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ORPHEUS SECRET PALATIAL HOME(on the outskirts of Salem)

Joey is watching TV while Nicole works on a computer, researching ways to make her escape from the country. Joey soon interrupts her by yelling out he is bored. There is nothing on TV. Nicole suggests going to bed but Joey reminds her he caught up on all his sleep last night and this morning. He says he wishes he had his video games. Nicole says she is glad as she would get annoyed by the sound and annoying visuals. Joey asks if she likes to have any fun. Nicole asks what kind of question that is. Joey points out how she is so serious all the time. Nicole tells Joey she has alot on her mind so it's hard to sit back, relax, and have fun.

Joey thinks everyone needs to have fun once in awhile but he doesn't think she knows how. A befuddled Nicole looks at him and says she knows how and will prove it to him. Joey is pleased and says she can start by taking him to get his video game stuff from his house. Nicole can't believe she fell for his game as he wanted nothing more then to make sure she took him to get what he wants. Joey smiles, saying he knew he had no choice as she is one tough lady. Nicole thanks him for the compliment but says neither one of them should go out for fear of being spotted. Joey asks if Nicole is going to jail. Nicole spits out her drink and asks where he would get that idea. Joey smiles, point out she was in disguise when she found him and goes out all the time in disguise and is always worried about being spotted. He can't think of any other reason.

Nicole thinks Joey is too smart for his own good. She thinks for a minute and asks if he will back off a bit if they get his stuff. Joey nods, saying he can pick up most of his stuff while there. He couldn't before because things were crazy. Nicole asks what he means but Joey says he doesn't want to talk about it. Nicole says ok and that they can go but she needs to be in disguise and he needs to dress in layers to avoid being noticed, although she points out it is cold so it should be easy. Joey agrees and says then she can prove to him she does know how to have fun. Nicole shrugs him off and says whatever. They need to get ready so they can go and come back ASAP. They both go their separate ways and prepare as the scene shifts to...


Bo is stunned to see the familiar face in front of him...CARLY MANNING!! He embraces her, asking what she is doing in Salem. Carly says she came to warn those she loves and, in a way, for her own protection. Bo realizes she has her memory back. Carly says that happened a few months ago. She says it began when news hit that Steve Johnson was alive. Word of Lawrence being responsible for Steve's "death" was all over and she had always went and read The Salem Spectator at a local coffee shop in Paris. Lawrence never knew it because, if he did, he would stop her. he never wanted her to think about Salem or remember anything so he isolated her from all reminders but she kept being drawn to Salem and knowing about the happenings so, one day, she was at the coffee shop and saw the Spectator and made a stop every day to keep tabs on Salem. That is how she learned about Lawrence's involvement with Steve's "death."

Carly goes on to say reading that made her suspicious about Lawrence so she went digging for more info. She learned of all his past misdeeds and her memory began to come back with every piece of evidence she found. Eventually, it all came back and she knew she had to bolt before Lawrence learned the truth. The cops and ISA had been tracking him but they need hard evidence other then Steve's words or circumstantial evidence. Carly points out there is evidence out there and she has it but she couldn't get it out of the house. She just knew if she could escape and lay low for awhile that, eventually, she could help bring Lawrence down.

Carly explains how she packed her bags and left Lawrence but, right before that, she bumped into Vivian, who came for a visit. Vivian and her still did not get along, even when she didn't have her memory, and Carly reveals Vivian knew right away that she had her memory back. Bo asks what happened. Carly says, shockingly, Vivian let her go and gave her some money. Carly adds that she stuck around after and that Vivian covered for her and allowed her time to get a head start. Bo admits being shocked by that. Carly thinks Vivian just wanted her out of Lawrence's life. She always did and this was a way of doing it without her hands getting dirty. She just told her not to tell Lawrence. Carly explains she was on the run since, making money by practicing medicine by way of house calls and in a free lance fashion.

Bo is stunned by this and asks if she heard about Forrest Alamain. Carly nods, saying she did. She's heard about everything, including Frankie's death. She then reveals she has been in town since after Christmas but kept a low profile. She points out Lawrence is either on his way or already in Salem. She learned that shortly after arriving in Salem as one of his former servants became quite close with her and keeps her updated on what he hears of Lawrence's movements. She didn't want to get caught and she knew they all were going through alot so she just waited for a chance and now she got it. She also wanted solid word about Lawrence before shooting off her mouth or taking a chance and she has heard enough to think he is bearing Salem or already there. Carly admits wishing she could've joined them at Frankie's funeral. She will miss him. Bo wishes she had not taking so long to come forward. Carly reminds him she had her reasons and then adds that all of Lawrence's enemies are in danger so she knew she had to come forward so she called him, not knowing who else to call. She knows he is going through alot.

