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Monday February 11 2008




All The Days of Their Lives

Monday February 11 2008

The next day....

Nick and Chelsea are walking around the mansion.

Chelsea: We have to find a way out of here.

They come to a door. Chelsea opens it, and they see Stefano sitting in a chair, listening to opera.

Stefano: So how do you guys like Maison Blanche?

Chelsea: Let us out of here!

Stefano laughs.

Chelsea: You think it's a joke?

She grabs a wine bottle, and throws it on the ground.

Stefano: Do you have any idea what you just did!

Nick: Come on, let's go.

Roman is in the hospital in the New Orleans. Abe and Lexie walk in.

Abe: Hi Roman.

Roman: Abe.... Marleana ...... Marleana

Abe: Roman, what's going on? Wheres Marleana?

Roman: Kristen

Lexie: Kristen? Kristen who.

Roman goes unconcious, and a doctor comes in the room.

Doctor: Sorry, you guys have to leave.

They go outside.

Abe: Why did he say Kristen?

Lexie: You don't think he meant my sister do you?

Abe: I'm not sure.

Bo and Hope are sitting on the couch.

Hope: Bo, I'm so sick of being locked up in here!

Bo: We all are.

Hope: I miss Ciara so much.

Bo: So do I. Were going to get out of here.

Hope: I hope Marleana's ok.

The door of Stefano's room opens, and Dora walks in. She throws her coat on a chair.

Stefano: Dora! It's so good to see you.

Dora: Likewise.

Stefano: Tell me Dora, why is it that you always wear black?

Dora: Mabye I'm still grieving.

Stefano: Ahh. what had to be done had to be done.

Dora: He was no worse than you, Stefano.

Stefano: Ahh, but you don't understand, Dora. He came after me; something you do not do.

Dora: So why did you want me to come here?

Stefano: I have nobody left. Tony has disowned me; Lexie hates me; EJ's dead; Bejie's dead; Andre's dead; Adrianna doesnt want to be part of this; and Kristen just wants John.

Dora: Oh, and I'm supposed to take over? Till when? Johnny's of age? Who do you think you are? I can't remember the last time I saw you!

Stefano: I'm sorry Dora. I've just been

Dora: Busy? I know; faking deaths, kidnapping people, changing their identities. You know, one day, it is going to come to you! When you least expect it, you are going to be down, in the worst way immaginable.

Dora takes her coat, and leaves.

Chelsea is walking in the mansion, when she trips over something. She gets up, and looks at a picture of EJ that she just tripped over. She looks at where it should be, and sees a cell phone! She hears somebody come around a corner, and puts it in her pocket. She walks into the living room.

Chelsea: Dad, I found this!

She gives Bo the phone.

Bo: Good job! Let's see if we can use it.

Jeannie walks into the Pub and goes to sit with Carrie and Anna.

Jeannie: Your cousin threatned me.

Anna: I was right about her!

Carrie: What did she say?

Jeannie: She said that if I go there again it'll be the last thing I do.

Carrie: She knows something.

Tony comes in the Pub.

Tony: I found something! And I think I know where they are!

Anna: What did you find?

Tony puts a plane ticket on the table.

Tony: She landed in Stefano's private air port in the New Orleans. The limo brought her to Maison Blanche.

Anna looks shocked.

Jeannie: Ok! So lets get to rescuing them!

The screen fades to black as Dora watches them through the window.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Eric is sitting at Chez Rouge, ordering a drink. Nicole Walker sits next to him.

Nicole: If I knew you were back in town, I would have come sooner.

Sami throws a glass towards Stefano.

Sami: Get us out of here you sick bastard!

Everyone hears helicopters!

Kristen is walking around Marleana, who is tied in a chair.

Kristen: I would kill you, but then you would be reunited with John.


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