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Original airdate: 08/27/07

Written by: Steve Ungrey


In a direct pickup from Friday’s Episode 30, we are back at the hospital as Mike hears from Patrick that Alana is upstairs in neurology having tests done. Taylor is getting misty-eyed as Patrick tells Mike the news.

MIKE: Patrick, did she have a stroke? (Pause) Is she going to… die?

PATRICK: Not if I can damn well help it. (Turns and sees Taylor) Relax, both of you. Alana is in great hands.

MIKE: You didn’t answer my question.

PATRICK: What ques – oh, a stroke. No, this isn’t anything stroke-related. She doesn’t have a brain tumor, and she’s not suffering from anything neurological.

MIKE: (Losing patience, he raises his voice) Then why the hell is she upstairs?

PATRICK: Because I’m having her checked out for meningitis.

Taylor audibly gasps behind Patrick.

TAYLOR: Meningitis? She didn’t appear that sick earlier this morning!

PATRICK: You know from your nursing studies. Meningitis can be a sudden-onset sickness. There is some good news here. I’m pretty sure Alana has the viral form of meningitis and not the bacterial form, which means her symptoms will be less severe and the chances for a full recovery are close to 100 percent.

MIKE: You act as if there could be complications.

PATRICK: There could be. We have got to get her fever down. She was above 105 up in neurology. If the fever stays at that level for a prolonged period, it could cause neurological complications, even brain damage.

TAYLOR: (Shaking) You can’t let that happen, Patrick.

PATRICK: (Looks in Taylor’s face) Look at me, Taylor. (Shakes her shoulders) Look at me! I’m bound and determined to save her from that. She’s not going to have anything happen like that on my watch. (Turns back to Mike) I just have to prepare you for a worst-case scenario. The odds are she’ll make the full recovery. Once Dr. Kellman confirms my diagnosis, we start the antibiotic treatment.

Patrick looks at Mike and Taylor, who are slowly grasping how sick Alana might be but also hopeful that she got back to the hospital in time. The music plays as the scene changes.

CUT TO: The front office at Martin Enterprises

The other direct pickup is at Jack’s office, where we see Jack coming out to greet his first interview of the day – Donna Morgan, Nick’s mystery woman from the bar in Washington.

JACK: Donna Morgan! Welcome to Somerset!

DONNA: (Extends hand) Thanks, Mr. Martin. It’s a pleasure to be here.

JACK: Did you find the office with no problem?

DONNA: I did a dry run when I arrived in Somerset last night. I’m just down the street at the Somerset Inn, as it turns out.

JACK: A great place to stay. Would you like coffee before we go inside?

DONNA: Please.

JACK: All right. Joanne, can we get a pot of coffee in my office?

JOANNE: Right away, Jack. (Gets up and heads for the kitchen area)

JACK: Right this way, Donna.

The two make their way into Jack’s office as we hear the opening part of the Somerset theme.

We see an overhead shot of downtown, with the camera slowly pulling away from the buildings. The Somerset logo pops on the screen and goes into position at the center.

This… is Somerset. Part 1 of Somerset is brought to you today by Gleem, the toothpaste for adults. Fights cavities and freshens adult bad breath… and by Sure, the only deodorant that leaves you clean and dry all day. We’re Sure.


In Jack’s office at Martin Enterprises, Jack motions Donna to have a seat. She sets her briefcase on the floor by the chair.

JACK: I should add that I don’t make my personal assistant get me coffee all the time like that.

DONNA: (Holds up a hand) I know. She and I were talking out there before you came out and it sounds like she absolutely loves working for you.

JACK: Well, let me look at your resume once again. I was quite impressed by what I saw the first time around…

DONNA: Thank you, Mr. Martin, I appreciate that.

JACK: I should add one thing… I’m not much for formality, even though I may be the CEO of this company. Please call me Jack, it will put you at ease.

DONNA: Okay – Jack. I must admit to being a bit nervous meeting you. Martin Enterprises does carry a bit of weight around Washington. At least, it did when I worked at my previous employer.

JACK: (Scans resume) You attended the University of Florida?

DONNA: (Does a brief cheer as Jack laughs) Go Gators! (Pause) Sorry. You can tell I wasn’t a cheerleader in high school.

JACK: But you have a lot of spirit. (Scans resume further) From there you went to Los Angeles and then ended up in Washington.

DONNA: That’s correct. I spent about a year in LA helping my brother Quentin, he has a security agency he runs out there and I was his legal assistant while he got it off the ground.

JACK: Then Washington. Donna, I must admit, the firm you worked for is pretty high-profile. I usually do not get people leaving DC for employment in Somerset.

DONNA: I was ready to move on. I want to be a practicing attorney here soon and I wasn’t going to get that chance at the office I worked at. I have to take the bar exam yet to practice law in whatever state I end up in, and should I be employed here I’d take the New York exam.

JACK: I see. (Puts resume down) I also see no reason why this interview should continue.

Donna gets a momentary look of worry on her face as the music plays to change scenes.

CUT TO: The Petterino kitchen

Victoria is on the phone as Rose comes into the kitchen, and Victoria’s look on her face is one of worry.

VICTORIA: All right, Taylor. Keep me posted as to what’s going on and let me know the minute you know anything. (Pause) Okay, take care. (Sets down phone)

ROSE: Honey… what’s wrong?

VICTORIA: (Turns toward Rose fighting back tears) Alana’s sick, Mom.

ROSE: (Puts hand to mouth and gasps) What happened? I knew she had the flu.

VICTORIA: She must have collapsed this morning at her apartment. Taylor sent Patrick over there and he found her semi-conscious on the couch. They think it’s meningitis.

ROSE: My God… is she going to be all right?

