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#58 Monday, November 19th (delayed episode)



#58 Monday, November 19th delayed episode

In morning, at the hospital, Cody is preparing to be released.


Carol: As soon as the doctor brings your discharge papers, we are out of here.


Cody: I can't wait.

Cody looks up at the television and sees a news report.

Cody: Mom, turn that up, please.

Carol turns up the television.

News Anchor: A bizarre story coming out of the mountain woods area. A report of a gunshot lead police to

a compound that appears to have been recently occupied by mob boss B.P. Charles, who was thought to have been deceased. The story takes an even stranger turn as the police have reportedly pulled the body of Charles out of the local river. The feds have seized a large amount of files, that could lead to a dragnet of arrest of local officials thought to have been helping Charles.

Norm comes into the hospital room.


Norm: Cody, you're awake.

He hugs Cody

Norm: I'm relieved you're all right now. You are all right?

Cody: I'm fine, the doctor says I've made a speedy recovery

Carol: Where have you been? We haven't seen you since yesterday?

Norm: It's a long story, a long one.

Carol: All right.

Norm: It turns out what happened to Cody was no accident.

Cody: I didn't think it was.

Carol: Oh, my god.

Norm: It turns out that B.P. Charles faked the whole shooting just to get revenge.

Carol: That is insane. But how did he end up in the river?

Norm: He pulled a gun on me trying to escape and he ended up losing his balance and falling off a cliff.

Cody: Dang, that sounds like some action movie.

Carol: How on earth did you find out where he was at?

Norm: It took a lot of digging, but I found it with Wilkins' help.

Carol: Well, maybe now this is all over, we can get a little peace.

Norm: Hopefully. The cops still want to talk to me some more since I was there when he fell, but

other than that, there's no other problems.

Dr. Claiborne comes in with the discharge papers.


Dr. Claiborne: Here you go, just sign here and it's all done.

Carol signs the paper and hands it back to the doctor.

Carol: Thank you, Doctor.

Dr. Claiborne: Sure.

The doctor leaves.

Carol: Well, that's it, we can leave.

Cody: Good, I was getting sick of this place.

They all leave the hospital room




Cassandra is at her penthouse apartment, sitting at the breakfast table. She opens up the newspaper and sees an column titled "Who was behind the Silver Hills Savings and Loan failure?" and immediately starts to panic.


Cassandra: Oh, no.


A little later at McGregor, the board of directors meeting is getting underway.


Anna: I call this meeting to order. The purpose of this meeting is for us to select a contractor for the expansion project.

The investors have given us until 4:00 to make a decision. We have three contractors on the table, Lightner, Ellington and Greenwood.


Alma: I'd like to raise a concern about one of the prospective candidates.

Anna: Go ahead please.

Alma (board member): Well, in today's Daily Business Runner there's a column that links Lightner Corporation's co-CEO to the failure of a savings and loan in California.


Estelle: That doesn't sound good.

Leonard (board member): I read that article and it all looks like speculation.

Evelyn (board member): I agree.

Alden (board member): But what if it isn't? We don't need any scandal.

Estelle: This whole project has gone off without a hitch, something like this could set up back.

Leonard: Look, Lightner has the best deal and we want to avoid going over the budget. If we run

over, all hell is just gonna break loose.

Alma: What you are missing is the fact that all hell could break loose if we get caught up with a company accused of malfeasance.

Estelle: We are just going to have come up with a solution for the cost overruns. What do you think, Anna?

Anna: The allegations in that article are a bit troubling, but are just speculation.

Alma: I know how I'm going to vote.

Leonard: Let's just take the vote and get this over with.


Across the hall, Cassandra abruptly walks into Yvette's office holding the newspaper.

Cassandra: I assume you're behind what was in the newspaper this morning.


Yvette: You assumed right.

Cassandra: You could be putting my company in danger of being disgraced.

Yvette: It's not my fault you made poor business decisions.

Cassandra: You didn't have to air all this for the whole world to see.

Yvette: This is just a warning, if you don't back off it's going to be worse.

Cassandra: Oh, please.

Yvette: You think I'm kidding? I have more information that I held back on about,

information that would really sink you.

Cassandra: You know what, I'm real tempted to just let the truth about your father out for all the world to here.

Yvette: You do it and you'll be sorry.

Cassandra: I'm not afraid of you, dear.

In the boardroom, Anna can hear Yvette and Cassandra arguing.

Anna: What on earth is going on? Excuse me for a minute.

Anna get up and goes across the hall to Yvette's office.

Yvette: This has gone far enough, why don't you just move on?

Cassandra: Your father put me through hell, abandoning me when I had his son, that is something I cannot forget.

Anna: What?!

Yvette: Oh, my god, Mother.

Yvette looks terrified as Anna stands in the door with a shocked expression. Fade to black.

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OMG !! NICE JOB REDD> THIS has beena long time coming. This was one of your most faster paced episodes. I was not expecting the ending. Loved all the business aspect of this episode. I see it's a woman's world on that board. It's was also nice to finally see Yvette doing something to make good on some of her threats. But now Anna knows the truth. I can't wait to see what happens next. VERY GOOD EPISODE REDD!!!

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