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Karim walks in on Ria and Dondre?Episode13



Friday, July 6, 2007


Episode: 13

Written by: ML Cooks

High Klass Hairweave.jpg

Sharan, removing the ice pack from Dondre's jaw.

"Dre, I'm sorry, I'm already happy with Kevin. I don't mean to hurt you and I hope you understand. I also hope this doesn't change our friendship."


"It's cool Sharan, I respect how you feel. If you don't mind, I'm going to take the rest of the day off. My lip is looking ugly."

sharansmall1.jpgSharan( Chuckling)

"I agree."


"Thank you for the ice pack treatment and the TLC."



Dondre gets out of the barber chair, grabs his cell phone and his belongings and leaves the shop. He looks at his celly, which has been on silent and he sees Ria called 5ive times.


"Bet, it's time to bust a nut after a stressful day." He heads to Ria's house.

S.G. Headquartersdtownpapasena.jpg

ashleysmall.jpgAshley stops pounding Sabryn'ssaoudGAOT0D09032005120602.jpg head into her own desk. Blood begins to drip from Sabryn's head. Ashley gets up off her and dusts herself off.

"I hope you die you rotten Bitch!. And if you don't then I hope this teaches you a lesson about that smart ass mouth you got." Ashley, having won round one with Sabryn, gracefully walks out of her foes office. Next mission, to find Bryan.


Dru99.jpg"Yes!....Oh Yes!...Put it in me!....Don't stop!", Ria says in her and Karim's bedroom But only, it's not Karim that is in his bedroom. Ria is laying on her back, with her legs on DONDRE's shoulders as he moves in and out of her. Ria, because it's feeling so good, takes her hands and puts them on Dre's waist and she helps him hump her harder. Dondre's sweat is dripping onto Ria's body. Dondre is really putting in work. He pins her legs down even more by leaning down and licking her nipples.

"I'm about to cum papi" Just as she says that, the front door unlocks and opens.


"Its Karim!"karim23.jpg

dahlia3.jpgDahlia is out in a cell with a butch female2652268513.jpg inside of Pasadena City Jail.jailcell.jpg

"This isn't fair damn it! I didn't steal anything!"


"Dahlia I'm sorry. You were wearing articles of clothing out side of the outlet without paying for it"

Dahlia begins to shed tears


"Cry me a freakin' river!"


"Suga relax."


"I just can't believe it. I catch some sleazy skank on my man but yet I am the one who gets arrested. This is insane."

mark_mortimer.jpgMark finally shows up.


"You Bastard! This is all your fault!"


S.G.Fashion Outlet

natty.jpgNatalia is sitting at the check out counter blowing off her freshly painted nails. She thinks to herself

<I could not have planned this better myself. Dahlia walked right into a trap. Now she's in jail and her man is all alone. This is the perfect time to snatch his sexxy ass up.>

She grabs her purse, locks the store up and head to the city jail to cause more trouble.

Pasadena City Jail

Mike walks over to Ty's jail cell


"Good evening Mr. Killer"


"Go to hell! You have no proof and you won't find none. I didn't kill no one at my own hotel."


"My..my..aren't we a bit on edge this evening?"


"That usually doesn't happen, but you have me in this cell for no reasons but your own. We both know the real reason I am behind these bars."


"Do we now?"


"Your jealous and insecure."


"Is that right?"


"Only you would know but you know it is"


"You're right. Only I would know so let me feel you in on a little something. Your locked up because I caught you tampering with evidence, trying to cover up the fact that you pushed that woman out the window. Soon the DNA results will come back and prove it."


"It's too bad your girlfriend believes otherwise."

Mike( smile decreasing)

"Excuse me?"


"Well Mister know it all, you seem to know everything, but you don't. I bet you didn't know Jennifer came to see me last night, right here, and she told me she believes I'm innocent. How do you like them apples Officer Dietz?" Ty coolly says with a smirk on his face.

Mike's face turns red with anger.


"Ria, I'm home baby" Karim says as he closes the front door.

Inside the bedroom, Ria and Dondre are looking intensely at each other


"Were caught!"


"Yea right! What do we do? I'm not going out like this"

Karim slowly opens the bedroom door and sees-..............


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