Bo says he is happy she did and says they will take action, with her help. Carly agrees to do whatever she can. Bo asks where she is staying. Carly says she couldn't find work without making her presence known so she is staying in a shelter. She's done it alot on the run, especially in big cities. It gives her a chance to help people who can't afford it. Bo says he can't have her staying there and insists she stay with him. Carly says she knows he is staying at the Kiriakis Mansion so, given her history with Victor, that isn't a good idea. Bo asks if she is stalking him. Carly smiles, saying that isn't a bad idea but says she isn't. Bo insists she stay with him, saying it's been a long time and Victor is probably over it. Plus, she needs her protection right now. Realizing Bo isn't going to give up, Carly reluctantly agrees. Bo is pleased and says they should go right now and get out of sight. They can fill everyone else in later. Carly agrees. They walk off as the scene shifts to...


Jack bumps into Billie, who is wearing sunglasses and seems a little off balance. Jack says he has been calling her and looking all over since she left the funeral and never showed up at the reception afterwards. He asks what happened. Billie reminds him she has been exhausted so she left to try to sleep and just end what was a very hard day but couldn't. Jack thinks maybe she needs sleeping pills. Billie says she will take care of everything and tells Jack she just needs him to back off. Jack says he is just worried given everything she has been through. Billie appreciates that but says she can take care of herself and just needs her space. She tells Jack she has to go and then says bye. Jack says he hopes she feels better and to call if she needs anything. Billie doesn't acknowledge his last words to her and simply walks off.

Jack is really worried about her and makes a call...to Kate, who asks what is wrong with Billie. Jack asks why she would think that. Kate says it's not like Jack calls her regularly and admits she is concerned about her daughter and knows they are close. Jack says he is worried too and wants to meet with her to discuss Billie. Kate says she has to meet with a lawyer to discuss Lucas' case but, after that, she will meet him and says she will call him. Jack thanks her, saying he thinks Billie may be hiding something. Meanwhile, under a bridge in the park, Billie drinks heavily from her flask. The scene then shifts to...

Another area of the park, where Abby is sitting with Max, asking if he wants to get a bite to eat. Max shakes his head, saying he doesn't know why she would even want to be with him right now as he is a major downer. Abby says she knows he's going through a rough time and she is there for him. Max says he doesn't know what he would do without her. Without her, he would've fallen apart by now. Abby tells him she is just glad she forgave him and gave him another chance because it was truly worth it. Max says he is glad too or else he would be a worse mess right now.

Abby thinks their problems last year were a good thing as it made her realize how much she really cares about him. Abby then takes his hand and Max says he agrees. They both smile at each other. Abby then says she has an idea and tells Max she is going to make this day all about just enjoying each other and trying to move on. It's what Frankie would want. Max isn't sure but Abby insists he at least try. She pulls him up off the bench and drags him off, telling him to come on as the scene shifts to...

Steve, who is walking aimlessly through the park. Hope is walking up a path and sees Steve. She notices he is upset and asks if he is ok. Steve says he just wants to be alone. Hope asks if it's about Kayla. Steve gives her a cold look and Hope apologizes. It's none of her business. She says goodbye and begins to leave when Steve yells out that it is Kayla and they just had another fight. He admits that he thinks it's over. Hope tells Steve she is sorry. Steve points out they are both in the same boat. Hope nods, saying the future doesn't look so good for either of them and they deserve it. Steve agrees, wishing he had listened to Hope and just left the past alone.

Hope says there is nothing they can do but points out they may have had a chance of saving their marriages if Nicole had no interfered. Steve wishes they had no called her bluff. Hope agrees but says that Nicole was unreasonable and that she believes Nicole never cared if they did anything for her. She would've destroyed them anyway to prove her point that the Brady's are hypocrites. She hates all of them for the way she has been treated. Steve thinks someone needs to teach her a lesson, one that she will never forget. Hope agrees, saying she played with their lives and destroyed many others in the process, showing no remorse. Steve admits it won't be pretty if he ever finds Nicole. Hope agrees, saying she doesn't know what she would do to her if she saw her right now. The scene then shifts to...


Stephanie is with Kayla, who has told her about Steve's visit. Stephanie thinks she shouldn't leave from now on as she doesn't want Steve to keep upsetting
Kayla. Kayla says it's fine and adds she does have to talk to him eventually. She just can't deal with it right now. Stephanie asks if that means Kayla wants to work things out. Kayla shakes her head, saying she has no clue what she is going to do. Stephanie thinks she shouldn't as she doesn't even consider Steve her father anymore. Kayla urges her not to think that way. He will always be her father and people make mistakes. Stephanie emphasizes this was a BIG mistake. Kayla nods, saying if she continues to feel the way she does right now, she thinks Steve and her will be through...for good. Kayla then turns toward the window and looks out it, wiping away tears as the scene fades to black.




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I know that it's a soap opera but sometimes soap operas immitate real life. With that said, if Nicole really wants to escape the country...maybe she should change her look and take a bus to Mexico.

I love how you have Carly in your series. When I was younger, she was my all time favorite DAYS character. It sucked what they did to her character just to bring back Billie. Then again how could Bo love two coma stricken, memory lossed wives?

Poor Kayla! I really do feel for her.

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