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#73 Tuesday, July 17




A little horseplay with Jack winds Jill in the hospital

Jack and Jill are seating on the couch at the Abbott mansion drinking wine, when Jill looks around at their surroundings. Scoffing a bit, Jill tells Jack that when she was in the Abbott household, she always made sure that the mansion had a hint of style. Rolling his eyes, Jack tells Jill that her time at the mansion was ‘decades’ ago; times as well as style changes. Jill tells Jack that despite being older, she still has a lot of fire to her. Raising an eyebrow, Jack challenges her to a night of skinny dipping in the pool. Not backing down from a challenge, Jill takes him up on the offer and begins to race through the house to get to the pool. Jack is soon close at her heels. Unfortunately for Jill, her anxious sprint causes her to trip herself up, twisting her ankle in the process. A worried Jack, unsure of what to do, immediately helps her to his car to take her to the hospital.

A frantic Nick, who raced to the hospital upon getting the news about his wife and daughter, is awaiting for Olivia to emerge to tell him about their conditions. Daniel and Lily rush into the lobby, and upon seeing Nick, rush to find out what is going on. Nick explains that someone found her car overturned on the highway and got her to the hospital. Lily asks Nick if he needs anything to drink. Nick, who is too worried declines, demanding to know what’s taking Olivia so long to get back to them. Lily consoles Nick, telling him that her “Aunt Olivia” won’t keep him waiting; she wants to make sure everything is alright with both Phyllis and Summer. Victor, Victoria and Nikki race in, and quickly begin asking questions about both injured. A frustrated Nick tells them that he hasn’t received any word on their condition. Victor, wanting answers makes his way to the admitting desk and requests answers about his daughter-in-law and grand-daughter.

Amanda and JT are dining on take-out at the loft when JT makes the suggestion of them taking in a movie. Jokingly, Amanda tells JT that the last two movies he suggested were pure adventure flicks. Twirling a strand of Amanda’s hair, JT murmurs if she’s more into the ‘romantic’ mood. Glancing at him, Amanda tells him that maybe they should just head upstairs to see what type of romance they can create; after all, who needs a movie when they can make their own magic right there and then. Without a moment’s hesitation, JT and Amanda head upstairs where they consummate their relationship for the very first time.

Olivia approaches the family and tells them that while Phyllis has a few bumps and scrapes, Summer, on the other hand, is in need of serious treatment. Nick asks what type of treatment could she possibly need. Olivia points out that when the ambulance brought her in, she was suffering loss of blood. Victor tells Olivia that she needs to do whatever she can to save his grand-daughter. Knowing the strain on the family, Olivia excuses herself to attend to seeing what’s going on with Summer. Daniel offers to be the one to talk to his mom about Summer, however, Nick states that he wants to be the one to break the news to her. As Nick makes his way towards her room, the rest of the family all worry about the prognosis of their littlest family member.

Upon arriving at the hospital, an embarrassed and slightly annoyed Jill blames Jack for her mishap. Jack tells her that he wasn’t the one that told her to rush to prove that she still ‘has it’ and tells her that she will be just fine. She snaps that Jack always brings out that bad in her. Smirking a bit, Jack says that he’ll take that as a compliment. When a nurse wheels Jill to be examined, Jack makes his way into the waiting area. When he approaches, he sees the entire Newman family, along with Daniel and Lily there. Approaching Daniel, he asks what’s going on. Daniel tells Jack that Phyllis and Summer have been in a car accident; and although Phyllis is fine, things don’t look good for Summer.

Going into Phyllis’ room, Nick sits beside her, taking her hand in his. Closing his eyes, he is thankful that she is alright; however, not at all up for having to break the news about their daughter. Opening her eyes, Phyllis weakly smiles at her husband, who is stroking her hair. Nick whispers that she’s lucky that the person who found her was able to get her and Summer to the hospital in time. She admits that she doesn’t know what happened that caused her to swerve off the road. The question of Summer comes up. When Nick is hesitant to answer right away, Phyllis demands to know what is going on with their daughter. Nick tells her that Summer is in critical condition due to a large loss of blood. A distraught Phyllis sobs, continually blaming herself for what has happened. As Nick tries to console Phyllis, Jack, who has made his way towards her room, spies the couple’s heartbreak.


  • Family and friends donate blood for Summer
  • Victor appoints Neil in charge of Newman Enterprises while the family deals with the tragedy
  • Lily meets with Drucilla and asks her to donate blood for Summer


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:( Poor Summer.

I am really enjoying what you've been doing w/ the blog Venus. Now that you're further moving away from the storylines on the real show, I am enjoying your stories a hell of a lot more.

I will say this...........Jack BETTER not end up the father of Summer. I will launch a campaign to have you fired as HW if you do that! Lol.

I don't really care for Amanda...or JT. Probably because I hate JT, lol.

DIE LILY DIE! Any chance Davetta is returning? Lol.

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