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September 12, 2007: Episode #327: OUT OF THE BLUE


Caroline is behind the bar while talking on the phone to Frankie. She asks him to call if he needs anything or if there is any change with Greta's condition. She tells him she loves him and hangs up. She then sighs before turning to organize from liquor bottles. Nicole then enters the Pub and takes a direct route to the bar upon seeing Caroline there. Caroline turns and asks what Nicole wants. Nicole says she knows alot has happened but she needs to know if she has heard from Carrie.

Caroline: And why would I tell you even if I had? After all you did to her...honestly, Nicole. Why are you here? You know your not welcome.
Nicole: Hmm...yeah. Just like I was locked out of my own husband's funeral.
Caroline: Not this again (rolls eyes).
Nicole: Look, Evan was my son. I didn't know he was Carrie's at first. Carrie gave him up and...
Caroline: Get your facts straight, missy!! Carrie never signed rights to him away. She simply gave him to Alan because she felt she was doing what was right.
Nicole: Same thing!
Caroline: No! Also, you may not have known right away but you still learned who Evan really belonged to well before anyone else and did nothing about it. You worked with Orpheus and had the chance to turn him in and did nothing. You hurt Eric so deeply before his death.
Nicole: Correction. We hurt each other.
Caroline: Yes, well, it was the second time that happened with you two. Now, Eric is gone.
Nicole: And that's because of me, right?
Caroline: Look, I have a business to run. Would you just leave?
Nicole: Have you heard from Carrie? Do you know where she is?
Caroline: Why would I even tell you?
Nicole: Your a forgiving person, Caroline. I know you are. Your whole family is...well, they are supposed to be. Anyway, I just need to speak with her and just seeing Evan would...
Caroline: You expect me to believe you simply want to see Evan and talk to Carrie? I know you, Nicole. You will try something. This is all moot anyway. I have not heard from Carrie nor do I know where she is. Now, just leave.

Caroline returns to organizing the bar as Nicole chastises herself for even bothering to ask Caroline. No one is going to help her and she has no idea what else to do. Nicole says that Evan is all she has left. Her phone then rings and she walks off to take the call in private.

Meanwhile, outside the Pub, Jean and Alyson walk up. Jean tells her that it looks like the directions they got were right. They are standing in front of the Brady Pub. Alyson isn't so sure she is ready or if she can do this. Jean takes her hand and says she is there for her. Every step of the way. Alyson also didn't feel comfortable leaving Samuel behind at the hotel. Jean assures her it will be ok. There are qualified people taking care of him and it's said to be one of the hotel's best amenities. Alyson thinks they should have brought him but Jean thinks it's best they do this without him since he should not be around the drama that could result in what they have to tell the Brady's. Alyson sees that Jean is right. Jean takes her hand and tells her to come with her. They will do this together. Alyson takes her hand and they enter the Pub.

Jean and Alyson walk up to the bar.

Jean: Excuse me, Miss?

Caroline turns around.

Caroline: Yes? What can I do for you?
Jean: Do you know where I can find anyone that knows or is related to the Brady's? I know this is there Pub.
Caroline: Are you looking for any Brady in particular?
Jean: No. Actually, this is probably something they should all know, I think.
Caroline: Well, I'm Caroline Brady. I own this Pub, here.
Jean: Ah, the famous Mrs. Brady! Your chowder is quite famous around here from what we gather. Granted, we have only just arrived but it seems like a proven crowd pleaser. I'm Jean Parker and this is my daughter, Alyson.
Caroline: I'm flattered, really. It's nice to meet you both but I'm troubled by what you said was your reason for being here. You mentioned you have something to tell my whole family. I can't imagine what would be of that much importance. Is this something bad?
Jean: Um...depends on how you see it, I guess. Alyson, care to elaborate?
Alyson: Uh...I don't know if I'm...
Jean (takes Alyson's hand): It's ok, sweetheart. I'm with you. Right here. You can do this.

Meanwhile, Nicole is sitting in a booth and hangs up her cell.

Nicole: There is not one private detective available other then the one I fired. I'm never going to find Carrie and Evan. I've lost Eric and now I've lost Evan too.

Nicole fights back tears as she gets up and walks off just as Alyson tells Caroline at the bar:

Alyson: Uh...I have news. I have news to share with your whole family...about Eric.
Caroline: Eric?

Nicole walks by the bar and hears Eric's name, which causes her to stop dead in her tracks. She then turns and moves back towards the bar.

