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EPISODE 7 (7/24)



(The screen turns white as the Somerset skyline is drawn line by line on the screen and the music swells)

This... is Somerset.


The scene is a direct pickup from Monday's broadcast, with George Cleypool seeing Susannah and turning toward her.

GEORGE: Are you the irresponsible fool who nearly killed my son?

SUSANNAH: (Appears shocked) I drove the car, yes. But your son only has a few bumps and scratches...

GEORGE: (Comes in and gets close in Susannah's face) He could have been killed because of you!

LAHOMA: Mr. Cleypool, that is enough. My daughter swerved to avoid something in the road. Had she not swerved, who knows what would have...

GEORGE: (Turns around) Are you going to say who knows what would have happened? I know what would have happened. (He turns back toward Susannah) This person who shouldn't be driving after having a few glasses of wine would have hit the motorcycle and killed Zachary. Why are you even driving??

SUSANNAH: Mr. Cleypool, your son is fine. He's...

GEORGE: (Raises his voice and yells at Susannah) No thanks to you! He's in a hospital bed because you didn't see him? DIDN'T SEE HIM?? How could you not see...

As George is continuing his tirade, Jack comes into the waiting room.

JACK: If you care to browbeat my friends, George, at least have the common decency to yell at a defenseless woman.

SUSANNAH: Jack, I can take care of...

JACK: There's no defense against someone like George Cleypool, Susannah. (Comes over to George) I believe you know your son is okay and that he swerved to avoid the car. Which was driving in a straight line and Susannah was not drunk.

GEORGE: Plying your friends with a little booze and liquor, Jack? Is that the only way you can get support these days?

JACK: (Smiles and begins laughing) Oh no no, George... I'm not falling for that routine. I suggest you save your voice for someone who really needs to hear it...

GEORGE: You have not heard the last from me. (Points at Susannah) Count on that. (He leaves the waiting area)

SUSANNAH: (Still a bit shaken) Man, Jack... what did you do to upset him so much?

JACK: Sold Delaney Brands down the road accidentally. Are you all right?

SUSANNAH: Considering I just got examined by Patrick and told everything was okay, I think so.

PATRICK: (Appears from a corridor) And I think I just heard my name. You guys have time for a little catch-up session?

LAHOMA: Sure, Patrick. Is it your break?

PATRICK: Working a shift that takes me into the overnight, so yeah... I need a meal in me. Come... I know you've eaten, but you need to see the hospital cafeteria.

SAM: Lead the way. Glad we ate. (Laughs)

(The music plays as the picture fades to black and then fades in with the Somerset logo)

Somerset. Brought to you today by Head and Shoulders. The shampoo that relieves problem dandruff and dry scalp for fresher, cleaner hair. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.


It is quiet in the Grant's Preserve subdivision as Rose is sitting out on the porch. Giovanni arrives home and a door slams.

GIOVANNI: Rose... Rose, honey... where is my bella?

ROSE: (Yells) Out here, dear. Enjoying a nice evening, or what's left of it.

GIOVANNI: Ah, I see. (Appears in doorway) There she is. (Comes over and kisses Rose) You look as good as you did the day we met.

ROSE: Slaving over a hot stove at the college cafeteria?

GIOVANNI: You know better than that. (Sits down) You were working at the pizza parlor just off campus. I came in and ordered a pizza with anchovies, mushrooms and sausage...

ROSE: So it was the pizza. All these years I thought you couldn't resist me.

GIOVANNI: You too. (Kisses Rose) You looked so attractive with pizza sauce on the apron.

ROSE: And all these years later, here you are.

GIOVANNI: It's a little quiet here tonight. Where's Victoria?

ROSE: I sort of encouraged her to take a pint of ice cream over to Alana's apartment.

GIOVANNI: (Gives Rose a cockeyed look) Rose Julia Alberts Petterino, are you trying to bribe the head nurse at Somerset Hospital?

ROSE: Absolutely not. Alana's just talked lately about feeling a little lonely.

GIOVANNI: Ahh, she'll adjust. She should think about getting a cat... a dog... a companion to keep her company...

