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Episode 3



Spaulding Mansion: Gus and Natalia are looking at an old photo album of hers, Gus looks at an old picture, "Wow, why did you date me, I looked like such a dork."

Natalia scoots closer, "That was the style back then. besides I didn't just date you for your looks."

"Then why?"

"You were sweet, and no matter how many of our friends and family didn't want us together, we always found a way to see each other."

The two get closer.

Alan walks in, "Oh, how are you two this evening?"

Gus notices Alan's burnt clothes, "What happened to you?"

"There was a fire at Cassie's, I had to go in."

Natalia walks over to him, "Oh, my God. You're lucky you're okay. Nick go get Jeremy to bring him something."

Gus walks out while Natalia and Alan get comfortable, "So Natalia, I saw how close you were with Gus, are you two....?"

"Alan, I told you I won't be with Gus again, it took me a long time to get over him and I won't go through that again."

Alan leans closer, "A beautiful woman like yourself shouldn't have to be alone."

Gus walks in and sees them staring in each others eyes.

Harley's House: Harley and Dylan are talking over coffee, Dylan gets up to make some more, "So atleast Daisy finally went back to college, I was worried that she would give everything up to stay here with Rafe."

"Yeah, I'm happy for her but I really miss her."

"I know, but now we know that she is doing her work so she can come back and be successful, have the life that we never had."

Harley looks at a picture of Daisy and her, "I am so proud of her, she seems to be on track now. The boys finally have someone to look up to, especially since I haven't been the best role model latley."

"What are you talking about? You are a great Mom, a great cop, and ...." Dylan looks away.

Harley looks at him, "... and a bad wife?"

Dylan looks at her, "I wasn't going to say that."

"I know you weren't. But my marriage is over, and now I need to help the boys get through it. Now that they're in middle school, they have been trying act mature. But I don't want them to grow up so fast."

"Like us?"

"Yeah, I just miss my life a few months ago. Things were great, we were atleast still together. Now I feel alone."

Dylan grabs her hand, "You will never be alone."

Harley smiles at him.

Cedars: Josh and Rick are talking, "She has inhaled a lot of smoke, we are going to keep her over night and run some test."

Josh looks very concerned, "So, do you know what caused the fire?"

"Well Josh, that's not our territory but..."


"Well, the detective said that the fire may have been intentional."

"Someone tried to kill Cassie?" Josh walks around.

Rick grabs Josh by the arm, "Josh, Cassie may have tried to kill Cassie."

Josh's face is struck with shock, and he sits down.

Hospital Room at Cedars: Beth is standing by Cassie's bed "What are you talking about Cassie, what did you do?"

"Beth I lied to you, after I switched the paternity test."

"The paternity test!?"

"I just couldn't let Alan raise that child after what he did to mine." Cassie eyes close.

Beth starts crying and beating on Cassie's bed, "No, no, NO! Cassie how could you? NO!" She falls to the floor sobbing.

"No, this isn't right, the test said that Rick was the father."

Rick walks in, Beth jumps up and turns to wipe her face, "Beth, are you okay?"

"Uh yeah, I just feel bad for Cassie, this year has been so hard for her and now all of this."

Rick looks suspicious, "Beth did Cassie say anything to you?"

Beth looks down, "No, nothing. Nothing at all. But if she did it would be to wish us luck with our new life together. That no one can take away from us." Beth hugs Rick.


Harley's House: Dylan and Harley back out of their almost kiss, Harley runs to the closet, "Oh, I wanted to show you something."

She returns with a picture, " I found this while I was cleaning out my old boxes."

It is a picture of Dylan when he was a teenager, "Wow, what a trip down memory lane huh?"

"Yeah, I remember that I used to take this picture everywhere that I went because I couldn't stop thinking of you." She laughs, "The dramatics of being a teenager right?"

Dylan looks at Harley as she walks to the couch, "Right."

"Hey lets watch a movie."

"Like what?"

"I don't know." Harley picks up a movie from the shelf, "Oh lets watch this one it's Gus's fav...."

"Are you okay?"

Harley sits back down, "Yeah, I just should have given him this when he left."

Dylan sits by Harley and puts his arm on her shoulder, they begin to kiss when the phone rings.

Harley backs out, then runs to answer the phone, "Hello?... Yes he is here, do you want to.... Hello? Hello?"

Harley puts the phone down, "She hung up. Some woman was asking for you. I wonder how she knew to call here."

Dylan laughs it off, but stares at the phone as Harley makes popcorn.

Spaulding Mansion:

Gus interrupts Alan and Natalia, "I'm back!" He hands Natalia a glass of water for Alan.

Gus sees the nervous looks between the two, "Hey Nat, can I see you in the hall for a second?"

"Sure." Natalia walks out with Gus.

Gus shuts the doors behind them then talks to her, "So, you two seem to be pretty close now."

"Well Alan has been good to me and Rafe. Especially since Daisy left him for college."

"Yeah well, I just don't want you to get hurt by big Al."

Natalia walks around looking at pictures, "I know what Alan has done to you and everyone else in Springfield, but I see good in him. Don't you?"

"Yes, but everytime I trust him, I end up getting let down."

Alan calls Natalia.

Natalia walks back, "Gus maybe you should call Harley about Cassie." She walks out.

Phone Conversation Gus/Harley:

Harley, "Hello?"

Gus, "Hey, uh, I wanted to tell you about Cassie."

Harley's voice grows more concern, "What about her?"

Gus, "Her house caught fire, she is at Cedars."

Harley, "Oh no! We'll leave right now."

Gus, "We?"

Harley, "Yeah me and Dylan."

Gus, "Oh. Well okay, bye."

Gus hangs up before Harley can respond.

Cedars: Rick walks out to talk to a nurse.

Beth begins to talk to herself, "You have got this far, Rick can't know about this, he can't know that my baby could be a Spaulding."

Josh goes to talk with Rick, "Rick do you honestly think that Cassie could have tried to kill herself?"

"I don't know Josh, this isn't really my area, but I talked with Felicia. She thinks that if Cassie did then well...."

"Well what Rick?"

"Josh, Cassie isn't married, and she has a son so, we may need to have her committed to Reavenwood."

Spaulding Mansion: Alan and Natalia are sitting on the couch, "Natalia it is getting harder to breathe." Alan starts coffing.

Natalia refills' his water, "Here drink this."

Alan drinks the water and then sits closer to Natalia. She begins to stroke Alan's head, "Is that better?"

Alan looks into her eyes and gets closer to her face. She leans in, the two kiss then back out. They look at each other in shock. Natalia stands up, then she throws herself on top of Alan and the two begin to makeout.


Remy and Blake start a buisness relationship.

Josh has to make a difficult decision about Cassie.

Beth gets a shock that is even bigger than the one from Cassie!

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Ooooh! I am so glad you sent Susan away.

Gus and Natalia sits side by side and after Gus leaves Big Al makes his move and slides in beside her,LOL! I like that!

I love your version of Beth too!

Poor Cassie.

I notice in the credits you have Morgan Englund as youe Dylan. That is great! I have never thought Brain Gaskill fit the part.

You know I started late and you have so much posted it is a temptation to skim ahead quickly but I am not.

I am going to take my time!


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