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November Sweeps Previews!!!!



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

    • Kendall
    • Greenlee

"Fall has been great for LIS so far," Co-EP/HW Daysfan says "But there is still November, the final Sweeps Period of the year! It will be HUGE, and filled with twists and turns!"

Roman/Marlena: "They'll continue to chase after Stefano. Roman seems to be losing his cool now days, he might not play by the rules so much anymore! Both of them want to bring Stefano, and Helena, down! But to get Stefano Roman will have to revisit a critical place in his past...can he take it?

Hope/Bo/Megan/Gina/Billie/Steve/Kayla/Greta/Nicole: "The Gina/Britta story shall be wrapped up in November...but it shall set off a huge NEW story for Bo and Hope. This will be one of the biggest stories for them ever done! Meanwhile Billie will be beginning to find a rival in Megan. Steve will face off with Britta/Gina once and for all but beware because in Winter someone will throw a wrench in Steve and Kayla's marriage! Meanwhile, Nicole continues to rival Greta.

Tony/Anna: "As revealed last week to kick off Sweeps, Tony has an alternate personality! This is the huge person who threw a wrench through Tony and Anna's plans...and also readers know TONY, not Andre, was the one who shot himself in Aremid! This story will slowly be explored."

Alexis/Lucas/Sami/EJ: "The quadrangle continues and heats up. EJ and Sami will grow closer, and Lucas tries to get over Kate's death with help of sister Billie as Alexis remains in the shadows. But tragedy strikes one of these four at Sweeps end, caused by EJ's hunger for power."

Helena/Stefano: "They are going to be front and center, of course The War continues. It has taken full course and will continue to as all of Salem is involved. Their relationship will be explored off/on and closure will be given. At the end of Sweeps however the finale of The War you will NOT want to miss...it will change LIS FOREVER!


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