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9/14/07-BOOM PART 1






The limousine drives to a darkened area and stops. Victor orders the driver to keep a look out and, when the driver exits the vehicle, Victor asks Roman one question....

Victor: You sure about this, Roman?
Roman: As sure as I was when Stefano had his doctors rip my face apart. As sure as I was when he kidnapped my twins. How about when he set Andre DiMera loose as the Salem Strangler and I was on the run for those murders? Now, Victor, you tell me.......how sure should I be?

Victor looks at both Roman and Bo and says.....

Victor: Sure enough.

He then gets a phone call. His conversation is reassuring as he tells the person on the other end of the phone....

Victor: We’re close. Everything happens tonight. Don’t worry about it. When it’s done, I’ll call you and fill you in. You take care, my friend. And give your brothers and family my best. Take care.

Victor hangs up the phone and Bo ask who it was. Victor says that it was none other than J.R. Ewing. Victor and his father Jock Ewing were close friends and the Ewing's think Stefano has something to do with his death in a helicopter crash years ago. Victor says that he filled J.R. and Bobby Ewing in on the plans and was just confirming things with him. The list of people who want Stefano’s head may reach from Salem to Europe, Victor says.

Bo then asks to speak with Victor alone. Roman agrees to step out and get some air. When he closes the door, Bo slides over so he can face Victor one on one. He tells Victor that this is a huge undertaking this evening. Victor says it is necessary. They were good friends once, almost close as brothers. But somehow, somewhere, Stefano changed. Victor thinks it has to do with Roman and when Stefano first arrived in Salem.

Bo says he remembers some of it. He tells Victor he didn’t come back to Salem until after he got out of the Merchant Marines. By that time, Roman and Stefano were into it hot and heavy. Stefano was running a drug operation from behind the scenes and Roman tried to stop him. Victor says he knows. Stefano and him were on the outs then and he told him not to go to Salem and start that up but Stefano wouldn’t listen. Plus, Victor says, Stefano had this........deep resentment for Roman. He had heard that Roman was an up and coming cop in the S.P.D. and he guesses he wanted to prove a point.

At that moment, Maggie calls Victor, asking him if he will be back in time for dinner. Victor says he can’t make it but promises to make it up to her. She is disappointed but understands. They say their goodbyes and hang up the phone.

Outside the car, Roman stands with the limousine driver when a black 2007 Park Avenue drives up slowly. Roman pulls his gun as the driver's side window rolls down slightly. The car passes by Roman slowly and then rolls its window down all the way. Victor rolls down his window and looks to see the man inside. Bo looks out and sees the man as well as Victor smiles and nods his head. The window then rolls back up and the car guns it as it speeds off into the night. When Roman walks back to Victor’s window, he knocks on it. When it comes down, he asks Victor.....

Roman: Ok. Who in the hell was that?

All Victor will do is smile, look at Roman and Bo, and simply say.....

A friend.

Victor then sits back and smiles as Bo and Roman look at each other with surprise.

Just then, Bo gets a phone call from Abe, telling him that they have a suspect in Greta’s hit and run. He then tells Bo that he is heading over to Stefano’s place to question him. When Bo tries to stop him, Abe says he has to go and hangs up the phone. Bo then tries to get Abe back but it goes straight to voice mail. Bo then looks at Victor, telling him that they have to get over to Stefano’s now. Abe is on his way there. Roman jumps into the car and tells Victor to high tail it to the DiMera Mansion.



Alexandra arrives at Stefano’s home, walking into the main living room. Stefano walks back in from the garden and sees her and she notices the grim look on his face. Lexie tells him that Greta is in critical condition. She has a lot of injuries. Stefano goes and sits at his chessboard with his head down. Lexie slowly walks over to him and thinks out loud, saying she doesn’t know who would do something like that to such a wonderful person. Stefano looks up but can’t bring himself to look Lexie in the face. He stands and walks over to the fireplace, saying that it was most likely Orpheus who is responsible for this tragedy.

Meanwhile, in her room, Cassie picks up her bags, walks to the door, looks around one last time, turns the light off, and closes the door behind her.

As Cassie reaches the steps, she can hear someone in with her grandfather. She starts to quietly walk down the stairs when she realizes that she left her favorite brush. She turns to see one of the servants ask where she is going with her luggage. Cassie replies that she is going on a trip but forgot something. When the servant asks what it is, Cassie says it is something that she has kept with her through good times and bad and she considers it a good luck charm. The servant smiles at her and walks off as Cassie turns and walks back towards her room.

