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#59 Tuesday, November 20th (delayed episode)



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#59 Tuesday, November 20th (delayed episode)

Short opening credits video (might load slow): http://www.veoh.com/videos/v1539150TT54jSTW

Anna is standing in the door of Yvette's office, shocked at what she just heard.


Anna: What is going on here?


Yvette: It's nothing, it just has to do a business decision and Ms. Lightner here didn't see eye to eye with me.

Anna: I know what I heard, Yvette and I want an explanation.


Cassandra: I'll be very glad to give it to you.

Yvette: Don't you dare.

Cassandra: Don't you think it's time this whole thing just comes out, I mean we've gone round and round,

There's no point in continuing to try and hide it.

Yvette: If you have one ounce decency, you will leave right now.

Anna: She said something about Andrew and a child, I want to know what it is.

Cassandra: And you're gonna find out right now. What did you know about your husband's past?

Anna: I knew everything, he told all there was to know.

Cassandra: Hmmm, everything? Are you sure? How about the little detail about how he married me

and we had a son?

Anna: What?

Cassandra: I can see you're visably shocked, but still have a glimmer of denial in your eye.

Anna: Is this some sort of sick joke?

Cassandra: Oh, it's not and I'm about to tell the rest of this story. We were newlyweds and his job

as a salesman kept him on the road, but he'd always manage to write and visit as much as he could.

Then all of the sudden, the visits stopped and the letters shortly after. I guess that's when

he met you.s

Anna: Andrew would never do something like that, he wouldn't abandon a wife and child.

He wasn't that sort of man.

Cassandra: Well, that's precisely what he did. Fortunately, my son turned out well in spite of the circumstances.

Anna: Wait a minute? Is George Lightner your son?

Cassandra: Yes.

Anna: I need to have a minute alone.

Anna leaves the office.

Yvette: I hope you're happy with yourself, Cassandra.

Yvette goes after Anna.



At Lynette's house, Jim as at the door with his bags. Lynette lets him in.


Lynette: Does this mean what I think it means?


Jim: I'm ready to move back in.

Lynette: So you think we've had enough time apart?

Jim: That and the fact that the holidays are coming up and I didn't want to be away from you and the kids.

Lynette: I'm really glad you have decided to come back. I'd hate for you to be in some hotel over the holidays.

Jim: I think we do our best bonding during this time of year, so I think it would be good for us.

Lynette: Maybe so.

Jim: I know that I've been a little difficult these past few months. I hope that hasn't really changed the

way you feel about me.

Lynette: Of course not.

Jim: I'm thankful for that. And listen, if you still think we need marriage counseling, I'm willing to give it a try, just for you.

Lynette: I think that's a good idea.

Jim: We can make an appointment with Dr. Roosevelt after the holiday.

Lynette: Um, We'll be getting a new counselor.

Jim: Well, why, I thought you went to Dr. Roosevelt because he's one of the best in the state?

Lynette: (nervous) I feel that another doctor might suit our needs better.

Jim: If you think this will help us, then I'm all for it.

Jim is looking a little puzzled as to why Lynette is switching doctors.



Jim goes to Greg's office.

Jim: Dr. Roosevelt?


Greg: Jim, what brings you here?

Jim: Lynette told me she was switching doctors.

Greg: Yeah, she thinks that you two need a different kind of therepy.

Jim: I'm asking you because when she told me about it, she seemed a little nervous, like there was a problem.

Greg: Really?

Jim: I was just wondering if there was another reason for the decision.

Greg: Not at all, I just thought another therapist could better handle this situation.

Jim: I thought Lynette made the decision.

Greg: (nervous) Uh, yes she did, but it was my suggestion.

Jim: First Lynette acted strange when she talked about this, now you're acting nervous like there is something to hide.

What exactly is the problem here?

Greg: I've counseled a lot of couples and I've seen some seek the help of other therapists.

Jim: You've been counseling her since our separation, has she said anything to you that would

suggest she's not as committed to making this work as I am?

Greg: That's something you'd have to talk with your wife about.

Jim: I have talked to her, but the past couple of times I've seen here, she's been a little on edge.

Greg: She's had a hard time, so I assume she's trying to sort out all of her feelings.

Jim takes notice at the comment and looks a little concerned.

Jim: Sort out all of her feelings? What does that mean?

Greg: It's just shrink talk, you have nothing to worry about

Jim is still looking concerned.

Jim: Um, thanks for your time.

Greg: Sure.

Jim leaves, looking baffled. Greg breathes deeply as he realizes that Jim might sense something.



Later on, Cassandra has returned to her office at Lightner and finds George waiting for her. He's holding the newspaper.


George: Why is it that I didn't know about what is in this paper?

Cassandra: I never felt the need to tell you.

George: I am the co-CEO of this company, Mother. This office has been inundated with calls from investors

who are not sure they want to keep investing.

Cassandra: Yvette McGregor's the one who got all this stuff printed up, blame her.

George: What?

Cassandra: She thought she would one up me, but I one upped her right back.

George: What did you do?

Cassandra: I told the truth to Anna McGregor.

George: You did what? Do you realize you just destroyed our plan?

Cassandra: I was angry.

George: Well, luckily I have a plan B.

Cassandra: What would that be?

George: I'd prefer not to tell you the details, I don't want this plan ruined.

Cassandra: It had better work.

George: Oh, believe me, it will. By next week, Lightner will be the biggest corporation in the Midwest.

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Another good episode. I wonder what Anna is going to do now. I see things are heating up between Lynette and Jim and Greg. Can't wait for the next episode

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