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The Guiding Light: Episode 081
Monday, August 6, 2007
Written By: Josh Hawkins & Dan Gobble


Nine Weeks in the Future


“Would you like to see a menu Mrs. Spaulding?” A waitress at Towers questioned, “Sir?”

“That won’t be necessary Darlene, Mr. Winthrop and I won’t be staying long.” Beth answered. “Cass I know that you’re just doing your job but I really appreciate you coming all the way from Bay City today.”

“No problem at all Beth,” Cass answered. “I know that we’ve talked a lot about this day over the course of the last eight or nine weeks, but just so I’m clear…”

“Cass…I’m so sorry to interrupt you but you’ve asked me this same question at every meeting we had since I filed for divorce and my answer has always been the same.”

“I’m aware of that Beth. But, the relationship you had with Phillip…”

“Is over,” she assured him. “Olivia Spaulding suck her greedy sharp claws into Alan, she sought out to wreck my relationship with Lizzie, she published a very private diary that I wrote during one of the lowest points in my life, she had a child with Phillip and the worse part of this whole damn thing is that Phillip loves her.”


“I can only imagine how you must feel Beth and I apologize for the hurt this has caused you.”

“Thank you and I appreciate that, very much.” Beth paused, and then spoke sternly and directly. “Phillip is an incredibly wealthy man and I want half of everything I am entitled to as his wife, Spaulding stock, alimony. I want custody of my son, I want the art gallery he promised me and…” she stopped mid sentence.

“You want the affair exposed in open court?” Cass asked.

Beth took a moment to answer, “You bet your ass I do.”


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“Would you go ahead and e-mail those figures to me,” Mindy Lewis questioned from the comfort of her apartment in Paris. “Okay then Daddy,” she shook her head, “have Wanda or Uncle Josh send them. You really need to…” she listened as Billy attempted to lecture her. “Just have Wanda do it. Okay?” Mindy listened as Billy called out to Wanda. “How’s he doing?”

“It’s tough for him Melinda Sue,” Billy answered. “It helps hearing from you though.”

“And the baby?” Mindy questioned, “I spoke with Michelle earlier in the week and she said that the baby might go home this week.”

“That’s right. Just between you and me darlin’ I don’t see how that little girl could not be a Lewis, because she is one of helluva of a fighter.”

Mindy laughed, “I miss you so much sometimes.”

“You oughta come see your old man more often that would remedy that problem of yours.” Billy listened as Mindy explained how busy she was and that it was hard for her to get away.

“Listen Marah just got off the phone with Danny. I’ll call you later Daddy. I love you too.”

Marah had her hair pulled up in a tight ponytail and even though it was early afternoon in Paris she was wearing some pink PJs that Reva had sent over weeks earlier, “Was that Uncle Billy?”

Mindy shook her head, “Yeah, he’s freaking out over an email that took Wanda a second and half to send over. Any luck getting Danny on the phone?”

“Take a guess?” Marah sank down on the sofa next to her. That had become sort of a tradition lately, Marah called Danny…he didn’t answer…she came to Mindy and cried and asked the same question time and time again. “What in the hell was I thinking? Michelle has a baby…quite possibly Danny’s child and I flip out…”


“Marah don’t put yourself through this torture again, you did what you did because you were scared. It’s completely understandable.”

“No! No it’s not Mindy. The man I say I love needed me desperately and I refused to stand by him. How do you even begin to apologize for something like that?” Marah laid her head on Mindy’s shoulder and tears slowly streamed down her cheek.


“All rise. This court is now in session the Honorable David Chandler is preceding.” A court bailiff called out as Beth cut her eyes toward Phillip. She loved him despite everything that he had put her through with Hannah and Olivia. He was apart of her, no matter what was about to happen.

Across the courtroom, Phillip stood also reflecting on his past with Beth. His mind raced back to a Christmas nine years earlier and something that she had said to him, “Phillip don’t you remember all the dreams you had? I do, I remember them like they were yesterday.” Beth did know his dreams. She held a large part of his heart and his past. Nevertheless, he knew it was time to move on, it had to be because he was in love with another woman.

Ross and Cass almost at the same time touched their client’s hand so they would set down. “Mdm. Court Clerk will you call the case number please?” Judge Chandler ordered.

“Case number 8912-A, comes now the petitioner Beth Raines Spaulding seeking in this court a legal decree of divorce from the respondent Phillip Granville Spaulding.”

