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Episode 10



Thankgiving in Springfield and everyone is celebrating with their families

Cross Creek: Billy and Vanessa are throwing the party, "Oh Billy. I am so glad that Reva let us get things ready while she was gone."

Billy gets the table ready, "I just hope she is pleased when she gets here."

The doorbell rings, Billy answers it, "Hey Little Brother!" Josh walks in, "Hey Billy! Happy Thanksgiving!"

"You too!" Billy goes to close the door behind him, the door is pushed into him. Emma comes running in. Olivia follows, "Hey Billy!"

Billy rolls his eyes and walks off.

Olivia hangs the coats when Reva walks in, "Hey everyone!" She sees Olivia, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here with Josh."

Marah walks in, "Oh hey Olivia. Mother."

Reva hugs her daughter. Marah is trying to hide her anger towards her mother.

Company: Cyrus and Marina are setting the table, "Cyrus! This is your first Thankgiving here!"

"Yes well any holiday that you get to eat food is fine by me!"

Buzz walks over, "Well I need you two to help me get ready and stop kissing in the middle of the room!"

Harley and Susan walk in. Harley is excited, "Hey! We're here!"

Marina hugs Harley. She grabs Susan by the hand, "Cyrus this is my cousin Susan. Susan this is Cyrus."

Susan looks down, "Hey."

Cyrus shakes her hand, "Haven't I seen you around town?"

"Uh, no I don't get out much."

Susan tries to stay away from him the rest of the evening.

Spaulding Mansion: Alan is sitting at the table, "Where is everyone?"

Alexandra walks down, "I'm here Alan. Calm down."

"Well no offense Alexandra but I was hoping to see more people."

Lizzie walks in, "What about me?"

"Elizabeth. You look great!"


Gus and Natalia come down. Alan gets up. The two men each go to pull out her chair, "I got it Al."

"No problem Gus." Alan takes his seat.

Natalia sits, "Thank you Gus."

"So what took you guys so long?"

Gus is annoyed.

Cross Creek: Josh is playing with Emma in the backyard while Olivia watches. Josh is throwing her in the leaves. The family calls them in. Emma stays, "I don't want to go."

Olivia agrees, "Okay, I am going to let you stay 5 more minutes.

Olivia goes in.

Later she walks out, "Emma? Emma?" Olivia is frightened, "No, not again. Emma! EMMA!" She is running. She turns to the side of the cabin. She sees Emma with a man. She is shocked when she realizes who he is, "Oh my God! Bill?"

"Hey Olivia."

"When did you get here."

"Just now. I'm here for my sister's wedding. And to see my little girl. She needs me now more than ever."

Olivia is overwheled.

Cedars: Beth and Rick are holding the baby, "Oh Rick she is so beautiful."

"I know. I can't believe how lucky we are!"

"So what will we name her."

"Well, I want a family name. A name that really means something to the family."

Beth smiles, "I like that idea. What about your mother?"

"She doesn't look like a Leslie."

"Well what about your grandmother?"

"Bertha? Isn't that kind of odd for a child?"

"I think it's cute. Baby Bertha Bauer."

Rick kisses his girls.


Cross Creek: The family is sitting around the table. Everyone seems happy. Reva takes the lovley moment to make a speech, "Everyone I want to say something. I left town hoping that this place would be standing when I came back. But I see that things are incredible." She looks at Vanessa and Billy, "You two bring the life back into this place. This is a family home where we need love. I want to give it love. I want to give it to you."

Billy is confused, "What?"

"I want you two to have Cross Creek."

Vanessa is baffled, "Are you going to stay Reva?"

"I have a place for me. But Marah still lives here. This should be a house for the Lewises not just me."

Vanessa and Billy stand up, "Thank you Reva."

Reva hugs them then sits. She looks at Josh, "No hard feelings Bud?"

"No Reva, I think you are a great friend. And still a terrific Mom. Right Marah." He looks at his daughter.

Marah stands up, "I need to go. By Daddy." She gives him a kiss and runs off.

Reva goes after her.

Company: The family is saying what they are thankful for. Buzz is standing, "I am thankful for each and every one of you. You guys make my life worth living."

Harley goes next, "I am thankful for my little boys, my father, siblings, neice, and my daughter who I am so glad to have back!" She hugs Susan.

Susan goes, "Uh well...... I am thankful to be home with you guys. I missed ya."

Cyrus goes next, "I am so thankful to be here with Marina and her family and to have a life where I don't feel like I should be worried that I am in trouble."

Cyrus and Marina kiss.

Susan sends a text message that reads, I'm here with them right now!

Spaulding Mansion: Alan is looking around at his family, "So Elizabeth, how are your mother and the baby?"

Lizzie puts her plate down, "They are happy Granddad. They are fine as long as no one ruins that."

Alan looks over at Natalia, "I am so glad that you stayed with us."

Gus looks over at Alan, "Don't push it. She is going to stay here as long as you don't bother her."

"I haven't done anything right Natalia?" She just stares at her plate.

Gus notices the tension, "What is it? Did you do or say something to her."

Natalia quickly stops Gus, "No."

Alan gets defensive, "Of course not!"

"Then what is going on?" Gus looks at them both.

Alex finally catches on to Alan and Natalia.

Cross Creek: Marah is at the door to leave. Reva runs after her. "Marah what is wrong?"

"You know Mom, everyone is talking about what a great friend and mother you are. I'm sick of it!"

"Honey all I did was give Cross Creek to Vanessa and Billy. You are welcome to stay here."

"Please! You only gave it to them so you could stay with Jeffrey." Reva is surprised.

Marah looks at her in disgust, "Yep. That's my Mom. The Slut of Springfield! I hope you're proud." Marah storms out. Reva is left standing at the door.

Cedars: Beth and Rick are getting their bags together, "Oh Rick, we will get home in time to have dinner with everyone."

Rick comes over with a bag, "Yeah, it should be fun."

"You know I love this. You, me, Mom, Lizzie, James, Jude, Leah, Bertha, we are all one big family. And now no one can tear us apart."

Rick kisses his wife and they walk out. They bump into a women in the hallway. Rick apoligizes. Then they are in shock when they see her face, "Oh! Mindy!"

Mindy Lewis is standing with a balloon that says It's A Girl!


Mallet and Dinah say I do

Mallet and Dinah get a great gift

Mallet gets a visit

Mindy has an uncomfortable moment with Rick and Beth

Susan's partner is revealed!

Vanessa gets a surprise from Billy

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This was a great holiday themed episode!!

It had it all:families getting together,loved ones coming home and tension in the family.

A good nod to the history of GL by naming the baby Bertha.

Bill and Mindy are two of my favorite characters.

Good Job!

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