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Episode 27



An eventful day leads everyone to become suspcious.........

Bauer Home:


Reva walks in. "Rick? You called me?"

Rick and Josh are in the livingroom. Josh is getting confused, "Wait Rick what's going on?"

"You two. You told me that Cassie switched the paternity test! That Alan was the father!"

Josh tries to calm him down, "It's true Rick. We saw the DVD of Cassie switching the paternity test."

Rick shows them the papers, "Well the new ones say he isn't the father!"

Reva takes a look, "New ones? Did Beth find out?"

"Yes! But thank God the test came out this way. After months of lying to my wife."

Josh looks, "I can't believe this."

Reva tries to understand, "Well maybe Alan rigged the test first and Cassie switched them back?"

Rick sits down, "I don't know. And I don't care. But when Beth gets home she can't know that any of this happened."

They all promise to keep the secret.

Spaulding Mansion:


Alan is arguing with Mindy when Alex walks in, "Well hello Mindy."

"Hi Alexandra."

"If you'll excuse me and my brother."

"My pleasure. I can't stand being her much longer." Mindy leaves.

Alex rolls her eyes, "Why has she been here?"

"Long story. What is this about Alexandra?"

"Alan it's the company."

"What about it?"

"Someone is buying up the stock."


"And there is more. A meeting was scheduled next week. Apparently someone is tyring to take over as CEO. Someone who has been working on taking over Spaulding."

"Alexandra. I can't believe this."

"Well it's happening. The question is: Who's behind it?"

"There is only one person it can be."

Alan only has one person in mind.




Harley, Gus and Jeffrey listen as Susan talks about G, "I dated him yes. A big mistake."

"Have you been in contact since?"

"No. He killed my cousin Tammy."

"And you didn't love him?

Susan hesitates. But continues to lie, "No. We weren't serious."

"Do you think Gus and Harley deserve to adopt."

"Yes. They will make great parents."

After Susan's questions are done the judge goes back to go over the case.

Out in the hall Lizzie wakes up in Coops arms, "What?"

"Lizzie you passed out!"

"I'm fine."

Coop rubs her head, "No your not. Ashlee call an ambulence."

Ashlee stares at Lizzie who nods her head.

Coop is confused, "Ashlee?"

Lizzie gets up, "Coop I'm fine. Thank you." She runs out.

Coop walks over to Ashlee, "What was that about."

Ashlee tries to explain.


The Beacon:


Shayne is pacing in his room. The door opens.

The guy walks in.

Shayne comes over, "Rocky! Finally what took you so long?"

Rocky shuts hangs up his coat, "I almost ran into my brother. I didn't want Frank to see me."

Rocky shuts the door.


Josh's Car:

Josh show Reva the diary, "Do you think I should read it?"


"I mean I don't want to. But this might explain a lot."

"Joshua I don't think you should be asking me."

"Reva come on. You are the only person who understands. Maybe we can finally find out what was going on in Cassie's head. And what pushed her over the edge before they took her out of Ravenwood."

"Oh Bud."

Josh drives Reva home.

Spaulding Mansion:

Alan looks at the files, "It must be him."

"Alan why would Phillip be doing this?"

"To make his triumphet return to Springfield!"

"Alan I really don't think it's him."

"Well. I guess we'll find out soon enough."

"Oh God!"

"Could it really be? Could Phillip be coming home?"

Alan stares at Phillip's picture.


The judge walks in, "Well I've given this a lot of thought."

The whole room is on the edge of their seats.

"In the case of Gus Aitoro and Harley Cooper Aitoro adopting the children and/or child of the deceased Driscoll's.... Congratualations."

Gus and Harley jump up and hug.

The Coopers applaud.

Harley smiles, "Sydney is coming home!"

Outside Coop is questioning Ashlee, "Ashlee what is it?"

"Coop listen we should go in I think the judge,..."

"Ashlee stop what is going on?"

"Coop I can't..."

"No. You can't keep secrets from me!"

I'm not trying to!"

"Then what is it? What is up with Lizzie?"




"What Ashlee? What?"

"She's dying Coop!"

Coop's heart falls to his feet.

Josh's Car:

Josh is flipping through the diary, "Reva look at this."

"Joshua don't!"

"Reva. Cassie was investigating."


"Your mother. Sarah."

"What about her?"

"I don't know. But she was looking for information about Sarah's past..."

Reva grabs the diary, "No more! We are done." Reva gets out and walks home with the diary.

The Beacon:

Shayne and Rocky are talking.

Rocky looks out the window, "I can't believe you visted your parents already."

"Well I didn't plan on it. But the weather kind of led me there and I couldn't sit in my car."

"It's fine. I'll have to see my family too."

"Are you gonna tell them?"

"Not yet."


"Lets just enjoy the time right now."

"Oh yeah?"

"Valentines day is coming up!"

Shayne holds Rocky's hand. They look into eachother's eyes and kiss.


Reva and Josh find out shocking news about Cassie

The Spaulding get the shock of their lives!

Shayne and Rocky discuss their families

3 shocking returns to Springfield!!!!!!!


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