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"LIGHT" Update: Relaunch Date Planned



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October 19, 2007 -- "The Guiding Light" is one step closer to is one step closer to the promised relaunch. "Originally it was supposed to have been October 15," says Executive Producer Josh Hawkins, "however circumstances out of my control pushed that date back."

With seventeen episodes planned including the 100th episode "LIGHT" will return to the SONBC lineup with Monday, Wednesday and Friday episodes.

"There's a lot of great story coming," confirms Hawkins. "I've used the time away from the blog to create character-driven stories that are true to who the characters of Springfield are."

To celebrate the 100th episode, "TGL" has planned the climax of two front burning stories. "I don' want to give anything away," Hawkins stated, but did confirm that Alley Mills and Betty Buckley will be guest appearing on the blog in unnamed roles.

"The Guiding Light" returns on November 5, 2007 with Episode 084.

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