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EPISODE 6 (7/23)



(The screen turns white, with the town of Somerset being drawn line by line on the screen)

This... is Somerset.


The first scene of the day is a direct pickup of Friday's final moments, with Susannah having just swerved the car.

LAHOMA: Susannah, how many drinks did you have with dinner?

SUSANNAH: Mom! I only had a few glasses of wine. I'll get out and see what happened.

Susannah gets out of the car and looks back... she sees a body on the ground and a motorcycle still running. Running up, she turns the body over and we see that it is Zachary.

SUSANNAH: My God... what have I done?

SAM: Susie, is he okay?

SUSANNAH: (Checking for pulse) Yeah, he's unconscious, but he's stirring a bit.

ZACHARY: (Starting to move his head) Wha... whaaa... what happened?

SAM: Don't move. You don't know if you're hurt or not.

ZACHARY: Relax. I feel all right. (We see blue and red lights come on the scene) Oh boy. Looks like we've got company.

(Susannah looks up, back at Zachary, then up again as the picture fades to black and the Somerset logo reappears)

Somerset. Brought to you today by Crest. The only toothpaste with the seal of the American Dental Association. You can't beat Crest for fighting cavities.


For the first time we see Jack's condominium, located on the 24th floor of Somerset's tallest building. His view of the town is spectacular, much like the vision he has for the community. He's looking down at the same building we saw on Friday and remembering the same piece of Glenn Miller music. Sipping a cocktail, he's momentarily startled by a knock on the door.

JACK: Coming. (Knocks again) Oh, hold your horses, whoever you are.

He opens the door to see Nick standing there.

NICK: Too late for a nightcap?

JACK: Nicholas. Come on in. No, not too late at all. I was just out entertaining my newest -- well, hopefully newest -- associate.

NICK: Someone finally answered your want ad? (Laughs)

JACK: After doing everything but begging, pleading, cajoling and handing over half my company to this person... no, no, on a more serious note, I hope that she will come aboard. What about you?

NICK: Just headed home myself. Thought I'd stop by to see if you were around.

JACK: Good. Join me in a drink, my friend. (The two head to the wet bar area) Looking forward to Thursday?

NICK: The convention. Yippee.

JACK: Nicholas Barclay, this is how you're going to make yourself known outside of Somerset. You've got a bright future ahead of you. It's called mingling. Mixing. Networking.

NICK: Everything Mike Wagner said it would be. Speaking of... I hear you talked to Mike earlier today about Project X?

JACK: That's not what it's called.

NICK: All right... stop me if I'm warm. Top-secret? Classified? Swallow a cyanide pill and don't tell a soul what I know?

JACK: Will you just relax? I'll let you know in due time. Mike doesn't know anything yet either.

NICK: Let me make a mean Manhattan and I'll hear you out.

(The scene changes as Jack and Nick make another beverage)

CUT TO: Somerset Hospital, where Susannah is sitting on an exam table waiting to be seen.

SUSANNAH: (Growing impatient) What the heck do you have to do to see a doctor around here? If this is how HMO's are going to be...

LAHOMA: Relax, would you? Nothing's going to happen. But honey, I have to ask something. Why were you so quick to have the officer administer a Breathalyzer on you?

SAM: It's called being smart, Lahoma. She blew a .04. Not even close to intoxicated levels. She had three glasses of wine.

LAHOMA: (Turns with surprise) Since when do you monitor your daughter's drinking habits?

SAM: We all had three glasses! Jack brought a second bottle of wine out for us.

A doctor with his face partially buried behind a clipboard comes in the room.

DOCTOR: I see we have a patient in here who... (uncovers face and looks surprised) is all grown up.

SAM: I'll be damned. How many doctors in Somerset Hospital and she draws you?

DOCTOR: That's right. Patrick Kurtz at your service. (He smiles and shows the name tag)

(Susannah smiles, as do Sam and Lahoma, as the picture fades to black)

We'll return to Somerset in just a moment.


We fade in on Jack's condo, where Jack and Nick are on Jack's couch watching a baseball game on TV and enjoying cocktails.

JACK: I'm about ready to unveil some details of my project. I don't want too many people aware of what's going on, though. Don't want the enemy camps to get any ideas.

NICK: I know. Can't let Cleybank Corporation get the upper hand, right?

JACK: Not just George. There are a few others in Somerset who would like nothing more than to capture my ideas and make them my own. (Sips from glass) And I, for one, won't stand for it.

NICK: Neither will I. (Phone rings)

JACK: Hold that thought. (Picks up phone) Hello? (Pause) Holy... are you guys okay?... I'll be right down, it's not far from me. (Puts down phone)

NICK: (Rises from couch) Hold that thought until later?

JACK: Yes. My dinner guests from this evening were involved in a minor accident on the way back. I want to go down and make sure they're all right.

NICK: Go. I'll head home and get a good night's sleep. We'll talk later.

JACK: Thank you for understanding, Nicholas. (The two leave, as the music plays and the scene changes...)

CUT TO: Somerset Hospital, where Sam and Lahoma have momentarily left the room and Patrick is looking at Susannah.

SUSANNAH: I'd hoped to surprise you under better circumstances than this.

PATRICK: Hey, just be lucky you ended up with my bedside manner. Now then... (produces stethoscope)

SUSANNAH: (Smiles) Are you always this forthright with your patients?

PATRICK: Hardly. Just the top button will do.

SUSANNAH: Well, all right... (undoes top button on blouse)

PATRICK: (Placing stethoscope and listening to Susannah's heart) Little fast, did you know that?

SUSANNAH: A few glasses of wine plus being in a minor car accident equals...

PATRICK: I know. Your blood pressure checked out fine. You're good to go.

SUSANNAH: (Redoes top button) I am?

PATRICK: You're not dizzy... no headache... pulse is normal... I'd say everything' s good.

SUSANNAH: All right. Now when do I see you out of the white coat?

PATRICK: Beg your pardon?

SUSANNAH: Hey, you asked me to undo one button. I think I should have the coat.

PATRICK: Spare me the shirt underneath. If you guys can stick around a bit I have a break for food coming and I'd love to see why you guys are in Somerset.

SUSANNAH: Well, I'm here to stay. It's Mom and Dad who are leaving tomorrow.

PATRICK: (Nods head) I'm impressed. I'll sign off on your chart.


As she leaves the room, Susannah sees Sam and Lahoma engaged in a spirited conversation with another man, who turns out to be George Cleypool.

GEORGE: (Coming over and yelling) Are you the irresponsible fool who nearly killed my son?

(Susannah is shocked, and Sam and Lahoma have frustrated looks on their faces, as the picture fades to black)

Join us each weekday afternoon at this time for the continuing story of Somerset. And on most of these same computers, be sure to watch Port Charles, weekdays on SONBC. This program was pre-recorded.


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