At that moment, Celeste comes barreling through the door. She is out of breath as she tries her best to speak to Stefano and Lexie. When Lexie walks over to her and asks her to slow down, Celeste tells her there isn’t time. They have to go........right now.

When all three people turn, they stop in their tracks. Standing before them, smiling.......

Is Victor Kiriakis.

Victor says to Stefano............

Victor: Well, I see I have interrupted you all as you were leaving. Do tell.......where were you all rushing off to?
Stefano: That is none of your business, Victor. You really have your nerve to be standing in my house after what you said to me.
Victor: Yes, Stefano. I admit that the........accidental injuries..........that my daughter suffered affected my judgment. For that, I am truly sorry.
Stefano: Fine, fine, fine. I accept your apology. Now.............will you please go?
Victor: Oh...........don’t let me hold you all up. I’ll let myself out. Take care...............and God Bless.

Stefano looks at Lexie and Celeste strangely as Victor walks out of the house, smiling. He closes the door behind him and starts walking down the huge lawn towards a waiting black limousine. Just then, Victor looks down to the road to see Marlena, Belle, Abe & Anna all arrive in separate cars. As they get out, they look over at Victor, who smiles slightly and nods his head. As he reaches his limousine, his driver opens up the car door and Victor gets in. The group then watches as the limousine slowly drives away.

Abe and Anna walk over to Marlena and Belle and ask them what they are doing there. Marlena and Belle want the answer to the very same question. After several moments of talking and spelling out what everyone is doing there, Abe orders the ladies to stay put. He has police business to handle. Marlena and Anna both say they have personal business with Stefano so the police business will have to wait. The ladies then start walking towards the mansion as Abe reluctantly follows.

Inside the mansion, Stefano, Lexie and Celeste start towards the front door.

In the limo, which is parked a short distance away from the Dimera Mansion, Victor turns and asks a question.......

Victor: So...........did everything go well?
Man: Yeah..........it went just fine.

The man starts to take off a fake mustache and eyebrows............

Man: I didn’t think it would be that easy. Haven’t done this in many, many years. Thought I was out of practice.
Bo: Well, as long as Stefano gets what he deserves.
Victor: Bo, I guarantee he’ll never forget this.

The mysterious man then takes off a wig and opens up his collar, taking off his tie........

Victor........how bad do you think the fallout will be?
Victor: Very bad, I’m afraid. But........not like the first time I’ve been through this. I just hope it’s the last.
Bo: Let’s shake on that.

Bo shakes Victor’s hand and the mysterious man’s hand. Then, Victor shakes the man’s hand and, when he looks up at the man’s face, after he has removed his makeup MYSTERIOUS MAN'S PICTURE!!, he says to this man......

Victor: Do you want to do the honors?
Man: No. The honor.....this time......is all yours.

In front of the mansion, everything now happens in slow motion...............

Stefano opens the front door and he, Alexandra and Celeste walk out...........

Abe, Marlena, Belle and Anna walk towards the mansion..................

And at that very moment...............in his limousine, Victor pulls out a device, presses the red button..........

And the DiMera Mansion, which has been in the family for over a century, starts to explode!!!!

Huge sections of the mansion explode in unison as Marlena, Belle, Abe and Anna are thrown backwards towards the street. The mansion is being reduced to rubble as brick, mortar and glass fly all over the huge front and backyards.

After 6 massive detonations, the DiMera Mansion is no more...........

And Victor hands the man and his son glasses full of the finest wine as he now makes a toast.......

Victor: To the VICTOR........goes the spoils!

All three men laugh as they touch glasses and the black limousine drives off into the dark night as the scene pans upward..........

And suddenly goes black.




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You gotta be kidding me......I am in disbelief..... :o

This was one of the biggest shockers you two have ever done. I mean, I am practically in DENIAL! But....it seems realistic after you think about it a bit.

LOVE it and can't wait to see how this turns out!

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Wow! Incredible job! Love the pacing of the story and love seeing Victor in such a prominent role. Excellent writing and great use of history

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That was incredible!!! I loved the dynamic you used and how you are writing all the characters, especially Victor!

Such a staple, to blow up the DiMera Mansion...it was great!

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I totally missed Roman pretending to be Victor, lol. Great episode nonetheless guys! It takes some balls to blow up the DiMera Mansion!

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