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EPISODE 20 (8/10)



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(The screen turns white and the town of Somerset is slowly drawn on screen line-by-line as the music swells to its climax)

This… is Somerset.


The 20th episode opens at the Petterino house. Annabella is looking at herself in a compact mirror as we hear a knock on the door. Annabella rises from the chair and opens the door to find Scott standing there.

SCOTT: Evening, my dear.

ANNABELLA: (Hugs Scott) You’re early! Come on in and have a seat. Just checking myself out in the mirror.

SCOTT: I find that hard to believe that a model would need to check…

ANNABELLA: (Raises finger) Uh uh, Scott. Don’t even go there… you know I’m a model overseas but here I’m just Annabella, Giovanni’s daughter.

SCOTT: (Feigns shock) Oh sorry! I plumb forgot.

ANNABELLA: I’ll just bet you did. I’ll warn you that my pool skills might be a little rusty. I haven’t had much of a chance to play lately.

SCOTT: Don’t tell me they don’t have pool tables over in Venice.

ANNABELLA: They do, but when you’re on shoots like mine the first thing you want to do is go back to the hotel and crash.

SCOTT: Well, remember. Here you’re Annabella, Giovanni’s daughter.

ANNABELLA: Quite right. (Snaps compact shut) By the way, we might run into Victoria this evening.

SCOTT: Really? Is she out with her friends?

ANNABELLA: A few nurses – Taylor, Alana, and a couple others – decided to have another girls’ night out since they had so much fun the other time.

SCOTT: We could have invited Tori along with us.

ANNABELLA: I told her to stop on in, but she wanted to give us privacy. I don’t know why.

SCOTT: Imagine that. (Rolls eyes) Let’s go, shall we?

Scott puts a hand on Annabella’s shoulder and gently guides her toward the door; the music builds awaiting the scene change.

CUT TO: Martin Enterprises, where Susannah is hard at work on a file and almost finished with it when the door opens. Joanne is standing there.

SUSANNAH: Hey, Joanne, what’s going on?

JOANNE: A couple of us wondered if we could take Martin Enterprises’ newest employee out for a drink. Wanna come?

SUSANNAH: (Thinks about it) Sure! I could use a break from the humdrum life I’ve had lately. Let me close this file (phone buzzes) and take this quick call.

JOANNE: Okay. (She stands there as Susannah answers the phone)

SUSANNAH: Good evening, Susannah Lucas?

Her father Sam is on the other end of the line, calling from Oklahoma City.

SAM: (Turns at his desk to face the window) How’s my favorite attorney daughter on her first day at Martin?

SUSANNAH: Hi, Daddy!

JOANNE: (Motions outside) Don’t worry. We’ll be outside waiting.

SUSANNAH: (Thumbs up to Joanne) Checking up on me or something?

SAM: No, just wondering how your first day as a gainfully employed attorney went.

SUSANNAH: It was fine. Jack’s got me working on a couple details involving his Project X… he still hasn’t filled me in on what the hell’s going on, though… oh, and Patrick stopped by as I was getting ready this morning.

SAM: Awfully nice of Patrick to do that.

SUSANNAH: Yeah. He and I had a quick breakfast before I came to the office… I’m just about to go out with Joanne and a couple of her friends for drinks.

SAM: Making fast friends at the office already. Hey, don’t let me stop you… I just wanted to call and say hi.

SUSANNAH: I appreciate the thought. Tell Mom hi, and if I don’t talk to you later tonight I’ll be sure to call in the morning.

SAM: Thank ya, hon. Love you.

SUSANNAH: Love you too, Dad.

As she hangs up, Susannah grabs her purse and shuts out the lights, waiting to join Joanne and her friends. The picture fades to black and the Somerset logo reappears.

Somerset… is brought to you today by delicious, rich, roasted Folger’s Crystals. The coffee that tastes as rich as it looks… and by Swiffer, the household cleaner that reaches places ordinary cleaners can’t touch.


At Bernard’s, Alana, Taylor, Victoria and a couple other nurses are sitting around a large table with two pitchers of beer in the center.

TAYLOR: Great idea you guys had to go out again tonight.

ALANA: Yeah… only let’s not make it back-to-back nights in the future, OK? Some of us had to work and missed out before.

TAYLOR: Is it my fault you were watching a patient closely?

VICTORIA: Careful, Taylor… that’s still a sore spot with Alana.

ALANA: It’s not a sore spot! (Drinks) Nick and I have become better friends as of late. We’ve gotten over the awkward stage we were in following our breakup.

TAYLOR: That’s good. (Looks at the bar) Because your other friend just walked in.

