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Episode 13



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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It is an average day in Springfield and no one is aware of the horrible news about to hit!

Towers: Bill and Ava are eating, "So Ava, how is it working at Spaulding?"

"Well I like it. The money's good and I kind of like being a part in this big buisness."

"Like mother like daughter."

Ava looks down at her plate.

"Oh, sorry Ava. That didn't come out the way I planned. I just can't believe you're Olivia's child. I guess it just takes some getting used to."

"It's okay. I'm just worried about her."

"Is that why you brought me back to town?"

"Yes. I wanted to help you. And Emma."

Olivia walks up behind her with Josh, "If you really wanted to help your little sister you would stop flirting with her father." Ava turns and glares at her mother.

Bauer House: Mindy is sitting at the table with Rick, "You have no idea how much I've missed you guys."

"Well we've missed you too Mindy."

"So where's Beth?"

"She took the baby out."

"Oh. So is she okay?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Well she seems very clingy to the baby. I mean, I know about her and Alan. I've heard about the stuff that happened with you three. So you guys didn't know if you were the father?"

"No. But now we do."

"Yeah. So you had a paternity test? And it said you were the father?"

"Yes. Mindy why all the questions?"

"I'm just curious. I mean I'm sure you and Beth didn't want Alan raising this child."



"Beth thought that her and Alan were in love."

"And they weren't?"

"I mean, come on it's Alan. You know Beth deserves better."

"Yeah, but the paternity test helped her choose?"

"Mindy... I need to call Beth and check up, excuse me." Rick walks off leaving Mindy with her questions.

Beacon: Jeffrey is in his room with Reva, "Have you heard from her yet?"

"No. She won't return my calls."

"I knew we should have told her before."

"I know. I know. I just... I guess I didn't realize how serious you two were. I thought it was just a fling."

"Well that's how it started. But we were something, but then she left for her job in France and I never saw her again."

"Well now she hates me."

"She doesn't hate you Reva. She's confused and upset. She'll come around."

Jeffrey massages Reva's shoulders.

Cedars: Lizzie is having an appointment with Colin, "Dr. McCabe?"


"What have you been up to? Any girlfriends?"

"No Lizzie not at the moment. You seeing anyone?"

"No I've never been popular with the guys."

Colin laughs at her.

Lizzie looks over at him, "What?"

"Come on Lizzie, you're a young beautiful blonde woman. What guy wouldn't be all over you?"

"Well I guess psychopaths aren't always the best girlfriends. Neither are cancer patients."

"Hey don't talk like that. This might not be as big of a deal as we thought. But we do need to get started." Colin calls a nurse in.

Towers: Remy and Blake sit at a table, "Come on Remy. You're really getting on my nerves."

"Blake do you want to be safe or not? You're the one that insisted on eating out."

"Well I'm tired of being stuck in a stupid hotel room all day with you!"

"I'm sorry if I'm not fun enough for you Blake, but my job is supposed to be keeping you alive. Not watching soaps and gossiping about your friends."

"Hey, I saw you watching when I left the room. Besides, how do I know you're not one of the those cops who commits crimes just so he can solve them. I mean what if you're my stalker?"

"You're not worth it."

Blake grabs a glass of wine from the empty table next to them and pours it on Remy. She storms out and Remy follows after her.

Olivia is standing with Josh as she talks with her daughter, "So Ava, you look happy. How are you Bill?"

"I'm fine Olivia."

Ava rolls her eyes, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm on a date with Josh."

Josh tries to lighten the mood, "Hey Bill. You, me and your Dad need to go fishing some time."

Olivia doesn't let him hold her back, "So Bill, you're in town a few weeks and you're already sleeping with my daughter? Or did this start back when we were married?"

Ava stands up, "You know what I'm tired of you trying to control me."

"Well Ava, I'm tired of the way you talk to me."

Josh gets a phone call. "Olivia I need to go."

"Is it Cassie?"

"Yes I'm sorry."

"You know what, I don't mind. I'm not the jealous type anymore. Tell her I hope she gets better."

Josh kisses her and leaves.

Olivia sits down, "I guess it's just the three of us." Ava and Bill are uncomfortable.


Bauer House: Rick comes back in the kitchen, "Sorry about that. I had to check in with Beth."

"It's fine Rick. You're such a good husband and father."

"Well thanks. I try."

"Uh Rick. I heard you and Beth fighting the other night."

"We weren't fighting. We just had a disagreement about the baby."

"She didn't trust you. You're a doctor."

"Yeah well she was probably right."

"Rick I love Beth, but she doesn't need to treat you like that."

Rick goes to the fridge, "Like what?"

"Like you aren't a good father."

Rick starts making a snack, "She doesn't. We just disagree sometimes. Which I understand. I mean it's her daughter."

"It's your daughter too. Right?"

"Well... yes of course."

Mindy is very suspcious of Rick.

