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Casting News

Matt P.


Point Palace will return on Wedensday October 31st and with the new episodes comes a few returns, surprise exits, and some new faces...

London (Lacey Chabert) returns for a video appearance in Episodes 96 and 97. Along with Chabert's brief return comes her family members who were last seen at London's funeral service. General Hospital star Ric Hearst will guest star in both episodes as London's attorney E.J. James.

Another guest star is The Young and The Restless starlette Adrienne Frantz as Cody Memorial nurse Stephanie. Stephanie debuts in Episodes 97 and 98. Frantz's old co-star from The Bold and The Beautiful, turned All My Children lead Bobbie Eakes will guest as nurse Ivory Goldie. The character has been discussed but was only seen from a far before the actress was cast. Eakes's character makes her apperance on Episode 98. (A fun fact about Ivory Goldie is that the character is based upon one of Point Palace's many readers who had asked to be written into the plot.)

Creator Matt Politylo comments on yet another exit which will surely shock readers. "For storyline purposes, one cast member will be murdered." Politylo teases. "The storyline exit is a huge plot which will shoot into the fifth season. Everyone loves a good murder mystery and the character who does bite the big one, definitely has it coming."

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can't wait for the mystery, I bet it's Nick who is killed off.

Dont like the AF casting at all. I pray she is short term. I hate that bia on Y&R

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