VICTORIA: Taylor said they’re worried about her fever. Last night at the hospital it was only around 100.5. It’s gone up about four degrees.

ROSE: You tell Taylor that Giovanni and I are thinking about her. Bella too.

VICTORIA: I’m glad I’m going in there later tonight. I’d be sitting around stir crazy wondering if there was anything I could do.

ROSE: There is, honey. (Hugs Rose) Pray. Think good thoughts.

We see tears running down Victoria’s face as she embraces Rose. The picture fades to black as the music plays out of the scene.

We’ll return to Somerset in just a moment.

Lorenzo and Anna share a night to remember when they give in to passions on Port Charles. Watch Port Charles, part of the MySONTV lineup. Weekdays on SONBC.

We see a still shot of the Somerset logo with the accompanying music.

And now the second half of Somerset, brought to you today by digestible, all-vegetable Crisco. For foods low in cholesterol and for flaky pie crusts, you can trust Crisco.


At Martin Enterprises, Jack is looking at Donna’s resume and then up at Donna.

JACK: There is no way I can let a resume like this pass my desk without grabbing up that employee. (Extends hand) Welcome aboard.

DONNA: (Visibly relieved) I can breathe again. You had me wondering there for a moment.

JACK: Well, I don’t usually hire employees this quickly, but as it is my legal department has been understaffed for quite a while. I brought aboard an attorney several weeks ago, Susannah Lucas – you’ll get to meet her here shortly. But I can use someone with your expertise in the department.

DONNA: That’s good.

JACK: Plus with your eventual law background, you’ll be an asset to this company…

As Jack is talking, Donna notices pictures behind Jack’s desk. She looks over a lot of the photos but is immediately transfixed by one. Her eyes widen as she sees a photo of Jack with a young man.

JACK: Uh… something wrong, Donna? You act as if you have seen a ghost.

DONNA: (Points at photo) How do you know that man?

JACK: Which man? Which photo… (sees the picture) Oh! That photo. That is Nick Barclay, our city manager here in Somerset.

DONNA: City manager? Wow, I’m impressed.

JACK: He’s the youngest manager we’ve had here in Somerset and he’s been a great asset to this community. (Notices Donna has red hair) He was just in Washington attending a convention not that long ago, and… (starting to put two and two together)

DONNA: Something wrong, Jack?

JACK: By any chance, did you have an assignation with our city manager when he was in Washington? At a bar, I might add?

Donna, visibly uncomfortable, gulps.

DONNA: Uhhh… guilty as charged?

Jack smiles at Donna and starts laughing, much to the surprise of Donna. The scene changes as the music plays into the next setting.

CUT TO: Somerset Hospital, where Alana is in a hospital room already. Dr. Kellman is with Patrick.

DR. KELLMAN: Good job on the diagnosis, Patrick. Your Dad would have been proud.

PATRICK: He still can be. He’ll probably hear about it from a few people here at the hospital.

DR. KELLMAN: Well, the good news is she has the viral form of meningitis, but you got her in here in the nick of time.

PATRICK: (Looking down at an unconscious Alana) Now I can only hope we saved her life and she continues to have a life here at the hospital.

Patrick touches Alana’s cheek as the music plays and the scene fades to black.

We’ll return to Somerset in just a moment.


At the hospital, Patrick comes out as Mike is waiting patiently in the lounge area.

PATRICK: I thought you would have gone on to work.

MIKE: I called Norman and told him what was going on. He said don’t worry about work, it’ll be here when I’m ready. How’s Alana?

PATRICK: Have a seat. (The two sit) We diagnosed Alana with the viral form of meningitis. Don’t be alarmed by how sudden it came on because that’s how it usually happens. We’re working now on getting the fever down and her other symptoms under control. Once the fever breaks she’ll likely be on the sidelines for up to 10 days.

MIKE: Can I see her?

PATRICK: I’d say go back home and get some rest – or try to, anyway – I’ll call you if there are any major changes. Right now, we’ve got her on a heavy analgesic to get the fever down and acyclovir and phenytoin to prevent brain seizures from occurring. It’s strictly precautionary.

The music plays as Mike digests what is going on, and the scene changes.

CUT TO: Martin Enterprises

Jack is laughing as he realizes who Donna is.

JACK: Why do I have the sudden urge to sing It’s A Small World?

DONNA: I don’t know, why? (Pauses) I suppose this ends my employment here?

JACK: Are you kidding? (Realizes Donna is in the dark) Wait a second… you had no idea Nick was here, did you?

DONNA: Not a clue. Right now I’m more nervous because I’m going to have to face Nick. (Smiles) And I’m loving every second of it.

JACK: I tell you what… would you like to see Nick now?

DONNA: (Looks down) Well, I look a whole lot different than I did at the bar… but Joanne thought I looked great, so why not.

JACK: Hold on one second.

He dials the phone number for City Hall and gets Nick on the line.

JACK: Nicholas! Good morning. Sorry to do this to you, but can I get you to swing by to briefly discuss a little X Project business? (Pauses) You’ve got a lunch meeting at 11:45. Well, I’ve also got an appointment too, so I can promise you it won’t take long. (Pause as Jack’s eyes brighten) Brilliant! I’ll see you in about 10 minutes.

Donna appears visibly nervous as Jack continues talking to Nick. The music builds in the scene as the picture fades to black, and the Somerset theme plays over the credits.

Join us again each weekday afternoon at this time for the continuing story of Somerset.

And don’t forget to stay tuned for Salem Lives, coming up next over most of these SONBC stations.

This program was pre-recorded.

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Loved it! I like the pace and the balance of the scenes. I have to do some more reading, to catch up. And thanks for the shout outs for Port Charles! Speaking for Ryan and myself, we totally appreciate it :)

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