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Friday February 16 2008



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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All The Days of Their Lives

Bo, Hope, Kimberly, Jeannie and Andrew arrive at the church.

Hope: Wow Belle, Carrie and Anna did a great job in here.

Kimberly: I wish it didn't have to be done.

Hope: I hope they don't bring in the coffin after Marleana comes.

The doors open, and Frankie Brady comes in.

Kimberly: Frankie! Iy's so good to see you.

She hugs him.

Frankie: I wish it wouldn't have to be for this.

Frankie hugs everyone.

Frankie: Wow Andrew, Jeannie, you guys grew so much.

Kim: Yup. I could hardly believe it.

Marleana walks into Stefano's hospital room. Stefano's eyes move, and he is in shock.

Stefano(struggling to speak): Marleana, I'm sorry .

Marleana Save your sorry you old bastard! I am so happy that you aren't dead. I'm so happy that you will be stuck in your lifeless body forever! But you know what I wish?

Stefano: What is that?

Marleana: I wish I were the one to throw you out of the plane, instead of Lucas.

Stefano looks angry. He tries to move his neck, but he can't.

Marleana: I never thought I would be so happy to see someone in pain. Adrianna told us that your going to be sent to an institioun, and you'll stay there until you die. You will die all alone, in a dark room.

Marleana turns around, but then turns back. She slaps him. She leaves the room, and Stefano stares.

Dora walks into the mansion, and takes her coat off. She starts looking franticaly in the drawers of the desk.

Dora: I have to find that will.

Adrianna: Your name isn't on it.

Dora: Sorry?

Adrianna: Your name isn't on the will! Now get out of here before I have a guard throw you out.

Dora: I'll be back.

She leaves the mansion.

Isabella is in her house, ready to go to the funeural. She opens a letter she got in the mail. It says "Mrs. DiMera"

Isabella: I thought I changed this damn name. I'll call them tomorrow.

The phone rings. She answers it.

Isabella: Hello.

Nurse: Ms. Albert, there are a couple patients waiting for you.

Isabella: I told you I'm going to a funeural today, and to cancel all my appoitments.

Nurse: Oh. I'm so sorry. I'll take care of it.

Isabella hangs up, and leaves the house.

Marleana and Roman go into the church, together. Everybody is sitting in the pews. They go up to Sami's coffin. Marleana shudders, and starts crying. Roman hugs her. He motions to bring her to her seat.

Marleana: Wait, theres something I have to do.

She goes into her purse, and takes out a brown teddy bear.

Marleana: Samantha, you slept with this every night when you were a little girl.

She puts the teddy bear in the coffin with Sami, and kisses her. She struggles to sit down. Belle hugs her.

Belle: It's going to be ok, mom.

Bo and Hope go to Sami's coffin. They touch her shoulder, and go sit down. Eric and Lucas come into the church, Eric holding Alexis, and Lucas holding Johnny. They go to the coffin. Eric wipes a tear, as does Lucas.

Lucas: This is your mommy, guys. And when your older I'm going to tell you all about her.

Everyone wipes a tear. Lucas and Eric bring the twins to Marleana and Roman, and they go sit down.

The priest comes, and he goes through the funeural. Chelsea walks out of the funeural. Nick follows her.

Nick: You ok, Chelsea?

Chelsea: If I didn't push that button, Sami would still be here Nick!

Nick: It's not your fault. You didn't push it on purpouse.

Nick hugs her, and she starts crying more.

Time passes, and the go out to the graveyard. They start to lower her coffin into the ground.

Marleana: Stop! Roman, tell them to stop! Please!

Roman: It's ok Marleana, it's ok.

He hugs her.

The funeural ends, and people start to leave. Bo, Hope, and Kimberly bring Shawn and Caroline home. Roman and Marleana stand there.

Marleana: She's gone Roman. Our daughter's gone.

Roman: We should go.

Marleana: I can't. I can't leave her Roman!

Roman walks her away from the graveyard, and he brings her in the car. They drive away.

Adrianna looks in the mansion for Stefano's will, but she can't find it. She comes across a locked drawer. She is about to pick the lock, but the door opens, and Carlo comes in.

Adrianna: Carlo! Your back! How was your trip?

Carlo: Good. Wheres dad?

Adrianna: That is a long story, and I need to go now.

Carlo: Wait!

Adrianna: Sorry. I'm late for something. We'll talk later. Bye!

Adrianna leaves the mansion, and goes in her car. She looks to her right, and sees a paper on the seat. She looks at it, and it says "You will not win". She looks confused.

Roman is sitting at the pub, drinking a beer. Isabella walks in.

Isabella: Hi Roman. How are you holding up?

Roman: I"m getting through it.

Isabella: Come on, Roman. You don't always have to be this pillar of streangth.

Roman: But thats what everyone expects. I'm the one in the family that holds everyone up.

Isabella: Roman, this is your time to grieve. Don't let anybody else take that away from you.

Roman: Thank you so much Isabella.

She hugs him.

Isabella: Roman, it's ok to cry.

Roman starts crying, and Isabella hugs him. The screen fades to black.

Next on All The Days of Our Lives:

Isabella is at a Goverment office.

Isabella: What do you mean I'm still married to Stefano DiMera!

Jack and Jennifer are at an abandoned warehouse. They hear the door open.

Person: Who's in here!

Jack and Jennifer look at each other, and don't know what to do.


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