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Episode 6



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Harley's House: There is loud sound outside the door, "What was that?"

"I don't know."

Harley grabs her gun.

She walks over to the door with Dylan. She opens the door, then jumps out and aims the gun at the intruder.

Harley smiles when she sees who it is, "Oh my God! Daisy?"

Her daughter is sitting on the floor, having fallen over a bucket, "Hey Harley. Dylan. Can someone give me a hand?"

Dylan and Harley help their daughter up, "What are you doing here?"

"Well I had some time off of school and I just felt like passing through."

Harley leads her daughter in, "Well I would like to know when my daughter is in town."

Dylan sees a purse outside and grabs it, he then looks confused when he reads the name written on the side, "Susan?"

"Yeah I decided to go by that again. Just a little more mature."

Harley starts laughing, "Well, I don't care what your name is, I am just glad to have you back!"

The mother and daughter hug.

Mainstreet: Reva and Marah are doing some shopping, "Oh Mom, I picked this dress out for you!" Marah hands it to her mother.

"Honey, you shouldn't have."

"Well I wanted to."

There is a man reading a newspaper on the bench. Marah notices him and taps her mothers shoulder, "Hey Mom. Look."


"Well, isn't he cute?"

"He's not really my type."

"Oh come on Mom, I didn't say you had to marry him, just go introduce yourself."

Marah gives Reva a big shove. Reva turns back around, "Marah!"

"Mom come on!"

"NO! I'm sorry but I think that we should get to the movie before we miss it."


The two women walk into the theatre.

The Beacon: Cyrus and Marina are moving stuff into their room. Cyrus carries in a big box, "Okay here is the last of it."

Marina is unpacking, "This place is small. At least it's only temporary."

Cyrus drops the box on the floor, "If it's temporary then why am I loading all of this junk in here?"

Marina takes him by the hand and they go sit on the bed, "Because, we already know we're going to live together. Besides this will be practice for when we get a house."


"Or an apartment. Whatever. As long as I'm with you!."

The two lay down on the bed and begin to make love.

The Police Station: Mel walks out to the hallway where Frank is alone, "Hey, you got any tips?"

"Well I might, their checking it now. God this is so stressful."

"Maybe you need something to take your mind off of it."

Frank pulls Mel close to him, "Oh yeah?"


Frank picks up Mel, puts her on the desk and the two begin to make out intensly.

Mel gets giggly, "Oh we can't here someone will see."

"Since when has that stopped us?"

"We still have reputations to uphold."

"We have been getting good at keeping this a secret these past few months."

An officer is coming over, "Chief Cooper?"

The two jump off the desk and straighten up, "What is it?"

"We found this letter."

Olivia runs in, "What's going on? What is that?"

Frank has the paper, "He wants money."

Olivia trys to get the sheet, "What else does it say?"

Frank reads a line, "This is the price a neglectful mother should pay."

Olivia runs ouf of the room crying. Mel goes after her.

Mainstreet: Coop and Ashlee are on a date, Ashlee is in a beautiful new dress, "Well Coop Cooper, what do you think?"

"I think you look great."

"Oh we're a little late for the movie."

"Thats okay, lets take a walk instead."

The two are walking when Coop notices something, "Oh my God! What is that?"

They walk closer Ashlee drops her purse, "Oh God! Lizzie?"

Lizzie is lying on the ground having passed out. Ashlee goes to get her phone.

Lizzie begins to wake up, "What's going on?"

Coop helps her up, "You were on the ground. Lizzie when was the last time got some sleep?"

"Its been a while."

Ashlee walks over, "You need an ambulance."

"Don't be silly. I'm fine."

Coop and Ashlee come to help her, "Well we're going to take you to the hospital."

The three walk to Cedars.

Harley's House: Harley and Dylan are sitting on the couch while Susan walks around the room. Harley is excited, "So Susan what's going on at school? Who are you seeing?"

"Oh yeah uh. Well schools going good. It's hard but I kind of like a challenge."

