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#036 Tuesday June 12th



#036 Tuesday June 12th


Yvette is at her office at night, when a woman comes in.

Yvette: May I help you?

Woman: Yes, I'm Cassandra Lightner and I'm looking for an Yvette McGregor?

Yvette: That's me, what can I do for you?

Cassandra: I'm here because I heard that you were up north asking around about Andrew McGregor?

Yvette: Yes, but how did you know about that?

Cassandra: I used to know Andrew and an old friend of mine called and told me.

Yvette: How did you know my father?

Cassandra: Let's just say that we we're old high school classmates.

Yvette: Okay, but that doesn't really explain why you are here?

Cassandra: I take it that you found out about his little real estate scam?

Yvette: Yes, I did.

Cassandra: Well, I'm here to settle the trouble that he caused everyone in that town.

Yvette: Look, if you are trying to get money, I suggest you turn around and go back where you came from.

Cassandra: I'm afraid I can't do that.

Yvette: This happened 40 years ago, now I'm not denying that my father was wrong, but you really need to move on.

Cassandra: My parents lost their 4 room house and farm, their life's work. Now that may not sound like anything to you, since your some affluent corporate executive, but that farm meant everything to my family.

Yvette: Yes, yes, everyone has a sob story and most of the time they always have a price tag on it, but you aren't getting one cent from this company.

Cassandra turns to leave.

Cassandra: I'll be back to make you an offer you couldn't possibly refuse.

Cassandra leaves.

Down the hall, Edmund is sitting in a conference room, when Joseph walks by the door.

Joseph: Hey, buddy.

Edmund: Hey.

Joseph comes in and sits down.

Joseph: I didn't expect to see you back at work just yet.

Edmund: I got tired of sitting around feeling sorry for myself, especially since Troy and Kevin will be back from their visit soon.

Joseph: Well, good for you, Dad always said nothing could keep a McGregor down.

Edmund: I guess he was right.

Joseph: Work helps you keep sane, I know it did during my divorce.

Edmund: I've taken a lot in the last few months, with Carolee leaving and then this custody situation, it's been hard to keep it all off my mind.

Joseph: Whatever you do, make sure you stay focused on that case, because you don't know what kind of tricks Carolee's lawyer might have up his sleeve. He's already tried to denigrate this family's name in cour

Edmund: You know, the thing that concerns me is Carolee filling Troy and Kevin's heads with garbage about me.

Joseph: You don't think she'd go that far.

Edmund: Oh, I'm sure she would, because that's the only way for her to possibly get custody. This whole thing is about money and since I'm not obligated to give her a dime, she wants to use the kids to get me to pay support.

Joseph: Then maybe you ought to consider finding a stronger strategy. If she can throw bogus allegations of instability around, why can't you?

Edmund: I don't think so, we already have the fact that Carolee left and didn't contact the boys for months, that's reason enough she shouldn't have custody.

Joseph: Yeah, but the judge isn't seeing it that way, he's been incredibly understanding to her, otherwise she wouldn't have been granted such a long visitation. If you want to keep your children, you better start fighting and fighting hard.


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