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June 26, 2007




-The MCF tells Roman that it's not quite time for the reveal of his or her identity yet as Cal, Katherine, Doug, Julie, Maggie, Caroline, Bo, Hope, Belle, Carrie, Austin, Sami, Lucas, Will, Kate, Eric, Jack, Billie, Frankie, Greta, Max, Shane, Abe, Lexie, Celeste, Stefano, Cassie, Victor, Philip, Tony, Anna, Kayla, Abby, Chelsea, and Forest all look on with Marlena watching backstage and Nicole watching from the back of the ballroom. Steve, Alan, James, and Ernesto are still on stage. The MCF says he or she still has much more to reveal and discuss with them and it's all been so much fun so far.

Marlena (backstage, rolling her eyes): Yeah. It's been a barrel of laughs.

The MCF looks around and stares at Steve.

MCF (via voice changer): Well, your beloved wife already revealed to everyone the terms of our partnership so there is no sense in me repeating what she, I'm sure, so eloquently said to the masses here. All I will add is how well-behaved you were, Steven. Well, until recently.

Steve: Shutup. If it weren't for my loved ones, I wouldn't have ever...

MCF: Yes. I am well aware. You want to protect them and want your memory back and yada yada yada...too bad you are getting none of that.

Steve: We had a deal!

MCF: Oh, come on now. You lost your memory, not your brain. You had to know this was coming. Besides, I could have forced you into this even by simply making threats. It was just fun to throw in the fact that I could help you regain your memory. It gave you a glimmer of hope for me to crush on this very day.

Steve: I will kill...

Kayla races on stage and holds Steve back, taking him off the stage and down with the others in the ballroom. Kayla tells Steve it's ok. He is a victim, just like the rest of them.

The MCF wishes to move on and tries to remember where he or she left off. The MCF remembers not talking about the night after Carrie gave birth and Alan raped Will and tells the crowd that it may be wise to leave that alone at the moment as there are more fun topics to broach. James looks on, wondering why the MCF keeps skipping over the night of his family's murder. Marlena looks on backstage, laughing at the MCF and commenting on what a coward he or she is.

The MCF then looks over at Doug, Julie, and Maggie. The three of them are standing together.

MCF: Ah...nothing like a few Horton's to brighten up the room. Salem's beloved family. Pillars of the community. Well-respected...HA!! If all of Salem only knew, they would not know what hit them.

The MCF walks behind Maggie and whispers into her ear.

MCF: All secrets have a way of coming out, my dear. You know what you did. It's eating away at you. Come forward. Your all going to die tonight, anyway. Say it. Absolve yourself. Rid yourself of the guilt.

Maggie (shaking, as tears stream down her face): Shutup!! Please!!!

MCF: Hmm...you see, ladies and gentlemen...I don't know if you quite remember that infamous night at the end of February. The night popular Salem establishment, Chez Rouge, went up in smoke. After a few days, it was concluded that the ever so nutty, Dr. Marlena Evans, had started the fire.

Marlena coldly looks on from backstage.

MCF: Well, your ever so thorough Salem PD screwed up on the job again. You see, they questioned two beloved citizens who normally would be able to be trusted. However, in this circumstance, they couldn't be. With the help of one Victor Kiriakis, these two women concocted a scheme to pin the fire on Marlena, who was not to blame. Marlena was already committed to the psych ward and couldn't speak for herself so it was all too easy. I should say that one of the women, the one who set the fire, did not want to do this. The guilt has eaten away at her for weeks. She was unconscious at the time due to smoke inhalation and other injuries. Her memory was quite fuzzy at first so the other woman and Victor were better able to convince her that she didn't do it. She soon remembered and they forced her into agreeing to the plan to pin it on Marlena. You see, the woman that set the fire had a bad night that night. She was convinced that the man she had fallen for, so soon after her beloved husband's death, had betrayed her with his ex-wife. This woman was the delightful Nicole Walker-Brady and the man was Victor Kiriakis. The woman believed they had slept together but didn't realize it was a trick set up by Victor to push her away. He feared for her life due to me, the great cloaked one, being around and due to his business dealings. The woman ran off to Chez Rouge, where she spent the night getting hammered as her loved ones searched for her. The next morning, her partner in crime found her and she had gotten so drunk that she lashed out at the world and set fire to the restaurant by tossing down a candle in anger. She fell and knocked herself out as she tried to leave. This fire endangered many lives, as you all know, and ended up leaving beloved Doug Williams in a coma for weeks.

