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Jump Into PC#2




Jump In to Port Charles #2


The "Jump In" articles that we'll be posting will help viewers who haven't followed General Hospital/Port Charles very closely. These articles will update you on storylines told over the past year and help you further understand our stories.

The friendship between Carly and Nikolas continued to grow stronger in the wake of Courtney's departure from town. Carly sees Nikolas as someone who accepts her for who she is. Nikolas resists his budding relationship with Carly at first, but begins to accept it when she proves that she isn’t using him to get back at Sonny. Carly helped Nikolas through Courtney leaving town while pregnant, encouraging him to move on with his life and not live in the past. Nikolas helped Carly take her own advice and the two began to form a bond.

Courtney returns to town after giving birth and reveals to Nikolas that he is the father of her son. They name him Spencer Matthew Cassadine. Though she and Nik aren’t together, she would like them to be. Courtney picks up on the chemistry between Carly and Nikolas and it doesn’t make her very happy. She moved to CA with Spencer to help expand her foundation, unable to handle the relationship between her former best friend and ex-lover.

In the fall, Courtney returned to town feeling out of place and trying to rebuild her life. Carly & Nikolas became a full fledged couple, making love for the first time in the winter of 2006. The one thing that was obvious in their relationship is Nikolas makes Carly want to be a better person. She's become more accessible to her family, and is there to help them when they need her, instead of putting Sonny first. Michael also accepts Nikolas as a part of Carly's life, which makes their relationship mean a lot more.

Carly helped Tracy & Luke gain control of ELQ and in the process was given the power to re-create Deception Cosmetics, renaming the company to Deception Inc. Carly has put a lot of focus into her work, determined to make something of her life for herself and her children.

Courtney was killed after someone blew up her apartment. This was the catalyst for the growing mob war between Sonny & Lorenzo. Carly and Nikolas grieved for her, with the two of them getting even closer in the wake of the tragedy. Carly promised to help raise little Spencer.

Soon after, Nikolas found out that his cousin Sam survived the explosion and that Lucky has been keeping Sam safe since Thanksgiving. Nikolas immediately took control of the situation and arranged for Sam to begin therapy with Lainey. Lucky & Sam moved into Wyndemere (though Sam's presence was kept a secret).

Carly overheard Nikolas talking with Lucky and learned that Sam was in fact alive and they were keeping it a secret. Carly told Jason what she knew and froze out Nikolas for weeks….until she found out she was pregnant. Cary and Nikolas made amends and are now enjoying their family on the way.


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I love this concept too...it's not only good for those who don't follow the blog as closely, but also for some of us who may have missed reading some of the blog focused on some of our favorite characters...

Awesome job as always gang :D:)

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