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Casting News

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The biggest, baddest, witch of Point Palace is back! Lorena Chacon reprises her role as the evil Nan Sheridan. Last seen during the Gala Explosion, Nan's character was supposed to be brought back in a huge way, says Point Palace creator Matt Politylo.

"First off it's Nan Sheridan. Second she's capable of anything. What a way to come back to start up the ongoing war that she has had with her nemesis Blake Hammerton (Daniel Cosgrove). Blake isn't going to be the only vendetta that Nan wants to go up against. Later in the season, we'll see a Jenny (Geneva Hyman) versus Nan storyplot."

The cast list has been set but another character from Season 4 is leaving the campus. Deborah Zoe who started playing soap opera actress C.C. Chastity in Season 3 just taped her last episode. It has been revealed that C.C.'s character was the one who killed Nick (Mike Dietz) from Season 4. Zoe and the show left on good terms with the possibility of a return in the future.

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