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Episode 4-11/9/07 Mormax Hover near Death





At the Sorority house, Jeremy continues to pound on the sorority door convincing Steph, he was only helping Ashley because someone attacked her but its no use, Stephanie can't hear Jeremy because she is knocked out cold and the rapist is having sex with her. Up in Stephanie's room, the rapist continues to go at it. The rapist says, " you will be #10 of my victims." Outside, Jeremy still worrying about Stephanie but then Cordi comes up and wants to know what Jeremy is doing.

Cordi: Who are you, why are you bagging on my door
Jeremy: My name is Jeremy and I am Stephanie's boyfriend
Cordi: so your the bastard who dumped her
Jeremy: I didn't want to but I had to because i wanted to protect her
Cordi: From what
Jeremy: The truth is, i really got into trouble with the law and i didn't want to get her into it
Cordi: Oh, that makes sense

Inside up in Stephanie's room, Stephanie begins to wake up and notices someone on top of her. She trys to push them off but it doesn't work.

Stephanie says, " get off me."
Stalker says, " no use to struggle, you want me and you know it."

Jeremy hears her scream and runs toward the door and busts it down. Jeremy then heads up stairs and into Stephanie's room, he is shocked to see what he finds. Jeremy finds the rapist on top of Stephanie, he gets furious and screams "what the hell are you doing on top my girlfriend."

The rapist says, " Who are you."
(Jeremy grabs the rapist off of Stephanie)
Jeremy says, " I'm here boyfriend bitch."

Jeremy punches the rapist and he goes flying onto a table. Jeremy rips off his mask and Stephanie/Cordi are both shocked to see it is Ford Decker. Then while Stephanie lays on the bed, she begins seeing flashbacks of her at a Bar talking to Ford, then making out with him and then has a flashback of her in bed and Ford being rough with her. Then out of nowhere, Stephanie screams to Ford, " you bastard...you raped me." Jeremy gets me furious and when he walks toward's Ford, Ford whips out a knife and slashes Jeremy on the arm and takes off running with Jeremy following behind but it know use, Jeremy loses him when he gets outside of the sorority house.


At the Brady Pub

Hope and Belle are seating down to a nice lunch discussing Life, work, School and Shawn. Hope brings up the night Belle slept with Philip behind Shawn's back but Belle quickly shuts her down and doesn't want to discuss it but Hope doesn't give up that easy.

Hope: No Honey, We need to get this out in the open or many lives with be worried including yours
Belle: I love Shawn and that is all that matters
Hope: Did you love him when you had sex with Philip
Belle: That night, philip forced me...
Hope: you mean, he raped you
Belle: No, we were talking and we both felled into temptation
Hope: yea that does happen but you could have made yourself stop
Belle: I know and it was very immature of me
Hope: So what are you going to do
Belle: Do What...
Hope: Ummm, tell Shawn
Belle: I was hoping we could keep that a secret and keep it in the past
Hope: Belle, you know Secrets don't stay hidden forever. A good Strong marriage rely on honesty, Love and commitment and if you can't be honest to Shawn about what you did with Philip then I don't want you to marry my son and hurt him.

Belle Looks at Hope with a evil serious look, then a loud explosion comes from the back of the kitchen. Shawn comes out with a wield look, puts his hands up in the air and says, " lady and gentlemen, everything is going to be fine. The stove just attacked me and i stopped it."

Belle runs over to Shawn and gives him a hug and kiss, knowing he is alright. Shawn is happy to see Belle to but they Belle gives Shawn a lecture. " This is the reason why i don't want you to go into the police force against stuff that you could hurt you, I don't know what i would do if I ever lost the love of my life."

(Shawn just looks on and is thinking Ok) Belle and Shawn share a hug and Belle looks onto Hope who is giving Belle a look.


At The Salem Rec Center

At the Rec Center, Chloe and Shawn are hanging out playing some basketball or just plan old working out together. They are having fun but then Shawn and Chloe gets close while Shawn puts his arms around her to try and get the ball. Chloe looks over her shoulder and drops the ball.

