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EPISODE 21 (8/13)



(The screen turns white and the music begins playing. The town of Somerset is slowly drawn on screen line-by-line as the music swells to its climax and the picture switches to a daytime view of the skyline, with the Somerset logo)

This… is Somerset.


The fifth week of Somerset, and the 21st episode, begins back at Bernard’s, where Victoria has just gotten a drink from Zachary.

VICTORIA: Excuse me, ladies. Now it’s my turn to leave the table for a bit. (She excuses herself and walks in Zachary’s direction as Alana returns)

ALANA: Are you girls having fun watching the show unfold?

TAYLOR: Man, what was that all about?

ALANA: The kiss… oh, I was congratulating Mike. He’s the Register’s new investigative reporter.

TAYLOR: Nice! (Flashes thumbs up to Mike, who is shown looking in Taylor’s direction and flashing a thumb himself… she turns back to Alana) So you two weren’t making any romantic plans?

ALANA: Hardly. (She snickers) He’ll be busy at his new job.

CUT TO: The bar, where Zachary is sitting waiting for his friends.

VICTORIA: Thanks for the drink… how did you know that’s what I liked?

ZACHARY: This would be your… second one?

VICTORIA: (Sheepish look on her face as she grins) You’re very perceptive. You following the nurses for a little TLC or something?

ZACHARY: I wish. I’m here to meet a couple friends of mine. Care to keep me company while I wait?

VICTORIA: (Thinks it over and looks at her table, as a couple nurses are smiling) What the heck. (Climbs onto a chair) Sure, count me in.

Zachary is smiling as Victoria takes a sip of her drink. The music builds and turns a bit eerie, as we show Susannah in her darkened bedroom. She is asleep but once again, it is obvious that she’s having some sort of nightmare.

In a cold sweat, Susannah awakens and stifles a scream, quickly silencing herself once she sees where she is. She looks at the clock and, resigned to a night of interrupted sleep, lies back on the bed before shutting her eyes.

The picture fades to black and the Somerset logo reappears.

Somerset… is brought to you today by fresher than ever Lemon Fresh Joy. For a nice reflection on you and your dishes… and by Coast, the invigorating deodorant soap that’s the eye opener!


In her bedroom the next morning, Susannah is finishing getting dressed. As she is adjusting earrings, the phone rings.

SUSANNAH: Figures I’d get these put in… (removes earring to answer the phone) Hello?

Sam Lucas is on the other end, with Lahoma in the background.

SAM: Hey, Susie. Did you guys have fun last night?

SUSANNAH: Oh hey Dad… yeah, Joanne and a couple other women went to The Riverboat Club for a couple drinks and then we went our separate ways for the night. I was back here by 10.

SAM: Probably a good idea with work the next day…

SUSANNAH: I’m sorry I didn’t call last night, but when I got in there was something waiting for me. I guess you could call it a welcome present.

SAM: What’d Stan and Teri do, send you a basket of flowers or something?

SUSANNAH: Please. I wish it were that pleasant. There was a newspaper waiting for me.

SAM: Come on. The Register can’t have gotten that bad.

SUSANNAH: Very funny, Dad. No… it was a Kansas City Star.

SAM: (Face turns serious) What the hell… who knows your time in Kansas City?

SUSANNAH: I can think of one person who might want to do a bit of research.

SAM: Hey, don’t let it get you down. You just keep doing your work and being a good employee at Martin.

SUSANNAH: Considering it’s just my second day, I don’t think that’ll be a problem. (Checks watch) I’m going to get to the office early and take care of some paperwork.

SAM: Don’t let me stop you. Have a good day, honey.

SUSANNAH: You too. I love you, Dad.

SAM: Mom loves you too. Take care. (Puts down phone)

LAHOMA: Is everything okay?

SAM: Not at all. Hold on. (Picks up phone) Yeah, Jack Martin, please.

CUT TO: Martin Enterprises, where Jack is already at work on a couple projects when the phone rings.

JACK: (Picks up) Yes, Joanne?... Oh, good, put him on. (Pause) What did Susannah do, complain to you about what a slave driver I am?

SAM: I wish it were that simple. Susannah got a special delivery last night.

JACK: What type of delivery? (Pause… his face darkens) Son of a bitch.

SAM: My sentiments exactly. George is the only one who could have known about Susannah.

JACK: Well, I’m glad I knew from before… and it wouldn’t have impacted my mind on Susannah.

SAM: I don’t want to appear like I’m fighting Susie’s battles.

JACK: Sometimes you have to fight a little unfair. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll take care of this and Susannah won’t have to know a thing.