Alana turns to notice Mike at the bar. Mike doesn’t see Alana, but she gets up.

ALANA: Be right back, ladies. (Goes over with a beer glass to the bar, taps Mike on the shoulder) Hey you…

MIKE: (Turns) Hi!

He reaches out, draws Alana close, and gives her a quick kiss. It’s an awkward moment, and the two look at each other a bit strange afterwards.

Back at the main table, Victoria gets a drink delivered to her at the table, prompting her to look puzzled.

VICTORIA: (Turns to waitress) I’m sorry, miss… I didn’t order this.

WAITRESS: I know. Courtesy of the gentleman at the bar.

Victoria turns to see Zachary sitting there, smiling and waving. She turns back and has a devilish grin on her face.

CUT TO: Scott and Annabella sharing a game of pool in the back room of Bernard’s. Annabella has just finished putting the 8-ball away, much to Scott’s chagrin.

SCOTT: Who was it that said they were a little rusty at pool?

ANNABELLA: I thought I was.

SCOTT: You could beat Jackie Gleason at this game if he were still alive. You hustler. That’s four games in a row you’ve won!

ANNABELLA: Oh, so you’re implying I’m a con artist?

SCOTT: A damn good looking con artist.

ANNABELLA: (Blushes slightly) Thanks.

SCOTT: So someone captured your heart in Italy, huh?

ANNABELLA: Yeah! Kind of a whirlwind romance. He’s back here in the states now and he said he’d look me up when he had a chance.

SCOTT: You can wait that long?

ANNABELLA: I’ll try. It won’t be easy. But I’ll try.

SCOTT: Hey, that’s what you’ve got friends like me for, isn’t it?

ANNABELLA: I like being with you because you don’t ask questions. You’re not an inquisitive person away from the police station.

SCOTT: You were there for me after Julia passed away.

ANNABELLA: Do you think about her often?

SCOTT: Every time I hear about a car accident in Somerset. I guess that’s why I got on your case last night about driving so quickly to get to Grant’s Preserve.

ANNABELLA: I fined myself $500 for that. Sent a check off to the Red Cross.

SCOTT: I’d have fined you less.

ANNABELLA: Hey, I want to do some good things with the money I earned over in Italy. There’s more where that came from, I tell myself.

Scott smiles, and Annabella also smiles as she grabs the pool stick for another game.

ANNABELLA: Maybe this time I’ll let you win.

The two begin another game of pool as the picture fades to black.

We’ll return to Somerset in just a moment.


Back at the main bar, as Mike pulls away from Alana.

ALANA: Had a few too many already?

MIKE: Hey, throw that beer in my face if you want. I’m sorry. I’m just giddy.

ALANA: Really? (Puts beer down) I’ll spare you the shower then. What’s got you so giddy?

MIKE: Meet Mike Wagner, the newest investigative reporter at The Register. I got promoted this afternoon.

ALANA: (Eyes widen) Oh my God! That’s wonderful! In that case…

Alana reaches in and plants a kiss of her own on Mike. Now it’s Mike’s turn to smile.

ALANA: Unfortunately, bud, that’s the last kiss you’re getting from me tonight because I’m out with the girls. But I will buy you a cold one if you’d like.

MIKE: I accept.

For the first time, we see Mike, hand around Alana’s back, and she really isn’t resisting being by his side.


The outside of Susannah’s condo. Susannah has pulled up after going out with Joanne for a couple drinks, and she swings her legs out to the driveway to get out of the car.

Walking up the sidewalk, we see Susannah kneel to pick up the Register. She notices the newspaper sticking out of the corner.

SUSANNAH: Why would a paperboy bury the paper under the floor mat like that?

She picks up the paper, without noticing the contents, and unlocks the door to go inside.

Susannah puts the papers on the kitchen counter and turns on the lights, taking off her suit jacket. She sees the Register on the top.

SUSANNAH: Wonder what’s good in today’s news?

Susannah picks up the Register… and she sees the old copy of The Kansas City Star underneath. She gasps and puts the Register down over the KC paper.

SUSANNAH: No… no… it can’t be…

She sees the KC Star paper there. We hear a fast heart beating, ostensibly Susannah’s, as she gets a terrified look on her face. We cannot see what she is thinking, but it can’t be good. Looking down, she sees her hands trembling.

Quickly reaching into the refrigerator, she grabs a bottled water and slugs it down to calm her fragile nerves.

What is in that paper must have scared Susannah… but what is it? The picture fades to black.

Join us each weekday afternoon at this time for the continuing story of Somerset… and on most of these same SONBC stations, be sure to enjoy As Days Go By.

The preceding program was pre-recorded.


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