ROSE: Well, she had someone in her life, but it didn't quite work out.

GIOVANNI: I didn't say the companion had to be a male human being.

ROSE: Oh, I know. Alana can take care of herself, anyway. She's working all those hours at Somerset Hospital and Victoria really looks up to her. Besides, once Tori's up to speed, Alana's mentioned something about giving her more hours and taking some time to do other projects...

GIOVANNI: I see. Does she still harbor dreams of being a doctor?

ROSE: No, she likes her nursing job. Now Tori... I think she could be a doctor in an instant.

GIOVANNI: Try again, honey. It takes how long to become a doctor?

ROSE: (Nuzzles and kisses Giovanni) Oh, you know what I meant...

(The two turn and look at the sky as the music plays and the scene changes)

CUT TO: The cafeteria at Somerset Hospital, where Lahoma, Sam, Susannah and Patrick are around a table. Jack already has bid his friends goodbye for the night and returned to the condo.

LAHOMA: I couldn't believe how that man acted.

PATRICK: (Sipping coffee) George Cleypool, head of the Cleybank Corporation. He does a lot with the hospital, but he's got an awful bark. You didn't hear it from me, but I think he and his wife are estranged and that might be why he's acting like a...

SAM: Jerk?

SUSANNAH: Good one, Dad. So how are your mom and dad, Patrick?

PATRICK: Just talked with Dad a few days ago. He and Mom are enjoying semi-retirement in Arizona. He's still at it, though.

SAM: Not surprising. Stanley was always a good doctor here in Somerset, and I was surprised to hear he married Teri. Happened after we left Somerset, right?

PATRICK: About two years after you left. They had me, and I was such a handful they stopped.

SUSANNAH: I can understand that. (Laughs)

PATRICK: You already wanted my lab coat. You're pushing for the shirt, aren't you?

LAHOMA: Excuse me?

PATRICK: (Catches himself) Doctors' humor. Your daughter's always had the gift for the zinger where I'm concerned.

SUSANNAH: Not really. It's just good to see a familiar face. It'll make the transition to Somerset less daunting.

PATRICK: If that's the case (raises coffee cup) then I'll be glad to be of assistance.

(The music plays as the picture fades to black)

We'll return to Somerset in just a moment.


We fade in on the Petterino residence, where Giovanni and Rose are by the staircase area.

ROSE: Tori still isn't back yet. You feel like being back in our twenties and fooling around a bit?

GIOVANNI: A bit? I was thinking... (Leans in and kisses Rose over and over before whispering something inaudible)

ROSE: (Looks shocked) My, you're a naughty boy. Come on before I change my mind.

(In the next scene, we see Rose upstairs with Giovanni as she slowly unbuttons his shirt and he begins to strip her of her clothes. It's obvious what will take place, but the scene changes before we see any action)

CUT TO: Zachary's hospital room, where he is being held overnight for observation. George is by his son's side.

ZACHARY: Dad, I made the mistake. I may have been in the other car's way.

GEORGE: You weren't over the limit, were you?

ZACHARY: Two scotches after dinner. Hardly. I was heading into town to meet some friends for beers. If I didn't feel like driving back, I'd have stayed with a friend or had someone drive me back.

GEORGE: Fenwick could have gotten you...

ZACHARY: Dad, I can take care of myself.

GEORGE: Humor me, okay? I almost lost you tonight.

ZACHARY: (Gets an incredible look on his face) It was only a small cycle accident. It wasn't like I crashed into a car and rolled over its roof. Dad... I know you're worried about losing me from the house too, but I'm not going anywhere.

GEORGE: Good thing. I need a partner in crime to assist me in my latest quest.

ZACHARY: Which is what?

GEORGE: Making sure the one who nearly ran into you pays. Dearly.

(Zachary looks at his dad with seriousness as the picture fades and the Somerset credits roll)

Join us each weekday afternoon at this time for the continuing story of Somerset. And on many of these same computers, be sure to watch the drama STEAM. Sex in the afternoon, weekdays on SONBC. This program was pre-recorded.


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