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Wednesday February 13 2008




All The Days of Their Lives

Wednesday February 13 2008

Eric and Nicole are making out in the bed.

Nicole: That was great Eric.

Eric: Tell me about it.

Nicole: We should do this more often.

Eric: I have no problem with that.

He kisses her, and his phone rings.

Chelsea, Lucas, and Sami are sitting in the helicopter.

Chelsea: So are you too back together?

Sami: Yup.

She kisses Lucas.

Chelsea: Good. You guys bring out the best in each other.

She looks over, and sees a blanket. She sees it moving a bit. She gets up, and lifts the blanket. She sees Stefano!

Dora opens the door to the DiMera mansion. She pours herself a drink. She sits on the couch, and closes her eyes.

Dora: What to do, what do to.

She takes out a gun. She aims her gun at a vase. She shoots it. She gets up, and puts her coat on. She leaves the mansion.

Eric answers his phone.

Eric: Hello.

Carrie: Eric! You need to get to the police station now!

Eric: Why?

Carrie: They found everyone! They are comming home, and they will be at the station soon.

Eric: Ok. I'll be there soon.

He hangs up.

Nicole: Where do you have to go baby?

Eric: The police station.

He kisses her.

Eric: I'll see you later.

Dora walks into the police station. She sees Carrie and Abe talking. Marleana and Roman come in too.

Dora: Roman Brady?

Roman: Yes.

Dora: I'm Dora DiMarino, do you know when my uncle, Stefano DiMera is expected to be home?

Roman: Your Stefano's niece?

Dora: Isn't that what I said?

Roman: He dissapeared when the cops arrived to Maison Blanche to rescue the captives.

Marleana: You wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you, Dora?

Dora: Never even heard of Maison Blanche.

Marleana: Sure.

Eric walks into the police station. He runs to Marleana and hugs her.

Eric: Mom! Thank God your ok.

Chelsea yells, and Stefano grabs her throat!

Sami: Stop!

Lucas: Get away from her!

Pilot: Whats going on back there?

Lucas pulls Chelsea off of him, which sends Sami to the door! Stefano pushes Lucas off of him, and Lucas pushes Chelsea back! Chelsea accidenty pushes a button, and the door opens! Sami falls right out of the helicopter!

Chelsea: Sami!

Lucas turns around.

Lucas: Sami!

Lucas and Chelsea look over the edge, and Stefano comes, looking shocked! Lucas turns around, and pushes Stefano out of the helicopter!

Chelsea: Lucas!

Stefano is falling to the ground, and yelling. The screen fades to black.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Bo, Hope, Kimberly, Andrew, Jeannie, Marleana, Roman, Adrianna, Carrie, Chelsea, Lucas, Billie, Nick, Max, Stephanie, Eric, Tony, and Anna are standing in the police station. A cop comes in.

Cop: We've found Samantha Brady. I'm sorry.

Marleana starts crying.

Stefano is in the hospital, paraylezed. Adrianna is sitting next to his bed.

Adrianna: You are never going to get out of here! You understand?

Dora: Think again, Adrianna.


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