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Breaking News...Cuts To Happen



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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According the Executive Producer Terry, there will be several cuts so we can lower the roster and give the viewers a more balance show. Terry confirms Several will be involved in the mob Story and that 3 deaths will come really shocking but will give Days Of Night some great episode. He also confirms that 1 supercouple will be heading out of Salem and its not Bo and Hope. Terry says, for all the bo and hope fans worried that they will be going soon, don't worry They are safe and will be involved in the mob story and coming in december will get there very own story.

EP Terry also confirms that they are working to try and get Ellen Davidson back as Kristen DiMera for a huge story involving John and the mob. When we asked Ellen about this, she denies ever being approached by Days Of Night but if they ever call me, i would love to come back as Kristen if given the right story, I have always love playing Kristen.


Nathan Towry will be out as Dr. Alan Rebert when his kidnapping of Chelsea comes to an end at the end of this month.

LeAnn Hunley will be out as Anna DiMera come late December

Francis Reid will be leaving as Alice Horton when she decided to retire from her role on Days.


Steve Burton will be coming to Days of Night as a Serect Assasin hired by Trent Becker. Steve's character is unknown right now but rumor his character will be a love interest for Billie. Airdate is unknown for the time being.

Julie Berman plays Rachel Stockton whom she comes to Salem calming Steve is her father.

Bradford Anderson plays a computer nerd hired by Trent Becker, first airtime is November 28

Sebastian Roché comes in as Lawrence Alamain but with plastic surgery, his first airdate is December 20


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