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Hope, Steve, and Tony continue to survey the steel box they found in the globe. Tony wonders how it can be opened. Steve wonders if the key opens it. Tony tries but it doesn't fit. Hope notes that the key seems like an awkward make as the keyhole looks rather unique. Hope asks Tony if Daphne ever showed him or gave him a weird looking key. Tony thinks back and can't recall any. He then has an idea and races over to a painting on the far left wall. He takes down the painting, which is of a gorgeous sunset in the French Riviera, and examines it. Tony explains his mother loved this painting and always talked to him about how it was created for her to give her a lasting image of one of the most beautiful sights she has ever see in the world. Tony caresses the canvas and then stops, acting as if he has found something.

Tony flips the painting over and asks for Steve's knife. Steve gives it to him. Tony wishes he didn't have to cut in to it but has no choice. Tony takes the knife and begins cutting into the back of the painting, only to discover a unusual jagged edge key. Hope thinks that's it. Tony and Hope pick up the steel box and use the key, which is successful in opening it. Steve, Hope, and Tony are all three shocked by what they see inside.


Jack enters Billie's room. He tells her that he heard she is ready to be released. Billie nods and says she is happy they can finally head home. She asks Jack if he has called home yet. He says he didn't. There was so much going on that it kind of slipped through the cracks. Billie thinks they need to call first so that their loved ones will know they are alive. Jack agrees and says they will do it together. Jack pulls out his cell and dials.


Frankie is by Greta's bedside in ICU, holding her hand. He then hears a knock on the window and sees that it's Stephanie. He leaves Greta and exits the room. Stephanie embraces him and asks how he is holding up. Frankie says he is trying but he can't stand to see Greta like that. Stephanie apologizes for stopping by but says something came to her when she heard about Greta's hit and run and she just had to tell him immediately. Just then, Frankie's cell rings. He remembers he shouldn't have it on in the hospital but sees an unfamiliar number on the caller ID and answers out of curiosity. He is shocked to hear Jack's voice.

Jack tells Frankie that him and Billie are alive and they will explain everything later. He just wanted to tell him so he could spread the word. Frankie is overjoyed and tells Stephanie, who also is happy. Jack tells him they should be coming in later tonight. Frankie thinks maybe Jack should surprise Abby. This way she doesn't have to go nuts waiting and wondering where he has been and so on. Jack thinks that might work, even though he hates keeping her on the dark some more. Frankie says he will keep it all a secret from Abby until they get back. Jack thanks him. Frankie tells Jack he is glad he is hurrying back. He fills him in on what happened with Greta. Jack is devestated and relays the info to Billie, who is just as horrified. Frankie tells him it isn't good and he may want to hurry to see her just in case. Jack understands and tells Frankie they will be seeing him soon. They both hang up. Jack is upset over Greta's hit and run. Billie can't believe she may die.

Elizabeth walks in and asks if everything is ok. Billie tells her a friend of theirs is near death in Salem. Jack tells Elizabeth they will be heading back to Salem tonight. Elizabeth asks about her and Alexander. Jack tells her they will be coming with them. He wants that DNA test done to further prove Alexander is his son. Elizabeth nods hesistantly. She decides she better go find Alexander as she isn't sure he will want to go anywhere. She excuses herself and leaves. Billie asks Jack if he has noticed that it seems Elizabeth is nervous about the DNA test. Jack admits that she seems agitated when he brings it up but thinks the test will give them the answers they need. Billie nods and is glad Jack is persuing this so they will know for sure. Jack then asks what will happen if Alexander is his son. Billie tells him they will cross that bridge when they get to it.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth enters a stairwell and finds Alexander sitting on the top step. She tells him she has been looking all over for him. He tells her that he knows Jack and Billie are going home to Salem and that she is looking for him to make sure he is coming too since she is going. Elizabeth asks if he is going. Alexander is silent for a few moments before saying he is going. He knows he would regret if he didn't. He needs to know for sure if Jack is his father for his own piece of mind. Elizabeth is pleased to hear that. Alexander tells her she isn't off the hook. No one is. He may never forgive her for not telling him and he isn't quite sure what he will do or how he will deal with all this. Elizabeth understands. She then tells Alexander they will likely be leaving tonight so he should start getting ready. Alexander nods and says he will. Elizabeth is about to say something and touch his shoulder but stops herself as tears well in her eyes while she thinks about how she has hurt her son. Elizabeth then exits the staircase, leaving behind a blankfaced Alexander, who seems lost in his own world.


