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Episode 3: 11/8/07 Max and Morgan go on the run






At the Docks

When EJ was thrown over board, Rex Brady who is on EJ pay role sees EJ getting tossed in the water. Rex waits for Becker's mob to leave the scene and head down and save EJ. When they leave, Rex just sneaks down to the docks and jumps right in the water. He swims down to the very bottom to untie EJ from the cement blocks. Rex does untie Ej and help him to the top but he is unconscious, Rex gets him on shore and does CPR on EJ, it works. Rex saves EJ's life and swears that they are going to take down the other mob.

EJ: Thanks Rex, you been a great Help
Rex: Your my boss and I am loyal to you
EJ: Well, I appreciate it
Rex: What are you going to do now
EJ: What I do best, Kick some ass and prove Trent Becker that you don't mess with me or the DiMeras
Rex(smiles): Dam Right

Rex helps EJ off the ground and heads away from the docks to seek revenge on Trent Becker. Rex gives EJ a gun, EJ cocks the gun back and heads off.

Road to Max's House


Max is driving Morgan to his apartment, hoping that they will be safe and his place. Morgan is just scared and Max can see it in her eyes that she just wants to go home. Max takes his hand and gently strokes it on Morgan's cheek and says, " everything will be ok." Morgan shakes her head and says, " I know, everything is ok When i am with you." Max smiles at her and Morgan smiles back. Max arrives at his small apartment and says, " there she is, its nothing facy but probably will keep us safe on who ever is after else." I don't mind, says Morgan.

Morgan and Max gets inside of his place, Max offers Morgan a beer. They both chat on the couch and make out for alittle bit. Morgan is still upset and wants to know who is after them.

Morgan: Who was that guy
Max: I don't know, but who ever he was. I am going to kill him
Morgan: Yea but it just happened out of nowhere
(Max thinks about it and says, " you know what, that guy kinda look like a mobster.")
Morgan looks at Max with a shock look on her face and says, " What."

Morgan starts to freak out and says, " what does the mob want with me and you, we never done anything to them"(Morgan starts to cry.) Max comforts Morgan by giving her a hug, they share yet another close moment with a kiss but as soon as they kiss. They here gunfire coming from the front of the house and it is Trent's goons. Jason Zacchara says, " Max Brady come out or we won't hurt you." Max quickly goes into his room and pulls out a 45 handgun and breaks a window and fires at them.

Jason Zacchara says, " i warned you Maxwell, we just want to talk to you
Max screems, " about what"
Jason Zacchara says, " your father wants to see you"

(Max freezes and gets more angry because he hates his father with a passion)

Max says, " I don't want to here or see from my father again." Max fires his gun again and shoots Jason Zacchara in the leg, Jason goes down but not before he orders everyone to torch the apartment with cocktails. Max sees the cocktails are about to be lite, he grabs Morgan and they both head toward the back window. Morgan is afraid to jump but Max convinces her its ether a very bad painful sprain or being roasted and he says, " he prefer a sprain ankle." Max and Morgan are about to jump from the 2nd floor onto a car roof.

Max says, " I love you
Morgan says, " I love you too."

Just as Morgan and Max jump from the apartment, it explodes and pushes Max and Morgan away from the explosion. Max gets up and runs over to Morgan to see if she is ok.

Max screems, " what do these people want from us."
Morgan says, " I heard someone say something about your father."
Max says, " well, i didn't for all I am concerned. I don't have a father."

Just want Morgan was going to comfort Max, a police car pulls up and says from intercom, "Morgan Hollingsworth/Max Brady, you two are under arrest for car theft."

Max and Morgan gets scared and Max sees his neighbors mustang and says, " its our only hope because if we go with the cops, then those people will get us for sure."

Morgan agrees to get into the mustang, when they get in. Max says, " I am sorry about this and runs the cop down." Morgan with a shock look on her face says, " Max what did you do."

Max: It was nothing, he got back up anyways
Morgan: Thank goodness
Max: I know, we were lucky but i got bad news
Morgan: What
Max: We have to leave Salem for awhile
Morgan: you mean go on the run
Max: yea just for a little while
Morgan: Ok, i will go with you
Max: Thats my girl, I will protect you
Morgan: I know you will

Max drives the mustang out of Salem in hoping that Trent Becker's goons do not find him.

At Trent Becker's Mansion


Ej arrives at Becker's Mansion soak and wet but alone. Ej with a furious look on his face takes out too guards with a stealth kill. EJ rings the intercom at the frontdoor, Becker answers," Hello."

EJ: Hello, I am still here, you thought you thought you could kill me
Trent: EJ, what a wonderful surprise, seeing you here. Too bad you survived the little cement block stunt
EJ: You know me, I never back down from a challenge
Trent: I am confused, who challenged you
EJ: I think you know who challenged me, it was you and Johnny Brasco
Trent: Too bad, he couldn't finish you off when he had the chance, i guess I will have to talk to him
EJ: it wasn't him, don't you know that i am hard to kill
Trent: Well Ej, i guess I will have to try a little harder
EJ: You try that but now its your turn
Trent: Oh really, if you kill me then you will never know where Samantha is
EJ: What are you talking about
Trent: I kidnapped her

(A shooter hired by Trent lines up his scope with EJ, as a tv monitor lowers. The shooter gets ready to shoot, a message comes across the screen, I got some tricks up my sleeves. A animated video of EJ getting shot appears and a gun fires taking EJ down)

Trent Becker sits in his chair in the mansion laughing, see ya EJ.

