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Casting & Special News

Matt P.



Casting News & Upcoming Events:

It's nearing the end of Season 3 and characters are coming and going. The contract characters stay the same but the other supporting character list are rising.

Special Guest Star James Franco plays the scorned Brian Daniels who powers up with Nan (Lorena Chacon) to get back at Blake (Daniel Cosgrove). The other recurring board members include The Bold and The Beautiful vet Susan Flannery as Secretary Lanoi Dickson and ex-The Young and The Restless vet Jerry Douglas as Treasurer Benjamin Cliffside. Donald Trump's very own secretary from The Apprentice, Robin Himmler, plays Blake's new secretary Myra.

Since Carlos (Jordi Vilasuso) has been offered a job to appear in the hit teen soap "Blue Crystal," Maria Conchito Alonso plays casting director Carinia Guartiez. Joining the supporting cast list is Charissa "C.C." Chasity played by ex-Guiding Light star Deborah Zoe. Another ex-GL star, Scott Bailey, plays Ian Hadley and As the World Turns star Roger Howarth plays director Henry Boxwit.

Gearing up for a trial against Ava (Kim Stolz) has the return of two Point Palace favs, Ike (Bryton McClure) and Vicki (Bethany Joy Lenz). Inmate Kimberlin Brown and Officer Smith (Sonny Eddy) keeps Ava company. Ex-Sunset Beach star and Kensington Way character Bryant Barone (Tim Adams) will be representing her. On the opposing council is ex-Dallas bad boy William Smithers (Davis Ghram) and Rene Auberjonois presides as Judge Carnes.

Passions star Chas Divins also stars as Tanisha's date Bernard Griph. As the World Turns star Marie Masters guests as Dr. Rebecca Ralma. Plus Alexia's mystery caller will be revealed.

Also look out for a season 3 video opening to debut very soon.

"Season 3 was in my opinion the best to write because we had tons of recurring characters and exciting story plots." Explains creator Matt Politylo. "The season finale will be huge!"


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I am so saddened to find out the PP is ending I didn't know it was on a season run. STEAM is too. Damn what am I going to do? Love all the new characters except Charles "Bad Breathe" Divins. How many eppies are in one season and I am glad that you have had a very successful season. What is Kensington Way? It sounds familiar

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Don't worry Point Palace will be returning after its season run. Bernard is only in one episode, Tanisha was just using him to get to Owen. There's usually 23 episodes in one Point Palace season but this one accidentally had a few more.

Kensington Way was another series that I wrote which ran from 2003-2006.

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