Maggie is still with Nico and a bodyguard as they wait for AAA. Maggie continues to be fascinated with the rundown former Salem Club property. Just then, Max pulls up. He says he saw the car as he drove by and asks if he can help. Maggie embraces him, saying she is glad to see him as AAA is taking forever. Max offers to take a look at the car. Nico tells him to go ahead. After several minutes of tinkering with things and surveying the car, Max thinks they can't do anything right now. It needs to be taken to a garage. AAA then pulls up. Max says it's perfect timing and then suggests to Nico that Maggie and the bodyguard drive with him since the AAA truck only has room for really one passenger. They can just meet at his garage. Nico is ok with that and tells the bodyguard to not let Maggie out of his sight. The bodyguard nods. Maggie and the bodyguard go with Max in his car as Nico fills out paperwork.


Forrest and Abby are at the door, waving to the doctor and thanking him for his help. They then close the door. Abby thinks the first session went well and feels she made progress for the first time. Forrest says she will do even better when the new meds kick in. Abby is so excited as she feels hopeful for the first time in a long time. She just wishes her dad was back and that Chelsea wasn't in jail. Forrest tells her it will all be ok and embraces her. His phone then rings. He excuses himself. Abby tells him she is going into the kitchen to help her great-grandma with the cookies she is making. Forrest nods.

After Abby has left the room, Forrest answers the phone and tells the person not to call him unless it's at the specified time they agreed upon. He then tells the person he knows things aren't as easy as they hoped but assures the person he is already taking steps to move plans up so no one can stop them from accomplishing the mission they vowed to complete. Forrest then displays a devilish grin as he continues his phone conversation.


Max is driving with Maggie in the front seat and the bodyguard in the back. Maggie thanks Max for his help. He says it's nothing. She asks about how things are going in his life. Max thinks they could be better but he doesn't complain. He admits he is worried about Abby. Maggie admits she is too. She is vulnerable with everything going on and "Fred" isn't helping. Maggie admits that he gives her the creeps. Max tells Maggie he has a feeling that "Forr...Fred" is dangerous and he hats Abby being around him but she won't listen. Max realizes he nearly said Forrest and is thankful he caught himself as no one else can learn about "Fred's" real identity until they know Abby is out of harm's way.

Maggie asks Max if it's possible "Fred" may not be so bad and maybe he is over analyzing or something. Max reminds Maggie she doesn't like him either. Maggie smiles and tells him he is right. Maggie thinks he may do better off just keeping an eye on Abby from a distance and focusing on other things. Max wishes her could, especially since his garage has been struggling. He hired a mechanic to help but things are out of sorts with him not being around there much the past few months. Maggie thinks he should focus more on that while also looking out for Abby. Max sees her point but admits he isn't that into the garage or racing anymore. In between everything else, he has been thinking of doing something new.

Maggie: I know the feeling. Victor and I were discussing it earlier and I told him I was looking for something new too. I figured it would just fall into my lap if I was meant to do something.
Max: That's usually how it is.
Maggie: And, you know, it's funny, because I think something may have fallen into my lap. The car stalled in front of the old Salem Club building. I was just talking with Nico about how great the place used to be and how the building has major potential. It just needs work and proper ownership.
Max: So, your thinking of buying the place?
Maggie: Well, I don't know. I mean, it's funny how I was talking with Victor about doing something different and how fate would bring me an opportunity if I was meant to have one and this happens. The car breaks down right in front of the Salem Club building and I can't seem to stop thinking about the place.
Max: Go for it, Maggie. You would be great. You ran Tuscany and Chez Rouge really well.
Maggie: True but I can't do this alone. I need someone to handle the alcohol portion of running a nightclub because I do not want a relapse and I just can't see myself taking on a much bigger venture like this alone.