Nicole: Eric is dead. You can't possibly have news about him. What's going on here?

Alyson freezes, not knowing what to say.


Steve tells Hope she isn't going anywhere. They have their own investigation to finish. Hope says that what Tony is looking for could be helpful in bringing Stefano down. Plus, they promised to help him if he helped them. Tony thinks it would be best if he went alone, just in case Stefano did catch on. Hope thinks Tony will need back up and reminds Tony of the help Steve and her provided in finding the steel box in the globe. Tony appreciates the offer but thinks it's best if they go their separate ways. Steve then realizes Hope makes a good point as it is a possibility that whatever Daphne has Tony looking for could be something to bring Stefano and his empire down. Tony admits that thought crossed his mind, which is why he is desperate to get to the bottom of this and why he feels going alone is better. He doesn't want anything to happen to them.

Hope reminds Tony she is a cop and can take care of herself. Steve smiles and tells Tony that Hope is not going to let this go. Tony nods and snickers, saying it seems he has no choice but to let her go as she will likely find a way to go anyway. Hope smiles and thanks him, promising he won't regret it. Tony hopes not and then tells them to get ready as they need to leave immediately for Italy. The sooner they go, the less chance of Stefano being hot on their trail. Meanwhile, a mysterious person watches Tony, Hope, and Steve from outside the study.


Lucas is in his office preparing for a meeting while Joelle is at her desk outside his office, looking over a copy of the "SALEM SPECTATOR." Joelle seems focused on a headline under the one that refers to Greta's hit and run, which says "SERIAL KILLER STRIKES AGAIN!!! MIDWEST STILL IN SHOCK OVER THE KILLER RAPIST'S REIGN OF TERROR." Joelle's eyes light up as she reads the article and notices where it says that Salem is one of the only Midwestern cities not to have a victim of this madman. She then gets up from her desk and peers in at Lucas before entering. Lucas sees her walk in and tells her that he has a meeting in a few minutes. Joelle says she knows but she needs a favor from him. She thought someone was outside her apartment last night and had the feeling she was being watched all night. She told her landlord and the neighbors but they thought she was nuts. She just would like him to come by her place tonight for a bit, just in case it happens again. This way she will have a witness to inform the others.

Lucas asks her if this is a ploy to seduce him again. Joelle denies that and is appalled he would think that way as this is something not to mess around about. There is a serial rapist running around the Midwest raping women and killing them when he's done and she has a child and her mother to think about. She just wants to be safe and promises there is no ulterior motive. She begins to cry as she tells him she was so scared last night and thought it was the rapist as it seems Salem is one of the only places that this nut job has not claimed a victim in. Lucas asks why she would be a target. Joelle has no clue but tells Lucas she is really scared. She even told her mother's nurse to be on the look out and to call 911 if she hears a pin drop. Lucas looks at her intently and reluctantly agrees to stop by but tells her he will be working late. Joelle says she may be too. It depends how much she gets done.

Lucas makes Joelle promise that she won't try anything. He reminds her that he is just doing this to help her...as a friend. Joelle assures him she knows and she learned her lesson after he rejected her last night. She isn't going to make another play for him. Lucas is pleased and hopes she means that. He then tells her that he has to get going to his meeting but he will see her tonight. Joelle says she will leave the directions to her place on his desk. Lucas says ok and says goodbye before entering the elevator and leaving. While alone, Joelle displays an evil grin and says that baiting him was almost too easy. She then uses her desk phone to make a phone call to her mother, telling her to be ready for company tonight.


Bo and Kayla walk up outside the Pub. Kayla is explaining to Bo that Greta's condition is still critical and that the odds still are not in her favor. Bo prays that she makes it and adds that Abe thinks they will know more soon because of the witness that gave them the car description. Kayla thinks that is good and then admits she is still worried about Steve and Hope. Bo reminds her it's only been a day but Kayla tells him she can't shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen. Bo embraces her and tells her they will be fine and asks if she would relax if he called them to make sure they are alright. Kayla nods, saying that would relax her quite a bit. Bo tells her that he will make the call in the Pub. They both then enter the Pub to see the scene that is going on between Nicole, Jean, Alyson, and Caroline.

Caroline: Mind your own business, Nicole.
Nicole: This is my business. I am Eric's widow and these two women claim to have some sort of news about him. I have a right to be involved.
Alyson: Your Eric's widow? Maybe this was a bad idea...
Jean: No, honey, don't...
Alyson: Sorry, mom. I think we need to go.