At the Sorority House

Jeremy returns to Salem and stops by the sorority house to see Stephanie. When he goes up to the front door, he knocks on the door but noone answers. Jeremy says, " come on Steph, i know you home." Jeremy begins walking away from the door and then he notices something in the bushes. He slowly walks over near the bushes and notices Ashley in the bush half naked and beaten pretty badly. Jeremy quickly helps her up and sits her on a bench and trys to get an answer out of her.

Ashley is scared of Jeremy because she has not ment him.

Jeremy says, " he is Stephanie's ex boyfriend."
Ashley says, " I feel better that you are here now."
Jeremy says," who did this too you."

(Ashley Flashes back to her date with Ford at Radius but says she doesn't know and that she can't remember)

Jeremy says, " we need to get you to the hospital"
Ashley jumps and says, " no please, i don't want people to know I was Raped."
Jeremy says, " its for your own good, who ever did this to you, could do it again."
Ashley says, " They won't if you are there with me."
Jeremy says, " just let me call my dad, he is a doctor."

Ashley Agrees to have Jeremy call his Dad Mike but when he flips his Cell on, Ashley lands a kiss on Jeremy. While Ashley and Jeremy are sharing a kiss, Stephanie walks upon them Shocked and says, " Jeremy."

Jeremy trys to explain everything but she runs into the house crying, slamming the door in his face. Jeremy looks at Ashley and just Sighs.

Inside of the sorority house, Stephanie goes to her room crying saying, " why do all men leave me." Then Stephanie has another flashback of a guy hitting her across the face and once again choking her. Stephanie starts to cry more on her bed but unknowing someone is hiding in her closet waiting for a perfect time to get to her. Stephanie then heads into the bathroom to find something to stop these flashbacks. She goes into the medicine cabinet and takes what is left of sleeping pills. She staggers over to her bed but passes out before she can get to her bed and lay down. Then the rapist comes out of the closet and picks Stephanie up, puts her on her bed and starts taking her clothes off.

Over at Bo and Hope's House

Nick comes running to Bo's door knocking like there is no tomorrow. Bo opens the door and Nick rushes in saying that Chelsea has been kidnapped. Hope hears and comes in saying, " who was kidnapped."

Nick: Chelsea was, someone abducted her outside of the campus
Bo: Who would kidnapped her
Nick: She called me or her kidnapper did and Chelsea at the end said REBERT really fast
Hope: Whoa, who is Rebert?
Nick: He is my ex boss that almost raped Chelsea back in February
Bo: and he is back why
Nick: we got him fired because we turned him in for what he did
Hope: We have to do something to find Chelsea
Nick: I know but what
Bo: I am going to put together a search team to search Salem every inch
Nick: i thought you had to have a 24 hr period
Bo: you do but it helps that I am on the Salem PD and plus Chelsea is my daughter, i am not going to rest until she is found.

Outside of the Brady home Johnny Brasco stands outside looking in at Bo and Hope. He is ordered to kidnap Ciara ordered by Trent Becker.

Back inside the Brady pub, Hope begins to feed Ciara and trying to find a way to find Chelsea. Then Nick gets a call on his cell and its from Dr Rebert.

Rebert: Nick, long time
Nick: where is Chelsea
Rebert: see i can't tell you, because if i need, the game wouldn't be that much fun
Nick: you are sick you know that
Rebert: watch what you say or i will kill your beautiful girlfriend.

(Rebert puts Chelsea on the line and she is crying with tape over her mouth)

Nick: Chelsea, where are you
Rebert: That was chelsea, now u do what i say and she lives
Nick: What do you want me to do
Rebert: Meet me at an old factory on the street of 554 watermouth street salem USA and Chelsea will be there but come alone
Nick: why alone
Rebert: just because and if you bring cops well she will be dead
Nick: you kill her and you will be the one is will be begging for me to stop hurting you
Rebert: oh wrong answer

(Rebert fires a gun and Nick goes berzerk screaming Chelsea, No and he hangs the phone up. Rebert talks to Chelsea he really thought i killed you)

Nick goes running out of the house to the factory, Bo follows. Which leads Hope and Ciara all alone with Johnny Brasco. Johnny looks in the window and says, " here play time."

Next time on Days Of Night

Ford and Jeremy gets into a Fight
-Jeremy: What the hell are you doing on top of my girlfriend
-Ford: Who are you
-Jeremy: I am her boyfriend bitch
(Jeremy punches Ford)
Chloe and Shawn get Close
-Chloe: The truth is, I have always loved you Shawn
-Shawn: Really
Chloe: Yea
(Shawn and Chloe Kiss)
Max and Morgan goes off a Cliff
-Morgan: Max
-Max: What
-Morgan: They found us
-Max: What but How
(Johnny Brasco shoots Max's tire and Max slides and the car goes off a cliff)


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