Maggie's eyes then light up as she recalls something Max said:

Maggie: Wait, you mentioned earlier how you were looking for something new and different to take on. How about...why don't...why don't you and I team up?
Max: Wha...
Maggie: I have plenty of money and you can just put up whatever you can. We can be equal partners and we can create a club that will be the most happening place in Salem. I mean, it's going to be alot of work but it will be fun and different.
Max: Maggie...I don't know...
Maggie: It can be easy money, Max. If we go about this right, it could be a hit. Plus, you could score major points with Abby by working with her aunt.
Max: Doubt it. Sure, it would be fun and could work out well. I don't know if I want to take such a big risk.
Maggie: Like I said, put up what you can. I will take care of the rest. We will work something out.
Max: Well, you really want to do this now, don't you? I mean, your serious?
Maggie: Yeah. I guess I do. So, what do you say?
Max: Hmm...you know what? I've always taken chances so why not? Let's do it.
Maggie: Yes! Max, I promise you that it will work out. I can feel it.
Max: Oh yeah. Let me guess...it's all fate? Fate setting you on the right path. Fate...
Maggie: Mock it all you want. It's true. That car broke down there for a reason and you drove by for a reason. It's all coming together.
Max: Whatever you say, partner (smiles).

Maggie smiles back at Max.


Frankie and Stephanie are both stunned and happy that Jack and Billie have been found alive. Frankie reminds her to keep it a secret from Abby until they get home. Stephanie says she will. Frankie then reminds Stephanie she was going to tell him something about Greta's hit and run before Jack called. Stephanie remembers and says she was thinking that her and Max told him and Greta last night that "Fred" was really Forrest Alamain and she wonders if maybe Forrest orchestrated or committed the hit and run to send a message for them to back off. Frankie thinks about that possibility and thinks it's a good theory. He wonders how Forrest would know that he and Greta know. Stephanie reminds him they were all at Java cafe together and Forrest was there with Abby. He may have heard them or just put two and two together or something.

Frankie thinks it's possible but reminds Stephanie they can't tell Bo, Abe, or anyone else because Abby's life may be in danger and, if word gets out all over that "Fred" is Forrest Alamain, who knows what he may do, especially to Abby. Stephanie knows that but thinks they have to do something. Frankie thinks they just have to look into the chance that Forrest did it on their own. If they find evidence he did, they can present it over to the police and bust him and it will be all over. That is all they can do. Stephanie thinks that may work. Frankie then tells her that if Forrest did hit Greta, he hates to think of what may be in store for anyone else, including Abby. Stephanie notes that the nightmare in Salem may only get worse. Frankie solemnly nods as he looks through the window at Greta in her ICU room.


Tony pulls out a torn and faded piece of paper, much like the diary entry Daphne left but, this time, it's a bit longer. Hope asks him to read what it says.

Tony: My dear Tony, to Tuscany you must go. Your father's birthplace holds the key to something very special I am entrusting you with. You must go immediately before Stefano catches on. I had no choice but to use desperate measures to evade Stefano. My apologies for dragging you down to Maison Blanche only to find more mystery then answers. I promise you that Tuscany will reveal all. My hope is that you remain safe from the wrath of Stefano. Good luck on your continued journey, my loving son. Love, Your mother. P.S. The answers you seek in Tuscany lie in the place where love bloomed but also died.

Hope and Steve are stunned, as is Tony. He understands why his mother felt the need to go to such lengths to protect whatever it is she wants him to find but to send him to New Orleans for yet another clue and now to Italy. Hope asks Tony what he is going to do. Tony says he has no choice. He needs to head for Italy...immediately. He can't have Stefano catching on. The sooner he goes, the better. Tony apologizes that he can't stay and help but promises to assist in any way once he, hopefully, obtains the answers he is looking for in Tuscany. Steve says it's alright. It's understandable. Tony thanks him for understanding and asks Hope if she is ok.

Hope: I'm fine with it, especially since we're going with you, Tony.

Tony and Steve are both shocked by Hope's words as the scene freezes on a smiling and determined Hope and then fades to black




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