Alyson gets up and walks off. Jean prepares to get up and go after her but Nicole chases down Alyson and takes hold of her ferociously by the arm.

Alyson (trying to pull arm away): What are you doing? Let go!
Nicole: Tell me what news you have about Eric. He's by husband, damnit!!
Alyson (struggling): Your hurting my arm. Just let go!!
Nicole: No!!

Nicole and Alyson struggle. Bo and Kayla race over to stop things from getting too heated. Jean tries to get in the middle and orders Nicole to let go of her daughter. Just then, Alyson finally pulls away and turns to race out of the Pub but Nicole once again grabs her arm. Alyson pulls her arm away to break free but ends up falling backward on to a table and then to the ground, bringing the table and all it's settings down on top of her. Caroline, Bo, Kayla, and Jean race to help her and pull everything off of her. Kayla tells Alyson she is a doctor and asks if she is ok. Alyson tells Kayla she hurt her leg. Alyson is in excruciating pain. Kayla wonders if she may have broken her ankle as she seems to have fallen awkwardly. Caroline rips into Nicole for her behavior and how it led to this. Nicole says she just wanted to know what news Alyson had. She put up a fight and she put herself in this mess.

Jean turns around and tells Nicole she should've just left her daughter alone. Nicole thinks Alyson asked for it. Kayla thinks they have to get her to a hospital but thinks it may be awhile before she gets treatment as there was a car pileup downtown that has things backed up. Alyson says it's fine but she needs to do something as the pain is horrible. Kayla thinks they will be short on ambulances because of the accident downtown and asks Bo if he could help her get Alyson to the hospital. Bo agrees, saying he will just call Hope later. He mentions he has errands to run anyway. Bo and Kayla help Alyson up, along with Jean. Nicole says she will meet them at the hospital. She wants to know what news they had about Eric. Bo, Kayla, and Caroline all look at her, appalled. Nicole tells them she doesn't care what they think. She has a right to that information as Eric's widow. Bo and Kayla just turn around and help Alyson to his car as Jean follows. Caroline begs Nicole to back off. Nicole shakes her head and says:

Nicole: No, can do, Granny!! I need to see what this mother/daughter team knows about Eric. See ya!! (walks off)
Caroline: Nicole! Ugh...I better get someone to watch the Pub. I need to be at the hospital in case Nicole starts something.

Caroline then races to the back of the Pub.


Tony, Hope, and Steve walk into the living room. Tony wonders where Byron is as they have looked all over for him. Hope has no clue but tells Tony to just leave the note he wrote as they haven't been able to track him down. They need to get to the airport. Tony agrees but thinks it is only courteous to say goodbye and to tell Byron they are leaving. Tony shrugs it off and leaves the note on the table, saying it's time to go. Tony, Steve, and Hope exit the mansion and walk the long and winding sidewalk out front. Hope asks Steve if he called a cab. Steve nods and says it should be coming.

Just as they have made it nearly to the end of the sidewalk and are nearing the entry gates to Maison Blanche, Hope hears something behind her. She turns and a look of horror crosses her face. Steve and Tony turn around too and see Byron facing them, aiming a gun right at them. Steve asks him what he is doing. Hope thinks Stefano must have threatened or got to him. Byron tells them that he hasn't seen or heard from Stefano but knows he would not have liked it if he just stood by and watched them digging up dirt on the Dimera's. Steve reminds him he had no problem before. Byron tells Steve he wisely thought about what was going on and realized that he and his family would be in danger if he continued to help them. He knows Tony is a Dimera and he is one who he always liked as he was nothing like Stefano, which is why he let Tony search Maison Blanche and also why he let Steve do so as well since Tony had told him to allow him too, but he has a wife and kids to think about. He can't take no chances and he can't risk Stefano finding out and his betraying him would sign his death certificate.

Byron points the gun at Tony, Steve, and Hope. Steve tells him he doesn't have to do this. He can be strong. Steve tells Byron they can get him and his family protection. A shaking Byron says there is no other way. He knows what he must do. He has no choice and orders them to listen to him...or die!!! Tony, Steve, and Hope look at each other with worry as Byron holds them at gunpoint as the scene freezes on a split screen of Tony, Hope, and Steve and then fades to black.



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Very good episode yet again you guys. I loved the interaction between Nicole & Caroline. It's good to see things play out in your head while reading them. I've always liked Nicole and wish she would return on the real DAYS.

I'm interested in what Jean & Alyson have to say about Eric. Bitch better not have had a baby or nothin....

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