Dylan starts thinking of a question, "Oh wait, didn't you say that Max Nickerson was at your school?"

"Oh yeah, we started dating and...."

Harley jumps up, "Thats great! I am so glad. I heard he is doing great over there."

"Uh yeah. He is something."

Dylan looks confused, "Honey didn't you say last year that you were having financial problems?"

"Well I did but I took care of it. I got another job."

Harley puts her arms around her daughter, "Oh, you could have asked us."

"You know that I like to do things on my own. Besides that is all over."

Susan looks at the clock, "OH! I.... I need to go!"

Dylan stands up, "Why? What's going on?"

"Nothing, I just... I'm tired and I need to get to my room at the beacon." Susan heads for the door.

Harley grabs her bags, "That's crazy, stay here."

"I don't want to be in the way."

"No it is settled. You are staying here!"

"Oh, great. Well I'll go get the rest of my stuff from the beacon and see you guys later." Susan leaves.


The Police Station: Mel is sitting with Olivia, "It's going to be okay, now you need to talk to Frank about what we do next."

"It's all my fault. I left her alone. I shouldn't have left."

"Olivia you can't let anyone hear you say that okay? And there is nothing we can do about that now except try and get Emma back."

Frank walks in, "Olivia you and I need to talk. We are going to sit down and plan our strategy and in the mean time you are not to leave Springfield for any matter. Do you understand me?"

Olivia is starring off into space. Frank walks over to her and looks at her face. He smells something, "Olivia is that alcohol on your breath?"

Olivia covers he mouth as quick as she can.

Mel notices a flask sticking out of Olivia's purse and pushes it in when no one is looking.

Cedars: Coop and Ashlee are outside with Lizzie, "It's fine guys, I called my driver to pick me up."

Coop rubs her back, "Shouldn't we wait to here from the doctor."

"Come on. We all know he is going to tell me that I need to get some rest. Which I will. Now get out of here."

The two get up and walk out, Ashlee turns before she leaves, "Bye Lizzie, call me."

The doctor calls Lizzie in to talk about the results.

Mainstreet: Reva walks out and sees Jeffrey, "You called me in the middle of the movie. Marah thinks I'm in the restroom so we need to make this quick."

"I needed to see you."

"I know but Marah can't know."

"We have to tell her eventually."

"I was going to tell her but I didn't realize that she wasn't over you."

Jeffrey hands her a rose, "Here."

"Oh that's sweet. To bad I need to hide it in my purse."

"Well I guess you better get back in there. Call me?"

"Of course." Jeffrey pulls Reva into a big kiss before she walks back into the theatre.

The Beacon: Marina and Cyrus walk out into the hall, ready to go on a date, Marina is very anxious, "So did you make the reservations at Towers?"

"Yes I did. Wow, can you believe how weird it is to be a couple who only worries about dinner reservations?"

"Welcome to the real world Mr. Foley. I hope you like it."

"Well as long as we have each other, we can handle any life style."

The two walk off.

Then Susan walks out from behind a corner on her phone,

"Their going to the Beacon, do you want me to follow them? ............. Hey I am doing my job now you do yours. This one better be worth it."

She hangs up. She follows Cyrus and Marina.

Cedars: Lizzie is in the room with the doctor, "I know. I know. I need to get some sleep. I will. I'm just going to go out to my driver and go straight home. Now do you have some pills or something?"

"I'm sorry Ms. Spaulding but it's a little more serious. I was looking through your records and your tests and I believe it has come back."

"What has come back?"

"Your leukemia Ms. Spaulding. Your cancer has come back."

Lizzie's mouth drops open and she is in complete shock.


Halloween is celebrated in Springfield.

Cyrus shocks Marina

Lizzie is in denial

Susan's night doesn't go as planned

Jeffrey's night has a surprising twist

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The Susan stuff is really interesting!

I am glad you are bringing up Lizzie and the leukemia.

I also liked the Marah and Reva stuff!

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