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Tuesday February 12 2008




All The Days of Their Lives

Tuesday February 12 2008

The next morning...

Tony, Anna, and Jeannie are in a helicopter, flying to Maison Blanche. Tony's phone rings.

Tony: Hello.

Abe: Tony, me and Roman are back in Salem. Did you and the SWAT team arrive at Maison Blanche yet?

Tony: Were almost there. I'll call you when we have everyone on board.

Abe: Thanks.

Eric walks into Chez Rouge. He sits at the bar and orders a drink. Nicole Walker walks up, and sits next to him.

Nicole: If I knew you were back in town, I would have come sooner.

Eric: Nicole! When did you get back?

Nicole: Last night, actually. I have to say, I'm happy I found you here.

Eric: Where's your husband? I heard you got married to a soap opera actor.

Nicole: Well, thats over. So hows your love life?

Eric: Non-existent.

Nicole: Same here.

Sami, Lucas, Frank, Bo, Hope, Nick, Chelsea, Stephanie, Andrew and Adrianna go into Stefano's office.

Hope: What the hell did you do with Billie?

Stefano: Get out of here!

Sami throws a glass towards Stefano.

Sami: Get us out of here you sick bastard!

Everyone hears helicopters.

Hope: Were getting out of here!

Gina: Not so fast!

She pulls out a gun, but Billie hits her over the head with a vase!

Billie: Lets get out of here!

Marleana wakes up, tied to a chair. She looks around, and doesnt know where she is. Kristen comes in.

Kristen: Hungry?

Marleana: What the hell are you going to do with me?

Kristen: I would kill you, but then you would be reunited with John.

Marleana: Your sick Kristen.

Somebody breaks through the door, upstairs! Kristen quickly goes up the staires. A while later, Roman comes down!

Marleana: Roman! Roman!

Roman: Don't worry. I'm going to get you out of here. Where's Kristen?

Marleana: I don't know she dissapeared.

Eric comes back from the washroom, but Nicole is no longer there.

Bartender: The woman you were with left this for you.

The bartender hands him a closed napkin. Eric opens it, and it says, "I'm at the hotel near the airport. Here's a key." Eric smiles, and takes his phone out.

Eric: Hey Carrie. I won't be there tonight. Sorry.

Carrie: Where are you going!? Our whole family has been kidnapped and your running around, having fun?

Eric: Sorry. I'll call you later. Bye.

He hangs up.

Cops break through the doors. Tony, Anna, and Jeannie follow.

Bo: What are you guys doing here?

Tony: We came to rescue you!

Hope: Thank you so much!

Anna: Ok, lets get everyone on helicopters!

Bo, Hope, and Billie go on a helicopter. Sami, Lucas, and Chelsea go on another. Nick, Max, and Stephanie go on another. Andrew, Jeannie, Tony, and Anna go on the last one. A cop comes outside.

Cop: Theres no sign of anyone. They are all gone.

Bo: Ok, we'll worry about that later. Lets just get home.

The helicopters go into the air, and fly to Salem.

Marleana and Roman are on a plane.

Marleana: We have to find Kristen!

Roman: Don't worry. We will.

Marleana: What about everyone else?

Roman: Don't worry. They are all on a helicopter, going back home.

Marleana smiles, and looks out the window.

Eric unlocks a hotel room door. He goes inside, and hears music playing. He looks around. Nicole comes out of the bathroom only in a short robe.

Nicole: I thought you werent comming.

Eric: How can I pass up an offer like this?

He kisses her, and she rips off his shirt. He pushes her on the bed, and takes his belt off. She takes his pants off, and he goes on top of her. He kisses her.

Nicole: I want you so bad.

They go in the sheets, and start making love.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Somebody is pusghed against a door in the helicopter, and they fall out!

Eric is in bed with Nicole. Eric's phone rings. He answers it.

Eric: Hello.

Carrie: Eric! You need to get to the police station now!


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