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#038 Thursday June 14th



#038 Thursday June 14th

At Number 37, Joseph is sitting at the bar when Henry comes in and takes a seat at the bar as well.

Henry: Hello, Joseph.

Joseph: Henry.

Henry: You called me, what did you want to talk about?

Joseph: I hope you'll reconsider that job offer in Minnesota, you're immensely qualified.

Henry: Like I said, I'm not ready to pack up and start over in a new place.

Joseph: You may not have a choice, we're having trouble finding qualified candidates and if you want to stay with this corporation, you'll have to step up.

Henry: Why don't you come out and say the real reason you want me gone? It's because of Trish.

Joseph: It has nothing to do with her, this is about business.

Henry: Sure it is.

Joseph: This company is too important for me to play games over petty personal problems.

Henry: First it was your mother, now it's you, you people just don't let up?

Joseph: You know, paranoia is not a good thing.

Henry: I'm not paranoid, I know exactly what's going on.

Joseph: I could care less about you and Trish, it's not my business and I don't concern myself with other people's lives.

Henry: That's laughable, but one thing you did say was right, it is none of your business.

Joseph: If you want to keep the job you already have, I suggest you watch what you say.

Henry: Or what? You'll fire me?

JC walks into the bar

JC: What's going on here?

Joseph: Just a business discussion, Henry was just leaving.

Henry storms out of the bar.

JC: That couldn't have been about business.

Joseph: It wasn't. He thinks because the company has offered him a job in Minnesota, it has something to do with him and Trish.

JC: You mean him and mom are--

Joseph: They've always been close, they've known each other since college.

JC: Oh, I knew they were close, but I never imagined they'd get together.

Joseph: Well, they did. (downs drink)

JC: Are you sure there isn't some truth to what he was saying? You were married to Mom for 20 years, you don't just let go of all that.

Joseph: I've moved on and I don't regret it.


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double post sorry, but any way What company doess Henry own?
Henry works for McGregor Dept. Stores.
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