Roman: What is the point to this?

Maggie (fighting back tears and whispering): Victor and Nicole didn't sleep together? Oh my...he did it to try to protect me. He does love me.

Eric: That is what Nicole was hiding and what Victor wanted in exchange for his help with getting her a job at Titan and custody of Evan. It makes so much sense now...

MCF: The point is...Marlena didn't do it. This all started because a certain someone learned of Victor being alive and went to find him. She felt like she had to or else her beloved aunt would never get closure. She was able to track Victor down outside of Salem and persuaded him to return so he could either break it off with her aunt or stay with her. Of course, she tried to convince him to break up with her aunt out of fear for her safety following the shootout on New Year's.

Doug: Wait...aunt? Two women...the candle...Chez Rouge...Julie, you were the first one that showed up at Chez Rouge that morning. You saw the fire start and, from what I hear, you and Maggie were who the PD questioned. You two told them you saw Marlena exiting the restaurant.

MCF: I can assure you, Mr. Williams, Marlena was never inside. Marlena was at the restaurant as I set her up to be caught that night. I had to get rid of her, you see. Whatever the case, she didn't start that fire.

Doug: Oh my...

Maggie (In tears after hearing all this): I DID IT!!! I STARTED THE FIRE!!! NOT MARLENA!! ME!!!

MCF: I knew you would break.

Doug: Wait, that means the other woman...the one that went and found Victor and brought him back here...the one that helped cover up the fire that nearly killed me...my God, no!!

Julie (fighting back tears): Doug...I...

Doug: I told you!! We had a deal. You were not to deal with Victor anymore. You were not to deal with his relationship with Maggie anymore but you did. You convinced him to return here and helped set all this mess in motion by having him return to give closure to him and Maggie. The whole ordeal led to the fire and me being in a coma!! YOUR OWN HUSBAND!! I NEARLY DIED AND YOU HELPED COVER THE CRIME UP!!

Julie: It was for the sake of the family...the Horton name. It was for Maggie.

Victor: Doug...

Doug: Stay out of this!!!

Victor: Lose the jealousy.

Doug: Lose the ego, Victor. Yes, I know you and Julie had a brief relationship but that has nothing to do with this.

Victor: Hmm...I beg to differ.

Doug: I want you out of our lives. You are a cancer and this proves it.

Julie: Doug...

Doug: I know Marlena isn't herself and did a lot of things but she was innocent. God, I can't even look at you and Maggie right now.

Maggie: Doug...

Julie: You have to believe me!! I never wanted this. It...happened. I was protecting Maggie. She fell off the wagon after Victor was presumed dead and needed me. The family needed to protect it's good name and...

Doug: I can't even look at you!! I can't hear this right now!!

Julie: Doug!! Damnit!! (looks at the MCF) Why do you want us to suffer?

MCF: Well, dear. Your not my enemy. Ernesto wanted to target you.

Ernesto: You screwed up my illusion back on the island after the Loretta sank. Hope and you interfered in my plans and, as a result, I had to take you both hostage and Hope ended up going in the cage. Of course, Hope offered herself for your life. You see, I resent the fact that you got off scott-free. Hope was switched with Greta. Both Hope and Greta were scarred. I was left scarred in that explosion and was in a coma for years. You should've been in that cage too with Hope. Actually, moreso you rather then Hope. You were Victor's current trophy girl at the time. You two cared for each other then and one of my regrets was not forcing you into that cage just to make him suffer. In a way, I am making up for that now. However, I just want revenge on my enemies and you happened to be one of them by association that infamous night on the island. The night that left me in misery for years. You must pay and tonight you are and the others will soon too.

MCF: I am grateful you all are here, even if you aren't my enemies. You can witness how this grand scheme came together and how truly gifted I am as a mastermind (Ernesto rolls his eyes as Marlena says backstage she is ready to vomit). However, I did make a deal with my assistants up there (looks at James, Alan, and Ernesto) and I did promise them they would have their revenge so that is just as big a role in this as any.

A pleased MCF is ready to move on and tells everyone to shutup. The MCF warns that this all is only the beginning. Hope then calls out to the MCF and asks him or her how heartless they can be. Lives are being destroyed and he or she is treating this like a party game. The MCF snickers and says it is.