“Is there representation for both parities?” Judge Chandler questioned.

“Cass Wintrhop for Beth Raines Spaulding. Ross Marler for Phillip Spaudling.” Both lawyers addressed the court.

“All right then let’s get this underway shall we? Mr. Winthrop as the petitioner please tell us why Mrs. Spaulding comes seeking a divorce from Mr. Spaulding.”

“You’re honor,” Cass stood to address the court, “Mrs. Spaulding has filed this petition with court because of her husband’s infidelity with one Olivia Spencer-Spaulding.”

Ross stood, “Your honor we do not object this fact, however we feel that the dissolution of marriage should be lack of communication.”

“Your honor my client has evidence in the form of a DNA test that will prove to the court beyond a responsible doubt that during their marriage Mr. Spaulding was unfaithful, while not physically, but mentally to his wife…”


“Objection your honor!” Ross called out. “My client was never unfaithful to his wife during their marriage…” He paused when Phillip touched his hand, “Your honor may have a moment to consult with my client?”

“Let’s make it quick Mr. Marler.”

“What are you doing?” Ross questioned, “Let me do my job.”

“Cass is right, I was unfaithful to Beth. I lied about Olivia and the baby.” Phillip shook his head, “Believe it or not but I do love that woman. Just agree with what Cass says and whatever she wants she can have.”

“Phillip, you’re acting in the moment and as your attorney and your uncle I have to advise you against doing anything hasty?” Ross lectured, “If you give in to her demands you’ll be giving up the chance for full custody of James. Phillip, is that what you want?”

“Mr. Marler…” the Judge announced.

“That’s fine if that is what you want to do Phillip, but you’re not thinking of Olivia.”

“How do you mean?”

“If we allow them to expose Olivia as an adulterous then her chances for that pre-nup holding up in court are going to be shot to hell,” Ross warned. “Is that what you want?”

“I have to protect both of them, the woman I love and the woman I used to love and still care for. You’re a smart man Ross. I trust that you’ll fix this.”



“I made a horrible mistake.” Marah finally admitted for the first time in eight weeks.

“And you think you’re alone in that mistake?” Mindy replied. “Please tell me that you haven’t forgot what Danny said to Michelle before we left for New York City.”

Marah closed her eyes and thought back to the morning after they all learned the devastating news.

“You don’t need to pack a bag for yourself, it’s only immediate family.” Danny explained from the doorway of Marah’s suite at the Santos Mansion. “Michelle’s made it perfectly clear that she’s the primary caregiver for the baby until the DNA test is performed.”

“And what Michelle wants she gets, isn’t that right Danny?” Marah asked as she zipped her luggage, “You know what don’t answer that. And this bag isn’t for the hospital, Mindy called and she needs me in Paris.”

“You’re leaving?” Danny questioned. “A little girl that could be my child or your cousin is fighting for her life and you’re running away?”

“What would you have me do? Stand by in the shadows and watch as you console Michelle, promise her that everything is going to be all right? Hardly, I love you far too much for that Danny.” She declared as Shayne honked the horn from the driveway, “That’s my brother, I have to go.”

Marah sat up on the sofa and jolted herself back into the reality of the matter, “How do I fix this? How can I explain to a man who has been nothing but good and loyal to me…”

“He’s not been loyal,” Mindy reminded her. “He kissed Michelle and where I come from, the same you do that’s not loyal.”

“But he’s been good to me, nevertheless. He was good about not pressing charges against Roxanne and my mother.”

“We’ve talked about that Marah, your mother didn’t have any control of Tony’s death, it was Roxie.”

Marah took a deep breath and rubbed her face, “I know…I have to go home don’t I?”

She lightly stroked her cousin's hair, “I’m afraid so and I’m afraid my reasons for wanting you to go home are selfish.”

“For Bill you mean?”

“If we’re going to get this company off the ground then I need to be in New York and Marah I can’t do that until I sell my apartment here and get the design house moved.”

“Okay, okay. Either way I need to be there.”

“For Danny, for Bill and please Marah, please start making a mends with your mother.”

“Thanks for listening, I’m take a nap.”

“You know you’re just like Reva in a lot of ways,” Mindy remarked, “you jump without looking first and then somehow manage to land on your feet. That’s certainly not a Lewis trait.” Marah shook her head, “I’ll wake you for dinner.”


Ed, Michelle, Bill and Danny all sat outside the NICU. Michelle had summoned them there a hour earlier because of a development with the baby.