Ravenwood: Josh walks over to Cassie's doctor, "I heard there was news about Cassie. Is she okay?"

"Mr. Lewis. The news isn't good. We should sit." They sit down.

"What is going on?"

The doctor tries to explain to Josh, "The other day, Cassie was getting ready to leave, she wanted to surprise everyone. She had made great progress......"

Josh is confused, "But?"

"The nurses came back and she was throwing objects and screaming. She hurt one of our nurses, we had to hold her down. Unfortunatly we had to transfer her to the doctors in the San Cristobal."

"But I wasn't informed."

"Well she was a problem of the state. We had to do this on our own."

"Wait what do you mean 'was'?"

"Josh, there was a fire at that hospital. There was some sort of electrical problem and the East Wing was in flames in only a matter of minutes. The staff got as many patients out as they could but not all. They are still cleaning the place up, but Cassie didn't make it out. I'm sorry."

"Wait, she is strong. I mean she could have got out on her own."

"Josh, her actions were becoming dangerous and she continued to throw things and attack the nurses. They had to strap her down in the room."

"Oh my God!"Josh covers his mouth. He is shocked to have heard the tragic ending of Cassie's life.

Cedars: Lizzie is getting her stuff ready to leave, "Well that wasn't fun."

"Lizzie you didn't expect this to be fun did you?"

"No. Hey about that girlfriend problem. I am going to put my spare time into fixing it."

"What finding me a girlfriend?"

"Yes. You are cute, handsome, smart, sweet, pretty much the whole package. I'll find you someone."

"Don't you have anything better to do with your time? Maybe something more possible?"

"No." The two laugh.

Towers: Olivia is sitting with Bill and Ava. Olivia grabs a menu, "Well I'm going to order my drink."

Ava rolls her eyes, "Big shock there."

Olivia looks over, "What do you mean."

"Come on, isn't that how you got in this situation in the first place?"

"No. And I don't understand. What the hell are you talking about?"

Bill inturupts, "Lets not do this now."

"No Bill, Olivia needs to hear this. You're drinking lead to Emma getting kidnapped."

"How dare you!"

"You are in denial!"

"You know what I'm leaving." Olivia gets up.

Ava follows her to elevator, "At least Emma has a parent that can take care of her now."

"You know what Ava, maybe you shouldn't talk about things that you don't understand."

"Well, maybe you should stick around maybe you can get that drink to go."

Olivia slaps her daughter, "You shut your mouth!"

Bill walks over, "Hey that's enough! Olivia I think you should leave."

The door opens. Olivia steps in the elevator, "This isn't over." The door closes. Bill and Ava head back to the table.

Company: Julie walks in with Matt, "So what is there to do around here now?"

Matt walks in, "Well I guess this place is still pretty good."

Julie goes over to a table, "So do you talk to Dylan much?"

"No. Not really why?"

"Just curious. I thought I might go say hi."

"Well I think he is staying at Harley's."

"Oh. Well I have no one to hang with. Tony's still on his honeymoon with her."

"You mean Dinah."

"Yeah whatever. The wedding was nice. Hey who were the bridesmaids?"

"Uh, Harley, Olivia, and Marina."

"Marina? That was Marina!? I can't believe that. She has grown up so much! I thought maybe that was a young girlfriend of Frank's."

"Actually I don't think Frank has been with anyone in a while."

"What? That's odd. To bad about him and Eleni."

"Yeah... So how long are you in town?"

"I don't know. I guess we'll see how things go."

Matt is curious about Julie.

Cedars: Colin walks Lizzie to the hallway, "Well I hope you feel better."

"You going home yet Dr. McCabe?"

"No. Someone is supposed to drop off some food for the patients and I'm gonna help organize."

"Have fun." She shakes his hand, "Thanks for keeping this thing a secret. I don't want anyone to know."

Lizzie leaves.

Ashlee is behind the door holding Company bags. She heard the conversation.

Colin sees her, "Oh is that for the hospital?"

"Oh yes. Here." She hands him the food. He take it in the other room. Ashlee quickly walks out of the hospital.

The Beacon: Jeffrey and Reva are making out on the couch when the phone rings, Jeffrey answers it, "Hello? Oh hey Josh..... What?...... When did...... Oh God! Damn it!" Jeffrey hits his hand into the wall. Reva is alarmed. Jeffrey gets back to the phone, "Yeah I'll tell her. I'm sorry. Josh....... Yeah bye."

Reva walks over, "What is it? What happened? Is it Marah?"

Jeffrey sits her down and tells Reva about Cassie's tragic death. Reva stands up, "No! No! Cassie's strong I mean.... God Jeffrey stop it!" Jeffrey grabs her. She breaks down in his arms.


Springfield mourns Cassie

Dinah isn't to happy with Julie's return

Jeffrey surprises Josh about Cassie's problems

RJ isn't taking this very well

Natalia tries to bring out the good in Alan

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