MCF (gently touching Hope's face): Ah...Fancy Face. (whispering in her ear) You have a little secret too.

Hope realizes the MCF knows about Chelsea being her daughter and not Bo and Billie's. She panics. Bo gets upset and tells the MCF to get his or her hand off his wife. The MCF sarcastically recalls how Bo has been pushing his wife away and doesn't seem to care about her lately...or anyone for that matter. The MCF then remarks on how Bo is a shell of his former shelf. He is isolating himself from everyone.

MCF: What's the matter? Big, bad Bo Brady learned he got some action from his own uncle and now he isn't so bad anymore.

Bo: You bastard!! (punches MCF)

MCF: I could very well be a woman, you know!! Shouldn't be hitting a woman.

Bo: I don't care. Are you ok? What did this monster say to you?

MCF: Yes, Hope. What did I say?

Hope: It's just mind games, Bo.

MCF: Hmm...perhaps Chelsea can elaborate.

Chelsea panics as Hope gives her a knowing stare. Chelsea knows from Hope's look alone that the MCF is trying to get them to admit their secret.

Chelsea: Uhh...No.

MCF (gets up and circles around Chelsea like a vulture): Oh, come on. I'm sure you can.

Chelsea: No...

MCF: Well, I suppose we could move on to your other secret then. The one concerning the vile act you committed. Of course, you had ample reason to perform this act but so many of your loved ones were accused and could've been arrested. Lucky for you, our esteemed Salem PD dropped the ball again.

Chelsea: What are you...

MCF: Oh come on, Chelsea. I know you have grown up so much with all you have been through. The car accident Abigail and you were in forced you to mature but this act was committed before that. You still need to account for it and what time is better then now? Your going to die on this ship. It doesn't matter. Just tell all of your loved ones. Tell everyone here since this is turning into a Midnight Confessions themed party anyway. Come on, just do it.

Chelsea (as tears stream down her face): Why are you doing this? Just back off, ok!!

MCF: No!!

The MCF aims his or her gun at Chelsea.

MCF: Say it. Recall Jason and Barry. The two guys that hurt you so much last summer. You hated them, Chelsea. They raped you, Chelsea. Both of them. They beat you...you wanted revenge. They nearly killed you...you took action. Action that you got away with...until now. Tell them...look at your loved ones and tell them what you did to Jason and Barry.

Chelsea: Why...

MCF: Do it or I start shooting up that dysfunctional family of yours (points gun at Billie, Kate, Hope, and Bo).


Chelsea then breaks down in tears as Abby comforts her and is joined by Kate and Billie, who calls the MCF a monster.

MCF: Can it, Nancy Drew. Now, let's not stop the fun. It's time to continue on with the misery. Who's up next? Ah, yes. The Dimera's (looks at Stefano, Cassie, Tony, Anna, Lexie, Abe, and Celeste).

The MCF and Stefano then engage in a stare-down as the screen freezes on a split screen of Stefano and the MCF and then fades to black.


Kim to Alice: I'm worried. I am worried we may have seen so many of our loved ones for the last time.

Stefano to MCF: I will make you pay!!

James to MCF: I want to know why you are steering clear of mentioning my family's murder?

Marlena: Yes. Why are you, oh great cloaked one?


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I know that I don't comment often, but this great guys!! Loving the storyline and can't wait till Friday!!!

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These past few episodes with the rehashing is so great for me....hellooooooooo recaps!

I love, love, loved the reveal of Julie and Maggie and the fire at Chez Rouge. Doug's reaction, and Victor's defense...wonderful.

Loved the little tease with Hope/Chelsea, and Bo punching the mysterious cloaked figure.

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I know that I don't comment often, but this great guys!! Loving the storyline and can't wait till Friday!!!

Thanks Josh!!!

Great to hear from you :)

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These past few episodes with the rehashing is so great for me....hellooooooooo recaps!

I love, love, loved the reveal of Julie and Maggie and the fire at Chez Rouge. Doug's reaction, and Victor's defense...wonderful.

Loved the little tease with Hope/Chelsea, and Bo punching the mysterious cloaked figure.

I knew you would like it. :lol:

A little more recapping tomorrow before things explode.

The Doug/Julie/Victor/Maggie stuff is just beginning to get going. Big stuff ahead.

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