SAM: Thank you, Jack. I didn’t call to ask for a favor, so you know.

JACK: Consider it a little payback for all the time you spent mentoring me. (Pause) OK, Sam. Have a good day.

As he puts down the phone, Jack gathers his jacket and heads into the outer office.

JACK: By the way, Joanne, how was the night at the bar with the ladies?

JOANNE: Not bad. We’re all shut-ins, you know. We have to be home by 8. (Laughs) Just kidding. We were out until about 9:30.

JACK: All right. Good to see all of you unwinding. I’ve got a special errand I need to run, so if anyone wonders where I am…

JOANNE: I’ll just tell them you’re out.

JACK: Good. Promise I’ll be back shortly.

Joanne says goodbye to Jack and turns back to her desk, picking up a phone call as the picture fades to black.

We’ll return to Somerset in just a moment.


In the Petterino kitchen, Giovanni is enjoying a cup of coffee as Rose is sitting at the kitchen table looking at the previous day’s Register.

ROSE: Do you really think Jack’s project is going to take off?

GIOVANNI: I’ll stake my life on it. It’s his preferito progetto. His life’s work. He wants to make sure everything’s perfect on it.

ROSE: And you?

GIOVANNI: I’d love nothing more. Do you realize how much more business Giovanni’s could get with a revitalized downtown? Bernard’s? The Riverboat Club? The Finial? All of Somerset could be impacted by this.

ROSE: Our restaurant is doing very well. For that we should be grateful.

GIOVANNI: Oh, I’m not saying I’m not grateful. We’ve endured downturns in our industry before.

(Annabella comes downstairs from her bedroom)

ANNABELLA: Morning, Mom… Dad… (kisses both)

GIOVANNI: Bella figlia. Good morning… how was your date last night?

ANNABELLA: (Gets a look on her face as if to say “unbelievable” and shoots it back at Giovanni) Dad…

GIOVANNI: (Smiles) Always knew I could get a rise out of you.

ROSE: Giovanni, honey, you know better than that… (turns to Annabella) how was last night, dear?

ANNABELLA: A lot of fun. Scott and I played some pool, and I haven’t lost my touch there. We played a few games, had a couple drinks, had fun getting acquainted again…

ROSE: Scott really appreciates your friendship, you know. He leaned heavily on all of us when Julia died.

ANNABELLA: And it broke my heart to see him in such pain. Julia’s car crash shook us all up.

ROSE: Well, all you two have to do is just stay friends. Just because you’re female and he’s a guy doesn’t mean you have to hook up.

ANNABELLA: (Surprised look on her face) Mother! How do you know the expression?

ROSE: In my day, honey, they called it a one-night stand. (Breaks out in laughter)

ANNABELLA: I don’t think that’s what they called it, but I like the fact we’re talking about it and you’re not mad.

GIOVANNI: Not a chance, honey. We could never be mad at you.

ANNABELLA: I thought Tori would be here… did she have to work this morning?

GIOVANNI: Yes, she did. But she did the smart thing… I think she took a change of clothes and everything and crashed at a friend’s house last night. I think her name was Taylor?

ANNABELLA: Ah yes, Taylor Kendrick. I know who she is. She’s a great person.

ROSE: Perhaps we could fix Scott up with Taylor?

ANNABELLA: (Rolls her eyes) Not a chance, mother. Scott’s too straight-laced for Taylor’s tastes. (Laughs) Come to think of it, so am I.

Rose and Giovanni laugh as Annabella shakes her head. The picture changes to the front office of the Cleybank Corporation. Jack is coming in through the door.

SECRETARY: Hi, can I help you?

JACK: I’m here to see George.

SECRETARY: I’ll check and see if he’s…

JACK: (Brushes past her) Never mind, I’ll check on him myself.

SECRETARY: Sir, you can’t go back… (Jack throws open the door) I’m sorry, sir, he just barged right past me.

GEORGE: That’s all right, Denise. You may go.

SECRETARY: Thank you.

GEORGE: (Comes out from behind desk) To what do I owe this pleasure visit?

JACK: Shall I tell you to cram the pleasantries or would you like to experience me doing it myself?

GEORGE: Obviously you’re not in a socializing mood.

JACK: Cut the crap, George. When are you going to learn you can’t get what you want by intimidating others?

GEORGE: What do you mean?

JACK: Does the name Susannah Lucas ring a bell?

George looks at Jack as the music plays. The picture fades to black, followed by the Somerset logo and credits after the last set of commercials.

Join us each weekday afternoon at this time for the continuing story of Somerset. And on most of these same SONBC stations, be sure to stay tuned for S.T.E.A.M. This program was recorded.


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