

Scotty: Apparently she has family here; the Brady's.

Nicole: Really! Intresting.

Carly: Ya, great. So what the hell brings you here?

Nicole: I used to live here, and now I moved back. Problem?

Carly: What a small world. And the only people you see are the ones you hate.

Nicole: Well then, I guess that statment's true for you.

Carly: Wow Scotty. And I thought you would have come up with a better plan.

She laughs, and walks away.

Stefano is in the hospital, paraylezed. Adrianna is sitting next to his bed.

Adrianna: You are never going to get out of here! You understand?

Dora: Think again, Adrianna.

Adrianna: Who the hell are you?

Dora: I'm your cousin, Dora.

Adrianna: And what are you going to do to stop me?

Dora: I have a couple ideas.

She takes out a gun.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Everybody gatheres at the church for Sami's funeural. Marleana goes to Sami's coffin, and puts a brown teddy bear inside.

Droa is going crazy, looking for something in the DiMera mansion.

Droa: I have to find that will.

Adrianna: Your name isn't on it.


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