Chloe picks the ball up and says, " I am so sorry." Shawn justs look at her and smiles. Chloe looks back and starts running towards him and screaming. Chloe gets up to his face and says, " why did you have to do that." Shawn again just looks at her funny.

Chloe: Why are you just looking at me, aren't you going to say something
(Shawn Continues to look at her)
Chloe: Helloooooo, can you here me
Shawn: I don't know what i did wrong
Chloe: you know dam well, what you did
(Shawn shakes his head)
Chloe: you put your arms around me
Shawn: thats it, we were playing basketball and i was trying to get the ball from you, whats the big deal
Chloe: Maybe because the truth is, i have deep feelings about you Shawn and i think you have the same for me
(Shawn in a state of shock just looks on)
Chloe: Thats why i got so, fuzzy inside when you had your arms around me
Shawn: really, you have feelings for me
Chloe: yea, i always had feelings for you Shawn

Shawn gets closer to Chloe and kisses her on the lips. Chloe just looks into Shawn's eyes and smiles, she then leans back in and kisses him.


OutSide Of Salem

Outside of Salem, Max continues to drive down the highway leaving Salem with Morgan scared out of her mind right in the next seat. Max still keeps looking in his rear view mirror to make sure noone isn't following them. Morgan reaches in her pocket and pulls her Cell out and begins to call her parents but Max sees Morgan begin to do so and quickly snatches her cell from her and closes it.

(Morgan looks on with her mouth open)

Morgan: Why did you do that
Max: Baby, I am sorry I did that but if you call anyone in Salem. Then it can lead to us getting caught to whoever is after us
Morgan: But, I was going to call my parents
Max: Doesn't matter, they probably have all the phones tapped like from my parent to yours
Morgan: but who is after us

(Max flashes back to the apartment gun shootout back at the apartment)

Max: My Father
Morgan: Who
Max: My deadbeat of a Dad, he use to beat me when i was a child
Morgan: awww, i am so sorry
Max: Thats ok, I am a better man then he is
Morgan: I know you are and I am sure you will get us out of this
Max: you got it, i will never let them harm you

(Morgan smiles at Max)

Morgan: But why is he after you

(Max flashes back to the apartment scene again)

Max: So I can take over the Family Business
Morgan: Which is
Max: The Mob

(Morgan looks on)

Max and Morgan continues to cruise down the highway in the mustang but then Morgan notices 3 black cars coming from the rear. Morgan gets nervous and starts to freak out.

Morgan: Max, I think we have a problem
Max: What, What kind of Problem
Morgan: They found us
Max: What, How could they
Morgan: I don't know but they are about to fire guns at us

Max trys to dodge the bullet but a couple hits the car. Max tells morgan if see can handle a gun but she just looks on confused.

Max: Well can you
Morgan: I suppose but i never shot a gun
Max: Its easy just aim and shoot
Morgan: Easy for you to say

(Max looks on smiling)

Morgan shoots off acouple of rounds but then Jason Zacchara pulls up with a bandage around his wounded leg.

Jason: for the last time pull over
Morgan: No, please just leave us alone
Jason: not until you guys come back with us
Morgan: but why
Jason: Max's father wants to see him
Max screams: You got a better chance of getting sex from Morgan

(Morgan looks on and slaps him)

Jason gets pissed off and says, " find if you don't want to come back, then I have orders to kill both of you." Jason sees a smart turn coming up ahead leading down to the ocean. Jason sticks his gun out of the window and shoots one of Max's tires. Max loses control while Jason and his men slows down. Max tries to put the breaks on but its no use before Max and Morgan could jump out of the car, its goes over the railing, over the edge and into the ocean.

Next time on Days Of Night

Max carries an unconscious morgan along the coast line
-Max: Help, someone
Bo and John investigates the explosion at Max's apartment
-Bo: Who did this
-John: The DiMeras
-Bo: This isn't the DiMeras playing field.
(Ej walks up)
-EJ: I know who did this
Nick arrives at the factory
-Nick: Chelsea, where are you
-Rebert: Don't Move Fallon or your girlfriend will be eaten alive
(Chelsea is over a tank of Sharks)
-Nick: Let her Go


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