Reva stepped off the elevator and headed down the hall. “Hello everyone,” she announced her arrival. “Bill your Daddy called me and asked that I come down.”


“Is there something wrong?” Bill questioned.

“Just some meetings he couldn’t get out of. He’ll be down right after,” Reva explained as she returned Bill’s hug. “Has the doctor been out yet?” Bill shook his head no and led Reva over to an empty seat out the couch across from Ed and Michelle. “How is everyone? Danny.” Reva smiled. “Michelle I hope you don’t mind me being here, Bill wanted Billy to come…”

“It’s fine Reva,” Michelle answered just as the doctor emerged from the NICU.

“Looks like that little girl in there has quite the fan club,” the doctor smiled.

“You said that you had some news about the baby,” Michelle cut to the point. “Has something changed?”

“Something has changed indeed,” he explained. “It appears that the baby responded very well to the surgery to repair the whole in her heart. We’ve monitored her as you know for the last nine weeks and we’re ready to put her in a nursery for a few days.”

“And then what?” Michelle asked, as she looked at Ed, “Dad?”

“Well then Ms. Bauer you’ll be able to take that little fighter home for good, I would recommend giving her a name however.”


“Of course,” Michelle breathed a sigh of relief as did Danny and Bill. “I hate to bring this up, but it is something that has been worrying all of us since she was born.” Michelle explained, “There needs to be a paternity test ran immediately on the baby, we have some issues with determining who the biological father is.”

“Yes, Dr. Ramsey made that perfectly clear when I took over the case. I had one of the nurse’s take a sample of DNA from the baby’s cheek, it’s the lab right now.”

“So you need Bill and I to do a sample?” Danny finally spoke up.

“That’s correct.”

“Can they do it now?” Ed asked. “I just think we’ve put this off for far to long…” he finished as his beeper began to go off. “I’m sorry, excuse me.”

“If Mr. Santos and Mr. Lewis are ready, now would be an ideal time.”

Everyone began to gather their belongings as Ed hurried off to the emergency room. Danny lightly touched Reva’s shoulder. “Have you heard from Marah lately?”

Reva shook her head, “She called Shayne last night. Has she not…”

“I see.” Danny cut her off as he and Bill hurried off to the elevator leaving Michelle and Reva alone.

“So how you holding up kiddo?”

Michelle shrugged, “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, that’s for sure. I just want to go in there and hold her in my arms…she’s two months old and I’ve never held her, that’s torture.”

“I know.” Reva took Michelle into her arms, “Why don’t you let me buy you a cup of coffee and you can tell me the names you’ve picked out for that little girl.”

Before Michelle could answer Reva’s phone began vibrating. “I’m sorry Michelle I have to answer this…hello, Marah.”

“Mom, can you hear me?” Marah asked.


“Of course, is something the matter?” Reva listened as Marah explained what she had been dealing with the last few days, “Tomorrow afternoon? Okay I’ll be there.” She assured her daughter and for the first time heard the words, she had waiting to hear for months. “I love you too baby.”

“Marah coming home finally?” Michelled asked as she hit the elevator button.

“Yeah seems that way.” Reva dropped her phone into her purse, “So how about that coffee?”

“Not today Reva, thanks anyway.” Michelle got on the elevator and selected a floor. “Maybe you should tell Marah about the paternity tests, I’m sure she would love to know.” Was the last words Michelle spoke before the doors closed, leaving Reva alone in the waiting room of the NICU.


“Okay seeing that both parties are in agreement with the splitting of the assets and custody of the minor child James Spaulding will be handled outside of this court.” Judge Chandler signed some documents, “Mr. Winthrop does your client wish to retain her married name?”

“No your Honor.” Cass answered.

“Very well.” He signed some more papers, “Ms. Raines, Mr. Spaulding in the eyes of the law your marriage is no longer. Your attorney’s can see the court clerk for all the required documentation.” The Judge dropped his gavel and the court went into recess. As Cass and Ross went to the court clerk’s office it left Phillip and Beth alone. Phillip stood to leave and caught Beth’s eye.


“You know if you ever need anything…”


“I’ll call.” Beth said softly as she turned her head away and let a tear fall down her cheek.

:Fade to Black:


Next on "The Guiding Light"

- Marah returns to Danny
- Someone flees Springfield
- Bill & Danny: Who's the Daddy Revealed


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